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Our desire is to change people’s perception of doors JELD-WEN intends to be the preferred door brand in Europe. We are already the leading supplier of doors in Europe but not always under the JELD-WEN name. That changes now, and it begins with informing our customers – both professional and homeowner – exactly who JELD-WEN is, and what we as a company and brand stand for. Our vision is as simple as it is ambitious: we will change people’s perception of doors. We will inspire them by showing them the possibilities our door range creates for their home or project, while continuing to live up...

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Reliability is our foundation, inspiration is what drives us JELD-WEN has earned a reputation as a company and brand that our customers can rely on – both in regard to our products and the services we offer around them. This is the cornerstone of our customer approach expressed in the brand promise, Reliability for real life®. We believe doors create possibilities. They are never just a building detail, rather they have the ability to contribute to and even transform the environment they stand in. This is what drives us to continuously develop new designs and solutions that inspire through...

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Delivering “Now that we have established a brand and made our promise, we cannot stop investing in it or living up to it. It defines the company forever.” Our brand promise of Reliability for real life® underlies our entire value chain – from selecting and purchasing the raw material, to manufacturing and distribution, and throughout the product’s lifetime. In each link it is our people who are the key to our ability to succeed and achieve excellence. Join us now to experience the journey… THE DISTRIBUTION AND LOGISTIC SET-UP

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Each year JELD-WEN spends millions of euros on materials. These range from unmanufactured raw materials to semifinished parts and laminates. We know our suppliers are vital to the success of our business and select them carefully in accordance with our European Preferred Supplier Programme. This has been designed to increase procurement efficiency with minimised waste. To qualify a supplier needs to live up to strict criteria and a code of conduct. They must be able to guarantee stable, consistent quality, while adhering to our standards in regard to the environment and employee welfare....

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JELD-WEN products are crafted in over 20 facilities located in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Switzerland, France and the United Kingdom. Many also operate as distribution centres. This represents Europe’s largest door manufacturing capacity. While our facilities may differ according to local needs, all benefit from common initiatives designed to improve manufacturing quality and efficiency. Our goal throughout JELD-WEN is the creation of consistent quality that meets or exceeds customer expectations. One way we do this is by investing millions of...

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Even though modern door manufacturing is a highly automated and technology-driven process, we are still at heart guided by our workshop craftsman roots. It all starts with human aspiration and attention to detail, but it takes the latest technology in door dimensioning and prototype testing to ensure the final product is everything it can be. We employ high precision manufacturing equipment for every task, whether it entails high-volume automated manufacturing or the tailoring of one-of-a-kind doors. Our processes include a broad variety of finishing options, developed in accordance with...

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Research and development In everything we do, JELD-WEN aims to conduct itself as a unique, progressive and world-class company. We believe in continuous improvement and intend to be nothing less than the best door company in Europe. As we control every aspect of our doors’ manufacturing, from the material sourcing to the delivery, we can guarantee all regulatory standards have been observed, and supply the certification as testimony. For example, our external doors are CE-marked and our security doorsets meet EN standards. We hold the FSC™ Multi-Site certification for our sites in Europe,...

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The distribution and logistic set-up JELD-WEN’s distribution terminals ensure our delivery capabilities are a true asset to our customers. Distribution terminals maintain a diverse and continuously updated product stock. By placing the terminals close to our customers we give them easy access to our European assortment, no matter where they are. Each terminal can rapidly handle orders, customise products if requested and deliver them directly. Some terminals use automated guided forklift trucks to facilitate efficient picking and loading. This enables us to serve our customers’ needs with...

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Delivery Each week JELD-WEN Europe typically delivers more than 100,000 doors and frames across the continent. Naturally we aim to deliver every order on time, complete, as ordered and undamaged. We know how vital this level of reliability is to our customers’ business. We measure our delivery success on hard data – all our deliveries are closely monitored and their accuracy and times are compiled. We use the knowledge gained from each order to further refine our delivery service.

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The result As you have just seen, a JELD-WEN door’s journey through its value chain is an intensive one. You could say our doors go through a lot before you go through them. And it certainly doesn’t end once the door is set in place. Our doors are crafted to last. They will stand, function and maintain their good looks for years to come with little maintenance; that is why we offer some of the industry’s strongest guarantees. A JELD-WEN door is conceived and crafted as an asset, whether that is in terms of aesthetics, functionality or its contribution to property value. That also means...

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We are with you all the way Customer care and satisfaction are among JELD-WEN’s greatest priorities. We provide the complete package. No matter where in Europe our customers are based or are working they will always have ready access to skilled sales personnel who fully understand their specific needs. We believe in a service approach in which we support the customer in every step of their interaction with us. That means expert advice on hand at all times, which may be given online, over the phone or face-to-face – whichever suits the customer best. As we see it, working with us should be...

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