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ARE YOU READY TO TAKE A STAND? Keiser, the company that revolutionized indoor group cycling, now brings you the next generation of group fitness and home workouts: the M5i Strider Elliptical Trainer. • Low-impact and safe on the joints • Lightweight with easy portablility into your fitness studio or home • Standing, whole-body workout to promote better posture and more efficient exercise • Designed for users of all ages and fitness levels • Small footprint and whisper-quiet mechanics TAKE YOUR WORKOUTS TO THE NEXT LEVEL. SPECIFICATIONS HEIGHT LENGTH TOTAL BODY WORKOUT Take the next step...

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SHORTER STRIDE LENGTH The M5i’s shorter stride length is more similar to walking than running so it’s easier on the joints. SIMPLE FUNCTIONALITY MAXIMUM VERSATILITY Maximum versatility allows for greater variety of exercises for a wider range of audiences. Can accommodate users up to 6’10” tall and 350 lbs. Also, the footpads are big enough for large shoe sizes. FITS EASILY INTO ANY FITNESS STUDIO OR HOME Just step on, grab the handles and go. With simple adjustments using the resistance shifter, the M5i is easy to operate and uses magnetic resistance technology for smooth striding...

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DATA COLLECTION KNOW MORE ABOUT YOUR OWN CARDIO WORKOUTS ENHANCE WORKOUT DATA TRACKING, RECORDING AND COLLECTION The M5i also has Bluetooth® connectivity to allow you to interact with all Keiser apps and a wide-range of other training apps. Store your workout data and track your progress over time for even greater results. The M5i digital display automatically activates when you begin striding so that you can monitor your entire workout. Q Cadence Q Power Output/Calories Burned e Heart Rate Q Duration 0 Distance © Gear Range 1-24 M SERIES GROUP Enhance group elliptical training with...

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ADDITIONAL M5i ACCESSORIES With everything you need right at your fingertips, these additional M5i accessories will simplify your workout. © Media tray for your cell phone, tablet or reading materials © Smart Display Enabled Technology allows you to use your own phone or tablet screen to access your favorite training content-compatible with virtually any training app or video 0 Dual placement stationary handles © Separate storage tray for keys or other items © Easy-to-reach water bottle holder © Stretch pads on M5i base to facilitate pre- and post-ride stretching ARE YOUR CURRENT GROUP...

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ENOUGH' ISN'T." Q (g) @KeiserFitness O @KeiserFitness Q @KeiserFitness © 2019 Keiser. All Rights Reserved. (V1_3/19)

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