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Catalogue HOME 2018 - 3

JORI. THE ART OF FINE SEATING Being an established value within the premium segment, the Belgian design furniture company JORI designs and develops since 1963 contemporary seating furniture, tables and interior accessories in cooperation with international top designers. The company has conquered a unique position on the international design furniture market. Als gevestigde waarde in het premium segment ontwerpt en produceert het Belgische designmeubelbedrijf JORI sinds 1963 eigentijdse zitmeubelen, tafels en interieuraccessoires in samenwerking met internationale topontwerpers. Het bedrijf...

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Catalogue HOME 2018 - 4

CORPORATE INFORMATION COLLECTION Mono-Move and Multi-Move reclining chair 168 25 Custom made: Mini, Medi, Maxi size 169 RECLINING CHAIRS CHAIRS RECLINING CHAIRS CHAIRS Angel Balance Bellino Calypso Chinook Espalda Gitano Glove Indy Lady Linea JR-8700 Linea JR-8780 Longueville Longueville landscape Milton Nerida Pacific Shiva JR-3960 Shiva JR-3990 Sogood Tigra divanbase Tigra open base Tosca Wing divanbase Wing open base Bolero Brainbuilder Casanova Felini Icarus Idaho Mensana Orea Rapsody Square Symphony Vinci Yoga Enoki Epsom Flava Mikono Oscarini Perla Piuro Tulip INTERIOR...

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Catalogue HOME 2018 - 5

INNOVATION PAST AND PRESENT 1968 The JORI reclining chair makes its appearance and the reclining mechanism is patented fairly promptly 2008 1990 King Baudouin visits the World Trade Center (Brussels) and purchases JORI furniture The JORI Infocenter opens its doors Chillap wins its first Design & Innovation Award 2017 Prelude, newest lounge chair Birth of the Multi Move reclining chair JORI celebrates its 50th anniversary JUAN JORION launches JORI JORI reclining chair celebrates its th 50 anniversary Timeless Linea icon joins the JORI range Collaboration with international designers goes...

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Catalogue HOME 2018 - 6

Zitcomfort op uw maat sinds 1963 Maßgeschneiderter Sitzkomfort seit 1963 Le confort sur mesure depuis 1963 Thuis zijn is relaxed zijn. Je helemaal ontspannen. Niets zo zalig als je neer te vleien in je eigen zetel. Dat gevoel wil Juan Jorion vertalen in zijn creaties. Hoe? Met een tijdloos design, zitcomfort op maat en aandacht voor wat u écht belangrijk vindt. We schrijven 1963: JORI is geboren. Zuhause sein bedeutet entspannt sein. Sich komplett entspannen. Nichts ist herrlicher, als sich in den eigenen Sessel zu schmiegen. Dieses Gefühl will Juan Jorion in seinen Kreationen...

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Catalogue HOME 2018 - 7

INNOVATIVE SEATING COMFORT BELGIAN CRAFTSMANSHIP BASED ON TRADITION TIMELESS STYLE GUARANTEED QUALITY Innovative, long-lasting and high-quality craftsmanship based on tradition. The JORI key values guarantee ultimate seating comfort. Past, present and future. Vernieuwend, blijvend en kwalitatief vakmanschap met een traditie: de sleutelwaarden van JORI garanderen u ultiem zitcomfort. Gisteren, vandaag én morgen. Kreatives, beständiges und hochwertiges fachmännisches Können mit Tradition: Die Kernwerte von JORI garantieren Ihnen ultimativen Sitzkomfort. Gestern, heute und morgen. Un artisanat...

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Catalogue HOME 2018 - 8

INNOVATIVE SEATING COMFORT At JORI we know that the level of seating comfort can always be improved upon. For us, comfort is the most important aspect of any chair. That is why we constantly strive to innovate. Day in and day out, we mull over our designs, techniques and materials. And in this process, we also consistently review our existing designs. That is the only way to find what you are looking for: customised innovative seating comfort. Innovatief zitcomfort Confort d’assise innovant Bij JORI zijn we ervan overtuigd dat uw zitcomfort altijd nóg beter kan. Dat comfort is voor ons de...

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Catalogue HOME 2018 - 9

BELGIAN CRAFTSMANSHIP BASED ON TRADITION Belgium enjoys an excellent reputation for quality both at home and abroad. Anyone who says JORI, says Belgian: 100% local manufacture in Wervik. This is our home town, and more than 55 years later it is still our home base. Here at our premises, proud generations of craftspeople put their heart and soul into honing your quality product to perfection. All this goes hand in hand with tradition, professional expertise and state-of-the-art technology. Belgisch vakmanschap met een traditie België heeft internationaal een uitstekende naam op het vlak van...

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Catalogue HOME 2018 - 10

TIMELESS STYLE We offer permanence in these changing times. At JORI we do not rush through our work, but instead we mindfully respond to long-term trends. We guarantee you that our designs and models will stand up to the test of time, and our sustainable manufacturing methods ensure their reliability. These are the deeply entrenched values of a strong brand that stands for timeless elegance. Tijdloze stijl Style intemporel Blijvend houvast in veranderende tijden. Geen haastwerk, maar bedachtzaam inspelen op de langdurige trends. Uw garantie voor de blijvende meerwaarde van onze ontwerpen en...

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Catalogue HOME 2018 - 11

GUARANTEED QUALITY A feel for pure quality. Striving for quality is at the core of the JORI DNA. This translates into guaranteed quality: a balanced design, by selecting the very best raw materials and upholstery fabrics, whilst bearing in mind state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. Gewaarborgde kwaliteit Ein Herz für echte Qualität Qualité garantie Een hart voor pure kwaliteit. Streven naar kwaliteit is de kern van het JORI-DNA. Dat vertaalt zich in uw garanties voor een gewaarborgde kwaliteit: een evenwichtig concept, grondige selectie van de beste grondstoffen en bekledingen. Met...

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Catalogue HOME 2018 - 12

A WORLD OF INSPIRATION The key for a balanced and stunning interior? Inspiration. Allow yourself to be amazed by the contemporary colours and the very latest materials of our inspiring moodboards. Put together by our specialist interior designers and always up-to-date. With an eye for quality and harmony. They show the long-term trends, translated for you into well-thought-out designs. How does that benefit you? By achieving the ultimate harmonious balance between quality, colour, and materials. Please take some time to peruse QUALITY LEATHER, THE ESSENCE OF...

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