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premium atlantic & Builders florida Aluminum impac t resistant gl ass window & patio door features T he J EL D -W EN website is your ultimate resource for ImpactGard ® Available with Premium Atlantic Aluminum learning about our reliable window s and door s. It has all the produc t information and design advice you need. V isit us at jeld - today. Ou r Reli a bilit y Prom ise Glass JELD-WEN products create lasting value for your home. We are so confident that you will be pleased with our Interlayer Aluminum Windows and Patio Doors, that each one carries our industry-leading warranty. Here are just some of the highlights of our warranty… Glass The Aluminum Window & Patio Door Limited Warranty Includes: • 10-year coverage against defects in material or workmanship on Aluminum windows installed in owner-occupied single family residence. Important Legal Information This Limited Warranty document sets forth our maximum liability for our products. We shall not be liable for special, indirect, consequential, or incidental damages. Your sole and exclusive remedy with respect to any and all losses or damages resulting from any cause whatsoever shall be as specified above. We make no other warranty or guarantee, either express or implied, in­ luding implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose to the c original purchaser or to any subsequent user of the product, except as expressly contained herein. In the event state or provincial law precludes exclusion or limitation of implied warranties, the duration of any such warranties shall be no longer than, and the time and manner of presenting any claim thereon shall be the same as, that provided in the express warranty stated herein. This Limited Warranty document gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights that vary from state/province to state/province. This glass stands up to strong impacts from wind-borne as well as harsh coastal conditions. In fact, ImpactGard® features the industry’s leading laminated glass technology that can withstand a nine-pound piece of lumber striking it head-on at approximately 34 miles per hour. It also reduces sound transmission, blocks up to 95 percent of harmful UV rays and enhances home security. NOTE: The above information is a summary of key provisions of the JELD-WEN Aluminum Window & Patio Door Limited Warranty effective July 1, 2010. For a complete copy of the current warranty, see your sales associate or refer to Each one of our windows and patio doors is built to last. All of our Aluminum Windows and Patio Doors come with our 10-year limited warranty. safe Left shows a standard window, right shows how ImpactGard resists the impact from wind borne debris. sound Impact-resistance Decreased sound transmission During a severe storm, a broken window can affect a home’s structural integrity (see illustrations). Windows and patio doors with ImpactGard protection are designed to resist impacts so even if the glass cracks, the fragments will adhere to the interlayer, so the shards remain within the frame. ImpactGard protection also meets the nation’s toughest building codes. 5 Unwanted outdoor noise is noticeably dampened with ImpactGard glass. secure Forced-entry resistance Windows and patio doors with ImpactGard protection resist forced entry. Because the interlayer separating the panes helps resist a potential intruder’s glass cutter, breaks-ins are less likely. Made in the USA ©2012 JELD-WEN, inc.; Door designs and this publication are owned by JELD-WEN, inc. and are protected under the U.S. Copyright Act and other intellectual property laws. Unauthorized use or duplication is prohibited. All trademarks, service marks, logos and the like (whether registered or unregistered) are owned or controlled by JELD-WEN, inc. or others. Unauthorized use or duplication is prohibited. JELD-WEN reserves the right to change product specifications without notice. Please check our website,, for current information. 11-815 10/12 (SB 1M) Double-Hung | Single-Hung | Sliding jeld - wen . c o m Fixed, Radius & Geometric | Sliding Patio Doors

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Defining design details energy saving gl ass performance Options Window and Patio Door Styles Textured & Tinted Glass Low-E and LoĒ 3-366 Insulating Glass Our standard high-performance Low-E insulating glass lowers energy costs, helps homes stay cooler in the summer and In cold weather, Low-E glass reduces the amount of heat lost by reflecting it back inside. warmer in the winter, prevents fading of interior furnishings, and reduces condensation. It also delivers Double-Hung Single-Hung Sliding (Only available in Premium Atlantic Aluminum) Fixed, Radius & Geometric greater visible light...

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