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WE BUILT THE ULTIMATE INDOOR BIKE More than 20 years ago, Keiser set out to create a bike that would exceed the demands of indoor group cycling. A bike that fits riders of all body shapes and sizes A bike that achieves a quiet - but true - road bike experience inside your gym or home The ONLY bike built in the United States to ensure the tightest quality control BECAUSE... YOU ARE ALWAYS OUR PRIORITY Thanks to the lessons learned from our past generations of bikes and our constant innovations, the Keiser M3i isn't just any indoor group cycling bike. It's the industry's only indoor group...

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V-SHAPE FRAME MATCHES RIDERS OF ALL SIZES Many indoor group cycling bike manufacturers talk about providing a road-bike experience, but they failed to recognize what’s important about road bikes: FRAMES VARY TO ACCOMMODATE RIDERS OF DIFFERENT SIZES. Our solution was to engineer the industry’s FIRST V-shape frame for an indoor bike. Our V-shape frame design allows the M3i to mimic different road-bike frames by allowing the seat and handlebars to be simply raised in conjunction with one another to adjust for longer legs, torsos and arms. The M3i matches riders from 4’10” to 7’ (1,473mm to...

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REAR-WHEEL DESIGN Further protection of drive-train The angled channel on the bike frame flows excess fluid away from the drive-train. Other indoor group cycling bikes mistakenly place the rider’s sweat zone directly over the flywheel and other vulnerable mechanisms — an obvious engineering flaw that leads to corrosion, excessive cleaning and a shorter bike life. Keiser was the FIRST to put the flywheel at the rear of a bike, allowing the M3i to be more reliable, easier to clean and better protected from sweat and corrosion. Less maintenance, longer bike life With superior sweat protection,...

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MAGNETIC RESISTANCE TRUE POWER READINGS It’s easy to “claim” accuracy, but we guarantee it. As the FIRST company to use magnetic resistance, Keiser revolutionized indoor cycling by delivering a quiet, reliable ride with immediate accurate data for EVERY M3i bike. And unlike most competitors’ bikes, the M3i has been certified for accuracy. The M3i is the FIRST indoor bike to receive the globally recognized EN957-10 certification for accuracy and safety. IMMEDIATE RIDE DATA The FIRST indoor bike designed to predict the power generated at any speed in any gear — ensuring that both instructors...

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THE FIRST DRIVE-TRAIN SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR MAGNETIC RESISTANCE The competition endorsed Keiser's engineering by following our lead on using magnetic resistance - but they should have also copied our drive-train design. Our simple drive-train, with just a single Poly-V belt, produces the higher speeds necessary for a lighter-weight aluminum flywheel to provide the kinetic energy and magnetic resistance to simulate a good road-bike experience. Using an outdated drive-train, designed for heavier flywheels, our competitors must use a perimeter-weighted flywheel to accomplish the same...

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CURVED CRANK ARMS TO FIT WIDER HIPS AND BULKY SHOES Instead of using straight crank arms to achieve a narrow Q Factor, Keiser recognized the need for versatility. We added curvature to the M3i crank arms to maintain the proper distance for wider hips and any type of rider footwear, from narrow bike shoes to the bulkier gym shoes most commonly worn in group classes. Many indoor group cycling bike manufacturers talk about the distance between their bike’s two pedals, and boast about their narrow Q Factor. But their bikes were built around the narrow shoes and pelvises of elite cyclists, even...

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Wide array of hand positions Standard media tray Continuous design of handlebars provides multiple hand positions for indoor cycling. For holding cell phones and tablets. Easy access to shifter Mounted directly to handlebars for ease of use and increased safety, especially when riding out of the saddle. Interval training is activated by simply pushing the shifter all the way down and back up, making it ideal for HIIT workouts. The M3i features a wide array of details, benefits and features, offering additional fit and comfort for riders, enhanced durability for gym owners, and simplified...

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DIGITAL SYSTEM KEISER DIGITAL SYSTEM POWERS To meet the needs of riders, gym owners and maintenance technicians, we thought of everything when designing the Keiser digital system. First computer to show power output The M3i digital display is simple, with everything a rider needs to know on a single screen. Back-lit display Automatically turns on when the room light drops below a set level and remains on, unlike other bikes. / Track every ride As the FIRST bike to offer Bluetooth® with open API, the M3i is able to communicate with group class projection systems while simultaneously...

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KEISER EDUCATION TAKE YOUR CLASSES TO THE NEXT LEVEL Become an instructor who teaches group class workouts the right way thanks to researchbased educational courses from Keiser Master Trainers proven to: • • • In person — and online at — Keiser’s world-renowned Master Trainers offer the lessons, skills and tools so instructors can take their indoor group cycling classes to the next level. Increase class retention Improve client results Boost the bottom line for your business TECHNOLOGY MAGNETIC RESISTANCE ENERGY SYSTEMS Foundations is an on-site, eight-hour course...

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Keiser’s commitment to constant innovation continues to lead the indoor cycling industry. With more than a quarter million of our M Series sold worldwide and countless reviews placing it at the top of the industry, it’s easy to see why there is no indoor group cycling bike on the planet more proven than the M3i — and the only bike built entirely around YOU. “Best indoor cycle overall.” — “A beast when it comes to spin bikes.” — “The design and appeal of the Keiser M3i is worth the cost alone.” — Top Fitness Magazine

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