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Windows Trade Catalogue Autumn 2012 - 1

Windows, Patio Doors and External Doorsets TRADE CATALOGUE Prices subject to retailer discount

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Windows Trade Catalogue Autumn 2012 - 2

Welcome to the JELD-WEN Product Brochure Windows, patio doors and external doorsets Joinery products, such as windows, doors and stairs, say so much about a home. And even more about the people who live there – their style, their way of life, and how they care for their surroundings. So it’s worth taking time to make the right choices. Not only to enjoy the perfect look, but also to achieve the best performance, day in, day out. At JELD-WEN, we know what it takes to stand up to the demands of today’s households – at work, rest or play. That’s why we believe in ‘Reliability for real life’....

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Windows Trade Catalogue Autumn 2012 - 3

High Performance Windows Introduction and Range Guide 60 Year Service Life Tilt & Turn Range Hi-Profile Combi Sliding Sash Sliding Sash Designer Range Sliding Sash Bay Windows Building Systems Cavity Closer Technical Building Regulations External Doors Range Guide Kensington Doorset Castle Composite Doorsets Door Frames External Door Frames Assembled Door Frames Flat Pack Door Frames Front Entrance Frames Garage Door Frames Fire Resisting Door Frames Storm sure Feature Windows and Door Frames 58-59 Patio Doors Oak Canberra Folding Sliding 100-103 Oakfold Folding Sliding 106-107 Wellington...

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Windows Trade Catalogue Autumn 2012 - 4

Be Inspired. Designed to complement and enhance any home There are many house types in the UK from traditional homes to contemporary and new builds. That’s why JELD-WEN have introduced two exciting new products for its latest collection. The new Stormsure Conservation window, an elegant window which incorporates style and performance in a range of sizes and colour options. And the exciting new Oakfold French patio a perfect complement to any oak window or doorset. Stormsure Conservation Window Choose your colour Homeowners often choose their window or patio colour to reflect either urban or...

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Windows Trade Catalogue Autumn 2012 - 5

New Oakfold French Doorset Stormsure Casement Cottage Bar in Oak Window Sliding Sash All Bar

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Windows Trade Catalogue Autumn 2012 - 6

The right window for you Casement Tilt & Turn Flush Casement Stormsure Our most popular range of windows in a wide selection of styles and designs. Tilt & Turn Tilt & Turn offers an alternative design to the standard casement window. The sash can open in or tilt in as required, with a single handed operation. DreamVu™ A high performance window with very low U Values to Code for Sustainable Homes level 6. Energy rated windows: A Ultra – C Designs: • Conservation Flush • Plain Casement • Victorian Bar • Cottage Bar • Horizontal Bar • Deco Bar Timber: • FSC Softwood • PEFC Hardwood Designs: •...

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Windows Trade Catalogue Autumn 2012 - 7

All JELD-WEN Windows are manufactured in the UK. Fully Reversible Sliding Sash Designer range also available Hi-Profile Combi Fully reversible windows available either top or side hung with a flush sash design. Sliding Sash High quality traditional design sliding sash windows, with the practical benefits of modern window manufacturing methods. Limitless designs and styles available, this exciting range of windows offers a variety of arched head or semi-circular windows in plain or bar styles. Energy rated windows: B Ultra – C Designs: • All Timber • Aluminium Clad Timber Timber: • FSC...

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Windows Trade Catalogue Autumn 2012 - 8

Glazing and Finishing Having selected your windows now is the time to add those finishing touches available to you. With glazing, ironmongery and factory finishing to choose from, you can be sure there will be one to match your design needs. Glazing Design Glazing Building Regulations and Practices We have designed Stormsure windows to accept 24mm insulating glass units, using Low E glass to comply with the amended Building Regulations Approved Document ‘L’ 2006. Low E glass (low emissivity) has a surface coating that improves substantially its energy efficiency. This coating lets the sun’s...

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Windows Trade Catalogue Autumn 2012 - 9

Finishing Factory Finishing – For the best overall quality, we recommend factory finishing with Hi-Build stain or Hi-Build paint (Microporous Hi-Build finish). This gives improved protection on-site, and saves time and decoration costs. Reliability in paint performance starts with the timber itself. We carefully control the moisture content of the timber in our factory, to ensure our windows are fit for the conditions they’ll face when installed. Our preservation system and meticulous preparation also plays an important part in the performance of our windows. And of course, our Hi-Build...

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Windows Trade Catalogue Autumn 2012 - 10

60 year minimum service life. Exactly what you can expect from quality timber windows Our softwood window guarantee provides the assurance of a 40 year guarantee against rot and fungal attack which when combined with the Wood Window Alliance research provides a minimum service life of 60 years. Timber that lasts the lifespan of the dwelling The 60 year service life matches the lifespan on which most new-build housing funding calculations are based. What this means in practice is that there will be no need to replace the original windows in the design life of the house as originally built....

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Windows Trade Catalogue Autumn 2012 - 11

Window s t Componen Guide Jamb Handle Mullion Bottom Rail Sill Bars – Traditional Bars – York Simulated Divides the glass into separate units. Only available to Stormsure and Sliding Sash Windows. Timber bars bonded outside and inside of glass with integra bar in glass unit. Bonded bars give improved thermal performance. Available to all windows excluding aluminium clad. 4 Triple Glazed Double Glazed York Fretting External Lifespan guarantee

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Windows Trade Catalogue Autumn 2012 - 12

When it comes to timber we tick every box High performance across the range As a trade professional, you’ll know that when choosing windows there are several factors to take into account such as: • Type, style and architectural detailing • Energy performance and weather resistance • Security and burglar resistance • Compatibility with Building Regulations and other statutory bodies’ requirements, including European CE Marking • Lifetime maintenance and durability • Sustainability • Guarantees A range to meet all requirements This catalogue can provide you with choices that meet all...

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