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Everything for cleaning with dry ice Efcient, non-aggressive cleaning equipment is needed in all those areas where deep-seated dirt is a problem. KÄRCHER Ice Blasters, for example, use compressed air and dry ice pellets to clean rubber residue, oils, greases, blackening, paints etc. from workpieces and surfaces. They leave no residue of the blasting medium and it is not necessary to disassemble the machines prior to cleaning them. The dry ice pelletizer ensures an in-house supply of pellets. Matching accessories are available to suit your specic requirements. 2

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Contents Ice Blasters Cleanliness in all areas Features/overview Dry ice pelletizers Accessories Page Page Page Page Page 4/5 6/7 8/9 10 11 3

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Give dirt the cold shoulder Dirty moulds, parts and machines are often difcult to clean. The problem: Residue is left after sandblasting, e.g. blasting abrasives such as sand or glass granulate. It is often necessary to wipe away such residue after the cleaning process. Such an unnecessary operation is a thing of the past with KÄRCHER’s powerful Ice Blasters. The dry ice pellets turn into carbon dioxide (CO2) after the blasting process. All that is left is a clean surface. Benets of dry ice blasting ■ Cleaning without disassembling Machines do not have to be dismantled for cleaning. The...

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The IB 7/40 cleans with 15 kg to 50 kg dry ice pellets/hour and 0.5–3.5 cubic metres of air per minute. It has an empty weight of 70 kg and a tank with a maximum capacity of 18 kg. Optimised for operation on in-house compressed air systems The IB 7/40 can be connected to an existing in-house compressed air system. Its cleaning performance is outstanding, even with low pressures. The compact IB 7/40 is the right choice where space is at a premium. It will even operate with a pressure of 2 bar; up to 10 bar is possible. With a dry weight of 90 kg, IB 15/80 Ice Blaster uses up to 100 kg dry...

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For cleanliness in all areas KÄRCHER Ice Blasters operate completely without cleaning agents or chemical additives. They can be used in locations where cleaning with water or sand is prohibited by law. Since the pellets dissolve completely, they produce no waste water. KÄRCHER offers highly efcient pelletizers for in-house production. 1 2 3 1 Automotive industry, foundries and injection moulding shops Our dry ice blasters remove binding and parting agents, silicone and rubber residue, paints and blackening from all kinds of parts and workpieces. Injection moulds, tools and whole production...

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4 6 5 7 5 Food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries With an Ice Blaster you can clean bottling and mixing plants, production lines and mechanical handling systems as well as tanks and ovens, e.g to remove carbon build-up, burnt on substances, encrustations, grease and starch. 6 Paper industry Deposits of glue and scale, encrusted dust stains, chemical pulp In the paper industry, glue, lime, dust and chemical pump collect in the plant and equipment. This can result in machine failures and poor quality. Plants can be cleaned with dry ice faster so that they are ready of operation sooner....

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Everything in view, everything under control The clearly laid out controls make the Ice Blasters simple to operate and easy to understand which saves time and unnecessary operator training. You can start cleaning immediately. IB 7/40 – KÄRCHER’s compact Ice Blaster Key switch For locking the settings for ice flow rate and compressed air. Highly legible The electronic control is a feature exclusive to the KÄRCHER Ice Blaster. The digital display provides information on all settings such as blasting pressure and dry ice consumption Adjustable dry ice consumption Adjustable blasting pressure...

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IB 15/80 – KÄRCHER’s most powerful Ice Blaster Adjustable dry ice consumption You can set the consumption of dry ice pellets as required: from 30 to 100 kg/h. Operating hour meter The meter can be zeroed whenever required. Blasting pressure gauge Indicates the current blasting pressure. Removable nozzle case For quick access to different blasting nozzles and accessories Push handle The Ice Blaster can be easily wheeled around like a cart. Adjustable blasting pressure You can select the ideal blasting pressure here. Practical holder for blasting hose Avoids unnecessary kinks in the hose and...

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Making your own dry ice While you previously had to buy dry ice pellets from an outside supplier at considerable cost, you can now produce your own dry ice pellets in-house with KÄRCHER pelletizers. You thus eliminate waiting times and save procurement and transport costs. Cleaning with freshly made dry ice can halve cleaning times as the efciency of the cleaning process is improved by using fresh pellets. The ability to schedule the production of dry ice pellets at any required time allows cleaning operations to be optimised still further. With IP 55, IP 120 and IP 220 pelletizers, KÄRCHER...

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Accessories IB 7/40 Standard accessories Order No. Blasting gun – Advanced 4.775-785.0 Ergonomically shaped, easy nozzle change, changeover between compressed air and ice and compressed air only Remote control for adjusting ice feed rate and blasting pressure Blasting gun – Classic* 4.775-794.0 Ergonomically shaped, easy nozzle change Blasting hose 4.013-042.0 5 m, non-marking Flat jet nozzle, long 4.321-235.0 High area coverage, good cleaning power Nozzle grease 6.288-088.0 Grease for nozzle thread 2 x open-end wrench 7.815-009.0 For changing nozzles Earthing cable winder** 2.641-741.0...

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RTS/RN · 01/ 2009 · Order No. 0.014-364 · Printed in Germany on paper bleached without chlorine · Technical modifications subject to change without prior notice. Please contact us for more information: Head Office Germany Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co. KG Alfred-Kärcher-Str. 28 – 40 71364 Winnenden Tel. +49 7195 14 - 0 Fax +49 7195 14 - 2212 United Kingdom Kärcher (UK) Ltd Beaumont Road Banbury Oxon OX16 1TB Tel. +44 1295-752-100 Fax +44 1295-752-103 Regional Head Office Asia-Pacific Karcher Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd 5 Toh Guan Road East, #01-00 Freight Links...

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