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Carpets with passion - 2

S o m et im e s i t ’s a ls o w o r th l o o k in g d o w n. T hat ’s because with the new, exclusive carpet range from the Bielefelder Werkstätten you can spread a pleasant ambience throughout your living space and enhance your surroundings in sophisticated style. Each carpet is like a little work of art, made individually by hand for you using quality viscose. Over the following pages, discover four appealing collections in five colour combinations or choose your favourite combination from a total of 24 colours and specify the size in line with your requirements. In short, you can look...

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Carpets with passion - 3

Fine shading for a greater sense of space. Paradise has four corners. Dreamscapes for living space.

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Carpets with passion - 4

Whether in the living room, hallway or bedroom – where there is shadow, there is also pleasant light.

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Carpets with passion - 5

s h a d o w Every shade is as individual as its owner – choose the colour scheme and size that suits you best.

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Carpets with passion - 6

EDEN COLLECTiON HEAVEN ON EARTH H o w w o u l d you like a little piece of heaven? You can even c h o o s e t h e i n d i v i d u a l format a n d t o n e y o u r s elf.

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Carpets with passion - 7

e d e n Everybody envisages paradise in a slightl y dif ferent way.

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Carpets with passion - 8

Oops! Even a supposed accident turns into quality low-pile weave.

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Carpets with passion - 9

s p l a s h L i ve l y lila c o r b lu e b l otch e s? W hi te s p e ck s o r e a r t hy f l e ck s? H o w e ve r yo u like i t .

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Carpets with passion - 10

N o f i g m e n t o f t h e i m a g i n a t i o n – a cosy living space can be created with a lit tle FA N TA S Y.

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Carpets with passion - 11

f a n t a s y Imagine you had virtually infinite design options.

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Carpets with passion - 12

100% viscose, pile height 9mm, pile weight approx. 2.750g, total weight approx. 4.000g.

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Carpets with passion - 13

JAB Furniture Brand of BW BIELEFELD ER WERKSTATTEN Heinz Anstoetz Polstermobelfabrik KG Potsdamer StraBe 180 • D-33719 Bielefeld Phone: +49 (0) 521 92427-0 Fax: +49 (0) 521 92427-80 eMail: www. jab-furniture. de

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