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builders Vinyl WINDOWS & PATIO DOORS Double-Hung | Single-Hung | Sliding Fixed, Radius & Geometric | Patio Doors

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BA SIC S DONE BE T TER Making a choice you’re happy with today is one thing. Knowing you’ll be satisfied years from now is a whole other challenge. But it doesn’t have to be. JELD-WEN ® Builders Vinyl windows and patio doors are made to be durable, energy efficient and attractive well into the future. They’re built from high-quality extruded vinyl that resists fading and won’t chip or peel, which means they’re virtually maintenance-free. Also, our windows and patio doors with Low-E glass are energy star ® qualified and provide increased comfort and decreased energy bills. 2

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st y l is h d u warranty that is transferable for 10 years. We even cover the labor to replace or repair defective products. To view the complete warranty, see page 33. abi l it y This catalog includes comprehensive information about features and specifications. For rabi l it y & av ai l Each Builders Vinyl window and patio door is backed by an industry-leading lifetime installation and care and maintenance instructions, visit Each one of our windows and patio doors is built to last. We prove this by supporting our Builders Vinyl product with our lifetime limited...

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Builders Vinyl Windows and Patio Doors - 6

Interior Interior Finishes Style Cam-Lock Style Cam-Lock Finishes* Chestnut Bronze Antique Brass Brushed Chrome WEN-Lock ® White Polished Brass Desert Sand WEN-Lock ® Finishes* White Desert Sand The WEN-Lock is our exclusive automatic locking system, which is available on our single-hung and slider windows. It features a slim profile that’s easy to engage, as well as a tamper-resistant design. In fact, this lock has passed all forced- entr y resistance tests. It also has a visible latch indicator (VLI) that lets you know if the window is locked. The VLI can be seen only from indoors....

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Builders Vinyl Windows and Patio Doors - 7

E x terior Frame Options window f eat u res Flush Fin Integral Nailing Fin Pocket frame available with slope sill adapter and head expander Pocket / Block Frame Vinyl Colors* White Desert Sand Almond** *Actual colors may vary from samples displayed. **Subject to regional availability. 7

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Builders Vinyl Windows and Patio Doors - 8

perform ance gl ass o p tions Neat ® Glass With this glass option you gain natural cleaning convenience. By harnessing the sun’s UV rays (even when the sky is cloudy) to loosen dirt from the glass, rainwater can easily rinse away grime. No manual activation is required. For more information, visit Tempered Glass When glass is heat-treated during manufacturing, it is provided with extra strength, enabling it to withstand abnormal force or pressure on its surface—it will not break into sharp pieces. Local codes often require tempered glass to be used in all windows that are...

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Builders Vinyl Windows and Patio Doors - 9

p er f energy sav ing gl ass o p tions or m Clear Insulating Glass of glass), and the perimeter of the unit is sealed. This option offers maximum visible light transmittance and ance g l This glass consists of two panes of glass, sealed with an airspace (this is a spacer in between the dual panes ass o p superb energy efficiency in most climates. tions Intercept ® Energy Saver ® Plus–REDUCE HEAT LOSS UP TO 40% The best value in insulating glass, Energy Saver Plus includes, argon gas for improved thermal performance and LoĒ 3 -366 glass. With triple layers of Low-E coating, LoĒ 3 -366 helps...

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Builders Vinyl Windows and Patio Doors - 10

reduce gl are, ensure your pri vac y Textured Glass Let light in while maintaining privacy with textured glass. We offer a wide range of textures to meet your aesthetic preferences. Four of our most popular choices are shown below. Glue Chip Obscure Reed Tinted Glass Tinted glass reduces glare, and is ideal for areas that get a lot of direct sunlight in the summer. Below are our most popular options. Gray Bronze Coated Glass: Low-E and LoĒ 3-366 Insulated Glass Our standard high-performance Low-E insulated glass lowers energy costs, helps homes stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the...

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Builders Vinyl Windows and Patio Doors - 11

window W indow o pening control de v ice op ening JELD-WEN ® WOCD Meets ASTM F2090 -10 Standard Windows add so much to our daily lives - daylight, ventilation and views. They can also be necessary for This means homeowners should take measures to prevent window falls. Factory-installed Window Opening prevent accidental falls from windows by children five years of age and younger. A WOCD automatically limits deiabi v it y l ice Control Devices (WOCD) from JELD-WEN are designed to meet the ASTM F2090-10 standard intended to help R e ll contro emergency escape and rescue, so the building codes...

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Builders Vinyl Windows and Patio Doors - 13

decorati v e grilles decorati v e Grilles Between the Glass (GBG) With Grilles Between the Glass, you’ll enjoy the look of divided lites without any upkeep gri l l e o p because they are placed between the two panes of insulating glass. Available in contour or flat in any of the sizes shown below. tions Simulated Divided Lites (SDL) For a true “paned” window look, our Simulated Divided Lites feature bars that are permanently adhered to both the interior and exterior glass; an optional shadow bar between the panes of glass is also available. Simulated Divided Lites are available in 7/8"...

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st y les & con figurations st y l es & con f ig u rations Window & Patio Door Styles Double-Hung Sliding Patio Door Single-Hung Tilt Single-Hung Side Load Bay Sliding Fixed, Radius and Geometric Garden 15

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insta ll ation & Sill drainage insta l l Our Builders Vinyl windows and patio doors are designed to be si l l particularly easy to install in many applications. ation & Install With Ease From new or remodeled residential homes to light construction projects, our products have been tested to meet rating requirements up to DP 50 drainage for light commercial buildings. For complete instructions, see installation inser t included with product, or visit w w Sill Drainage & Flashing System B A TegraTite ™ Installation System TegraTite streamlines the installation process, making...

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