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Dressed by Eduard Dressler simply GRAFT. Fat Tony is different from the crowd. Fat Tony doesn’t want to be a chiselled model. Fat Tony wants to impress others by the charm that is the healthy beauty of well-formed curves. This modular sofa system transposes an image of pure grace into the world of furniture, suggesting – not just visually – the perfect relaxation of youthful form. Yet these distinct elements are striking not only by their outer appearance. Their unusual upholstery structure makes for a particularly ergonomic feeling when you sit on them. Nor do they limit your...

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Fat Tony - 4

SIMPLY EVERYWHERE. As adaptable as a chameleon. Bachelor pad or loft, living room or hotel lobby – Fat Tony is at home anywhere. Its three different elements make it uniquely versatile and make it look great in any location.

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Fat Tony - 5

SIMPLY MASTERFUL. easy, but not simpl ist ic. R60 Its minimalist design lends Fat Tony a certain simplicity, yet on closer inspection this itself turns out to be an understatement. That is because what is inside the three cubic modules is something quite out of the ordinary. It’s where high-end comfort meets timelessly modern design. Interprofil KG Potsdamer Str. 180, D-33719 Bielefeld Übersicht Hauptmaße, Ergänzung zu CAD Daten 676 We’re talking inner values. Fat Tony’s zigzag and coil springs are longer-lasting and more comfortable than a simple foam block, thus guaranteeing maximum...

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Fat Tony - 6

SIMPLY TIMELESS. It’s only a matter of time before FAT TONY becomes a design classic. Its simple yet high-end design, and its distinct, timeless form mean Fat Tony will never go out of fashion. Its secret is that it doesn’t follow trends. It is a stylish classic, yet ultra-modern – and will remain so today, tomorrow, and ever-aft

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Fat Tony - 7

individual design SIMPLY MORE possibilities. If you don’t know what on earth to do with a run-of-the-mill sofa, then Fat Tony’s made for you. Its unique versatility means you can assemble it exactly as you want it. Colours, materials, combinations – there are no limits to the ways you can put it together. Assemble to your liking. Always different. The three elements can be combined in different ways, giving you maximum freedom of expression. You can put together the perfect arrangement for any room, quickly and easily. The elements can either be joined permanently, or arranged loosely...

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Fat Tony - 8

SIMPLY FAT TONY. Sitting will never be the same again. Sofa system, couch, armchair, chaise longue or stool – with Fat Tony’s three movable elements, simply ever ything is possible

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Fat Tony - 9

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