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John Newton & Company Ltd Established in 1848, John Newton & Company is the UK’s leading independent supplier of structural waterproofing systems, water control and drainage products. Newtons offer the best available, BBA certified solutions for waterproofing and damp proofing applications in new build and refurbishment projects. Our range of structural waterproofing systems, including cementitious products, deck and roofing membranes and liquid applied floor coatings enable us to offer full waterproofing solutions for a wide variety of projects. Our technical experts can advise on all areas of waterproofing and design a waterproofing solution best suited to your requirements. In addition, our nationwide network of Newton Specialist Basement Contractors can design and install Newton systems to the highest level and offer insurance backed guarantees. February 2012 © John Newton & Company Ltd WATERPROOFING SYSTEMS Protecting buildings, since 1848 Innovators In Structural Waterproofing and Damp Proofing Products For Over 160 Years “We have been delighted with the product support and genuine interest that we have received in our project and would strongly recommend that any one looking for a cavity membrane product saves themselves the time of researching that market and go directly to John Newton Membranes – you will not be disappointed” Richard Clist, Clist Properties Ltd “It is not often that one deals with a company who moves as fast and efficiently as we would like everyone in the industry to be….from enquiry to order in a matter of hours was not down to price, but the result of the professional and superb service” Eddie Lucas, Interbuild, Gibraltar Newtons waterproofing and damp proofing products have been installed in thousands of properties, including the Grade I Listed Royal Courts of Justice pictured here For product literature and technical advice please visit or call 020 7237 1217 John Newton & Company 12 Verney Road London SE16 3DH Tel: 020 7237 1217

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Damp Proofing Newton System 800 is a range of BBA Approved damp proof membranes and ancillaries which are quick and clean to install and offer a permanent solution for damp proofing walls. Newton 805 Newlath and Newton 803 Newtonite meshed membranes provide a firm key and impermeable barrier on any damp or deteriorating surface ready for plaster, render or dot & dab plasterboard. The un-meshed Newton 803 is used where insulation requirements dictate the use of a timber or steel frame ready for plasterboard. Newton damp proof membranes are the ideal solution for Listed Buildings as they are...

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Structural Waterproofing Newtons product range has recently been extended to offer robust structural waterproofing solutions for the complete protection of the structure against water ingress. With this range of products, Newtons can provide specifiers, clients and specialist contractors with a full structural waterproofing solution, regardless of the structural build, for both the refurbishment and new build arenas. System highlights include a complete range of externally applied elastomeric polyurethane membranes for balconies, terraces, flat and inverted roofs, podium decks and swimming...

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Structural Waterproofing - Basement Waterproofing Newton System 500 is our flagship BBA Approved internal waterproofing system for new build and refurbishment projects. Unlike conventional ’tanking’, our cavity drain system works by placing designed maintainable depressurisation voids at known weaknesses in the structure so that ingressing water is simply captured and diverted out of the property. This design means that Newton System 500 is a fully maintainable waterproofing system, and so complies with BS 8102:2009 waterproofing regulations. In addition, it can be installed in all weather...

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Structural Waterproofing - New Build Basements With new build basements now an expanding market, the protection of both domestic and commercial new build structures from water from the ground is of the highest priority. Professional waterproofing contractors feel at their most confident in providing a full guarantee when using the Newton System 500. Thousands of properties within the UK are now benefiting from the protection that the Newton system offers. The internal application allows for a quick and cost effective installation, which is not dependent upon weather conditions and can be...

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Waterproofing of Concrete Structures Newton System 300 is a range of products, some unique to John Newton, used to waterproof construction joints and movement joints of retained concrete structures so that they become integrally waterproof without the need of additional waterproofing products, defined within BS8102:2009 as Type B waterproofing. Waterproofing can be further enhanced by the addition of Type A (Newton System 100 or Newton System 400) or Type C (Newton System 500) waterproofing systems to provide a combined waterproofing approach, recommended by BS8102:2009 when absolute...

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Pumping Newtons pumping range has been developed to provide a broad range of submersible sump pumps and sump chambers which together with our extensive list of ancillary products ensure that Newton waterproofing systems set new standards of performance and reliability. Whether you need to control clear ground water, grey water, effluent or sewage, Newton supply a complete range of the highest specification pumps available for all of your pumping requirements. Newtons NP range of submersible pumps are protecting thousands of commercial and domestic properties. Customers, specifiers and...

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Guaranteed Installation Newton Specialist Basement Contractors (NSBC) are an elite group of professional basement waterproofing contractors who work in partnership with Newtons to provide the specifier and their clients with the highest quality products, design and installation available in all aspects of domestic and commercial basement waterproofing. The NSBC scheme was implemented in 2003 as a response to poor and worthless contractor schemes infiltrating our industry which was resulting in clients loosing faith that the waterproofing contractor was able to deliver the results they...

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