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An innovative product for the construction of steel tubular structures. KEE KLAMP fittings are pre-galvanised cast iron for strength and corrosion resistance. KEE SAFETY is a leading global supplier of components and bespoke safety Fittings manufactured from a systems. Our systems are quick and easy to design and install, and are very cost polished high grade effective due to the modularity of their parts. The principle is simple yet highly effective, proven over 75 years in thousands of completed projects across the globe. aluminium alloy for the construction of lightweight tubular...

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Contents Technical Information Safety Barrier Systems Meeting Safety Standards Load Tables Vibration Test Copyright © Kee Safety Ltd. All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may Copyright © Kee Safety Ltd. All Rights Reserved. be reproduced in any form without prior written permission from Kee Safety Ltd

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Safety Components Catalogue - 4

Technical Information Galvanised Steel KEE KLAMP and KEE ACCESS components are supplied hot dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461. Powder Coating Durable, polyester coating applied to already galvanised/polished products; available in any RAL colour. Aluminium KEE LITE components are made from high grade Aluminium Silicon Magnesium Alloy. Anti-Bacterial Coating Defence againstthe growth of potentially harmful invisible bacteria and fungi; this powder coating Tubing of other specifications can be used, providing the steel is compatible with BS EN 10255 (ISO 65) and wall thickness is not less than...

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Safety Components Catalogue - 5

Specifying Components Selecting Kee Safety Components Every fitting is illustrated and accompanied by a table of sizes and weights. Each fitting has a simple numerical code reference, which is unique and differentiates it from 05 52 00 METAL RAILINGS every other fitting. The code defines the type of fitting and the tube size or sizes it is each letter in the drawing has a corresponding measurement in the table _the single digit following the dash defines the tube size. (Two digits after the dash indicate that the fitting is designed to receive two sizes of tube, and likewise with three...

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Safety Components Catalogue - 6

Galvanised Iron Components Steel tube is an inherently efficient structural component. It is strong, has no sharp corners, and is readily available worldwide. The difficulty in using steel tube to form structures arises when joining. Threaded tube must be supplied in set lengths making for zero flexibility in installation. Welding is labour intensive, requires a highly skilled workforce, and specialised equipment. The answer is KEE KLAMP components. The underlying principle is simple but highly effective: use slip-on components to create versatile and rigid tubular structures. The KEE KLAMP...

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Safety Components Catalogue - 7

Single Socket Tee Designed to give a 90° perpendicular joint between two tubes most commonly where the middle rail of a guardrail meets an end upright where the guardrailing is flat and level. Also used for base ties on racking. This fitting cannot be used to join tube; a Type 25 should be used when a join in the tube is necessary. Single Socket Tee (45°) Engineered to create 45° angles. This component is most frequently used for bracing and struts. A12 Split Single Socket Tee (45°) The unique hinge and pin system of this fitting enables existing structures to be easily extended without the...

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Safety Components Catalogue - 8

15 Elbow (90°) A 90° elbow joint, most frequently used as an end joint for the top rail of safety railing on a level site. Internal Coupling An internal spigot providing a flush joint between two tubes of the same diameter. Not as strong as Type 14 and must not be used where a direct tensile load is applied. This fitting can only be used with 3.2 mm thick tube. WARNING: Type 18 coupling must Caution Clamp-on Tee Widely used for adding to and modifying existing structures. This performs the same function as a Type 10, but because of its open socket, it can be added to a complete structure....

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Safety Components Catalogue - 9

Side Outlet Tee (90°) Most frequently paired with Type 20 to give a 90° corner joint for the middle rail of safety railing and other rectangular structures. The upright passes through the fitting. Two Socket Cross Usually paired with Type 25 to give a 90° joint between the middle rail and an intermediate upright on safety railing. The upright passes through the fitting. A21/A26 Split Two Socket Cross/Side Outlet Tee (90°) This fitting performs the same function as either Type 21 or Type 26, but because of its unique hinge and pin system, it can be added to an existing tubular assembly. Type...

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Safety Components Catalogue - 10

Two Socket Cross (11°-30°) TYPE Adjustable Cross (30°-45°) This adjustable fitting can be used for railing on staircases between the mid-rail and an intermediate upright which is required to remain vertical. It may be used at any selected angle between 30° and 45°. Single Socket Tee (11°-30°) Designed as an alternative to Type 12, this adjustable fitting is most frequently used for bracing and struts and for terminating the mid-rail on sloping guardrails into the end upright. It may be used at any selected angle between 11° and 30° Three Socket Cross Most frequently used to tie uprights...

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Safety Components Catalogue - 11

A35 Split Three Socket Cross The unique hinge and pin system of this fitting enables existing structures to be easily extended without the need for dismantling. This fitting has been designed to tie an upright with horizontal tubes in three directions, all at 90° to the upright. The upright passes through the fitting. Crossover Designed to give a 90° crossover joint. Frequently used on safety railing where, to reduce cost by minimising the tube cuts, a continuous horizontal rail is used. Tube cannot be joined within this fitting. It may also be used to give intermediate levels on racks,...

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Safety Components Catalogue - 12

Male Single Swivel Socket Member One part of combination fitting C50. This can also be used for attaching flat panels to tubular structures. 0 indicates the diameter of the fixing hole. Note: Type M50-4 will only mate with a Type F50-4. Swivel Fittings Types F50, M50, MH50, M51, MH51, M52, M53 and M58 are known as swivel fittings and can be assembled as Types C50, CH50, C51, C52, C53 and C58, or supplied as separate items. They are frequently used for bracing but can also overcome problems where joints are required at angles other than those achieved by fixed angle fittings. For economical...

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