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Company Profile KIMMCO (Kuwait Insulating Material Manufacturing Co.), a subsidiary of Alghanim Industries, was established in Kuwait in1977 It has become a leading insulation solution provider . in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. As a licensee of Saint-Gobain Isover, the world leader in fiberglass insulation, KIMMCO provides insulation solutions for HVAC, buildings (including roofs, walls, floors, and metal structures) and technical/industrial applications. With an annual production capacity of 35,000 MT, KIMMCO is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified, and is compliant with...

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Properties of KIMMCO Glasswool and Rockwool Products • Excellent thermal performance • Superior acoustic performance • Excellent fire safety • Environmentally friendly - made from abundantly available non-strategic materials like sand and up to • Suitable for a wide variety of applications (flexible, semi-rigid and rigid) • Address a variety of performance requirements (wide range of facing materials) • Easy to cut and install, minimum wastage on site • Light weight • Flexible rolls, semi-rigid and rigid boards • Dimensionally stable • Complies with international standards Our Glasswool and...

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Why Insulate? Enhanced Comfort from Thermal Insulation Insulation works as a barrier to heat transfer, helping to keep out unwanted heat in summer and preserving precious warmth in winter. In fact, a well insulated home can stop up to 70% of all heat flow through the ceiling, walls and floors. Even with air conditioning, insulation is indispensable, as chilled air is far more expensive than warmed air. In the United States, where air conditioning was developed, regulations require a minimum thickness of 25cm of glasswool insulation in roofs (US R-Value of 30). Enhanced Comfort from Acoustic...

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Excellent Fire Protection Unlike flammable organic foams, glasswool and rockwool are made from sand and rock respectively, and are naturally non-combustible. Further, unlike flammable organic foams, they do not produce toxic fumes which could be a real danger when evacuating premises. Glasswool and rockwool insulation act as fire barriers which reduce the spread of flames, affording valuable time to save people and property, and reduce environmental damage. Therefore, they are frequently used in walls, roofs, and air ducts of high rise buildings or commercial premises such as shopping malls...

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Glasswool KIMMCO Self-Seal Thickness : Boards 0.4 -1.2 m (width), 1 m (length) Facing & Covering : FSK, Aluglass, Black Glass Fabric Application Fields : KIMMCO Self Seal is a self-adhering Glasswool board for thermal and acoustic insulation of HVAC ducts and similar applications, which completely eliminates the use of liquid and flammable glue, improves greatly the ease and speed of installation and saves installation cost and time. KIMMCO Duct Insulation (KDI) + KIMMCO Duct Insulation Plus (KDIP) Thickness Dimensions* Now also with Self-Seal : 25 - 150 mm : Rolls: 1.2 m (width), 10 - 20 m...

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KIMMCO Rigid Pipe Covering (K450) Thickness Pipe Size : 1/2” - 36” pipe dia. (Steel) 1/2” - 16” pipe dia. (Copper) Facing & Covering : Unfaced, FSK, and ASJ Application Fields : Thermal insulation of steel & copper pipes used in HVAC and similar applications. KIMMCO Rigid Pipe Covering (K450 Plus) Thickness Pipe Size : 20 - 100 mm : 1/2” - 36” pipe dia. (Steel) 1/2” - 16” pipe dia. (Copper) Facing & Covering : Aluglass Application Fields : Thermal insulation of steel & copper pipes used in HVAC and similar applications. Aluglass facing ensures zero water vapour permeability, puncture...

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KIMMCO Glasswool & Rockwool - 8

KIMMCO Acoustic Floor Insulation (KAFI) Thickness Facing & Covering : Unfaced Application Fields : Impact sound insulation for floating floors in multi-storey buildings (dwellings/apartments) Reinforced concrete KIMMCO Façade Insulation (KFI) Thickness Facing & Covering : Unfaced, BGT and FSK Application Fields : Thermal and acoustic insulation for non-load-bearing exterior wall cladding. KIMMCO Encapsulated Ceiling Boards (KECB) Thickness Facing & Covering : Encapsulated PE bag Application Fields : Acoustic insulation for false ceiling applications in airports, hospitals, entertainment...

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Rockwool KIMMCO Rockwool LRB Mattresses Thickness Facing & Covering : Galvanized steel or stainless steel hexagonal wire netting (mesh) Application Fields : Thermal insulation of high-temperature equipment (boilers, fluid storage tanks, etc) and pipelines up to 750°C KIMMCO Rockwool RB Slabs Thickness Facing & Covering : Unfaced, FSK, Aluglass and BGT Application Fields Now also with Aluglass : Thermal and acoustic insulation in residential and commercial buildings, as well as industrial applications, especially where fire hour rating (fire safety) is required. KIMMCO Rockwool Pipe Sections...

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Rockwool KIMMCO Rockwool Building Roll Thickness Facing & Covering : FSK, Aluglass & Kraft Paper Now also with Aluglass Application Fields : Thermal and acoustic insulation of metal buildings (over and under roof purlins, walls), porta-cabins, partition walls, and roofs (false ceiling overlay). KIMMCO Rockwool Rigid Slabs Thickness Facing & Covering : Unfaced Application Fields : Thermal insulation where extra rigidity is required such as sandwich panels, roof and flooring applications. KIMMCO Rockwool Lamella Bats Thickness Facing & Covering : Unfaced Application Fields : Extra rigid...

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FIBREGLASS PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY The low thermal conductivity of fiberglass products is due to the fact that they consist of more than 95% air which is trapped and kept stationary by the thin fibres. The dependencies of thermal conductivity of KIMMCO TEL process products on the mean temperature and density, according to BS 874, ASTM C177, C518 or DIN 52612 are presented in the tables below. MEAN TEMPERATURE 0 THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY IN W/m.K for the below densities in kg/m3 INTERNATIONAL SYSTEM UNITS: W/m.K MEAN TEMPERATURE 0 THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY IN for...

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