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Welcome to JELD-WEN Joinery products, such as windows, doors and stairs, say so much about a home. And even more about the people who live there – their style, their way of life, and how they care for their surroundings. So it’s worth taking time to make the right choices. Not only to enjoy the perfect look, but also to achieve the best performance, day in, day out. At JELD-WEN, we know what it takes to stand up to the demands of today’s households – at work, rest or play. That’s why we believe in our products and are proud to stand behind the JELD-WE

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Our free technical service 6 factory assembled balustrade 40 Standard stock flights 42 Stair talk - terminology explained 58-59 Looking after your stairs Guarantees, conditions of sale 60-61 For further information and prices call 0845 122 2894

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Imagine a world without stairs… First impressions count. That’s why at JELD-WEN we work hard to design stairs that leave a lasting impression, long after you’ve opened the doors to your home. Of course we also realise that stairs are not just a pretty face, they have an important function. At JELD-WEN we are forward thinkers who like building stairs and love open spaces. That’s why we use sustainable resources to create staircases of outstanding beauty, which at the same time preserves our open spaces for generations to come. Old or new, luxury or budget Do you know what stairs you want?...

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For further information and prices call 0845 122 2894

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Made to Measure Stairs Do you want stairs that can survive your kids sliding down the banisters or staircases that can accommodate your boisterous four legged friends? Whether it’s cats, dogs or kids our specialist stair team will work with you and your tradesperson to give you made to measure stairs to suit your lifestyle. One simple call is all it takes to receive our: • assle free solution to ordering your staircase H • Free site survey with every order to ensure you get the perfect fit • Free technical advice and support • uaranteed quality, design and manufacture to meet all G Building...

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A perfect fit You’ve chosen JELD-WEN to supply your stairs based on our reputation for quality, reliability and service excellence. When it comes to choosing your stair fitter, we strongly recommend that you use a reputable, local tradesperson. Through the combined expertise of your dedicated JELD-WEN stair technician and the know-how of your stair fitter, you can be sure of a staircase that not only looks good, but is safe to use too. If you are struggling to find a good local tradesperson ask your local builders merchants to recommend someone or alternatively check out some of the online...

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Beauty is only skin deep You can see from the pictures that our stairs look fantastic, but how do you know if they are safe? At JELD-WEN we’re not just into appearances, we are equally concerned with what lies beneath. It is important that you and your family tread safely, which is why we have our stairs independently assessed and certified by recognised external authorities. Badge of honour JELD-WEN is accredited by the British Woodworking Federation (BWF) to guarantee that all staircases meet Building Regulations. The BWF badge displayed on each JELD-WEN staircase is your assurance of...

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For further information and prices call 0845 122 2894

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Upstanding and unbeatable quality When you look good you feel good. But it’s not all about good looks. What lies beneath the surface matters too, which is why we’ve built the Prestige range using the finest timbers. Barley twist With over a century of experience at crafting stairs we know how important first impressions are. The classic, cool tread of our white oak staircase creates a grand entrance. For a more colourful impact, the earthy glow of our redwood finished stairs will add a touch of real warmth. Both ranges fit in perfectly with classic or modern décor. Whatever you choose, if...

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“Looks can fade with age but our Prestige stairs are designed to look good, always.” For further information and prices call 0845 122 2894

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PRESTIGE The finer points With our passion for attention to detail we’ve created a range of spindles for you to choose from. Thick or thin, curvy or straight our turned barley twist or square oak are just some of the options you can choose from. With so much choice and advice from a qualified stair technician, we’ll help you to create a staircase that fits in with the personality of your home and the people who live in it. Single go and double end curtail Barley twist

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Continuous handrail For further information and prices call 0845 122 2894

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Turned Barley Twist – 41mm This hardwood offers strength and durability with a beautiful grain and texture. Oak truly reflects the traditional and historical qualities of English craftsmanship. Turned Newel** Square Newel** White Oak Newel *Only available with 55mm spindles ** Newel size will depend on choice of staircase White Oak Newel Caps For full size options and codes of all compo

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For further information and prices call 0845 122 2894

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Redwood components Redwood Handrail For full size options and codes of all components see pages 44. Redwood Spindles Our range of redwood stair parts introduces rich colours which can be highlighted by a polished finish making an unmistakable statement of elegance and quality. Redwood Newel For further information and prices call 0845 122

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Out with the old, in with the new Think modern. Our Contemporary staircase fits perfectly into a funky brand new build and can provide a total transformation for a dark Victorian hallway. At JELD-WEN we understand that your home reflects your personality. Contemporary stair parts come in all shapes and sizes in a variety of finishes to help you create stairs that capture who you are and the way you live. Connect the solid smooth lines of oak with a dash of metal from our Liskeard range to create a modern but classy look. For a see through effect, add a touch of glass from our Radiance range...

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