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Kettal Outdoor Collection 2010


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Kettal Outdoor Collection 2010 - 7

As a result of its passion for art, and as the basis of Design, Kettal has established the Alorda-Derksen Foundation in Barcelona, a new international point of reference in contemporary art. Fruto de la pasión por el arte y como base del Diseño, Kettal ha creado la fundación Alorda-Derksen en Barcelona, un nuevo espacio de referencia internacional en arte contemporáneo. Née de la passion pour l'art et considérée comme l'essence du design, Kettal a créé la fondation Alorda- Derksen à Barcelone, un nouvel espace de référence internationale en matière d'art contemporain. Als Ergebnis ihrer...

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Kettal Outdoor Collection 2010 - 9

DESIGN PATRICIA URQUIOLA A macro-reproduction of an organic fabric: a coffee filter, seen under the microscope. The search for a combination of natural patterns applied to the industrial world. And so is born an innovative fabric both in terms of style and texture that is applied as an enveloping layer to the aluminium frame of armchairs, sofas and rocking chairs. At the same time and at a macroscopic level, a layer is formed from a three-dimensional braid, tripled in thickness, altering the visual perception and giving rise to: the creation of the outdoor mat. Una reproducción macro de un...

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Kettal Outdoor Collection 2010 - 12

Texture Manganèse / Brown rope - Natte Beige 754 A:14

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Kettal Outdoor Collection 2010 - 16

Texture White 721 / White Beige Beige 525 - Natte Taupe A:18

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Kettal Outdoor Collection 2010 - 17

Texture White 721 / White Beige Beige 525 - Natte White A:19

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Kettal Outdoor Collection 2010 - 18

Texture Manganese / Brown Beige 524 - Natte Taupe A:20

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Kettal Outdoor Collection 2010 - 24

/ Brown Beige 524 - Natte Taupe

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Kettal Outdoor Collection 2010 - 25

Texture White 721 / White Yellow 522 - A:27

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Kettal Outdoor Collection 2010 - 27

DESIGN RODOLFO DORDONI Kettal Bitta is characterised by a combination of aluminium frames, seats of braided polyester and comfortable cushions, teak and stone for the table tops—all completely weatherproof materials. The intention of the designer was to create dense braiding that would still let the air through, reminiscent of the braiding of the ropes used to moor boats (hence the name Bitta, which means 'mooring' in Italian), which makes the pieces look lightweight but, at the same time, they look just like cosy nests in natural colours to sit Kettal Bitta se caracteriza por una...

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Kettal Outdoor Collection 2010 - 30

Brown rope / Texture Manganèse 726 - Natte Beige B:32

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Kettal Outdoor Collection 2010 - 38

Brown rope / Texture Manganèse 726 - Natte Beige B:40

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Kettal Outdoor Collection 2010 - 49

DESIGN HELLAJONGERIUS For Kettal Helia Jongerius designed a club garden set named BOB, a reinterpretation of the typical garden club The aluminum frame has a sturdy dark look from the front but surprises at the back with an elegant, light construction. The seating is formed of soft and voluminous ribs which are accented with visible stitching. Winded yarn is used for the detailing of the armrests and on the handles of the BOB footstool and side table. Helia Jongerius ha diseñado para Kettal un set de club de jardín denominado BOB, que no es sino una reinter- pretación de la silla club de...

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Kettal Outdoor Collection 2010 - 52

Texture Manganèse / Texture White / Ebony Bronze Grey Linen 726 C:54

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Kettal Outdoor Collection 2010 - 57

Texture Manganese / Texture White / Ebony Bronze Grey Linen 726

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Kettal Outdoor Collection 2010 - 59

DESIGN PATRICIA URQUIOLA Like an architecture that is in keeping with its surroundings, the Kettal Maia collection designed by Patricia Urquiola has a natural lightness and elegance. The design of the artisan braiding, the sturdiness of the aluminium frame and the new Porotex and chenille fabric collection create a combination that oozes energy. The collection was hailed as one of the most representative designs of our century. Como una arquitectura se abre a su entorno, la colección Kettal Maia diseñada por Patricia Urquiola muestra una ligereza y una naturalidad elegante. El diseño del...

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Kettal Outdoor Collection 2010 - 69

D Manganèse / Chestnut 075 - Ebony Sand D:71

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Kettal Outdoor Collection 2010 - 72

White Gobi / White 826 - Natte Sooty D:74

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Kettal Outdoor Collection 2010 - 77

DESIGN KETTAL STUDIO Kettal Landscape, designed by the Kettal Studio, features modern architectural shapes that highlight nature in outdoor settings. Kettal Landscape is a very complete system comprised of totally configurable daybeds and pergolas and personalised aluminium furniture that will look great in any natural setting. The quality of the new Natte structured fabric, the volume and comfort of the upholstery and the modernity of the proportions give it an elegant look. Kettal Landscape diseñada por Kettal Studio recurre a formas arquitectónicas modernas que pondrán en valor la...

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Kettal Outdoor Collection 2010 - 80

Manganèse 750 - Natte Grey

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Kettal Outdoor Collection 2010 - 90

Manganèse 750 - Natte Sooty E:92

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Kettal Outdoor Collection 2010 - 92

Manganèse 750 - Natte Sooty E:94

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Kettal Outdoor Collection 2010 - 94

Manganèse 750 - Pearl Linen E:96

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Kettal Outdoor Collection 2010 - 96

Manganèse 750 - Pearl Linen E:98

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Kettal Outdoor Collection 2010 - 99

DESIGN KETTAL STUDIO A minimalist style that enriches any type of architecture. The metallic tones of the thermally bonded Textilene mesh give it a purist look; the aluminium frame has been overdesigned in order to achieve polished lines. Un estilo minimalista que enriquece cualquier tipo de arquitectura. Los tonos metalizados de las mallas de textiline termosoldadas le aportan un aire purista; la estructura de aluminio se ha sobredimensionado para conseguir una línea depurada. Un style minimaliste qui enrichit tout type d'architecture. Les tons métallisés des mailles en textilene...

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Kettal Outdoor Collection 2010 - 105

DESIGN KETTAL STUDIO The Kettal Net collection conserves a classic structure, elegant and with a smooth line that gives a calming and attractive appearance. Woven cords and aluminium tubing come together to provide a light, handcrafted look. Kettal Net mantiene una estructura clásica, elegante y de formas suaves que confieren un semblante tranquilo y atractivo. Formalmente está compuesto por una trama de cuerdas y tubos de aluminio que proporcionan una estética artesanal y ligera. La collection Kettal Net offre une structure classique, elegante aux lignes douces qui lui donnent un aspect à...

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Kettal Outdoor Collection 2010 - 108

Texture Manganèse / Brown rope 784 - Natte Sooty G:110

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Kettal Outdoor Collection 2010 - 111

Texture Manganese/ Black rope 781- Natte Sooty

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Kettal Outdoor Collection 2010 - 113

DESIGN EMILIANA DESIGN STUDIO, EMILI PADRÓS Y ANNA MIR The strength of the shapes, the richness of the materials and the energy of fire are the main elements that characterise the Kettal ZigZag objects collection designed by the Emiliana Design Studio. Braided outdoor flowerpot holders, comfortable puffs, porcelain oil lamps and tables that double up as fires...such are the pieces that bring any outdoor space to life. Kettal ZigZag Fire, an aluminium and ceramic coffee table that can easily be turned into a fire or barbecue. La fuerza de las formas, la riqueza de los materiales y la energía...

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