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Motorized Lock for armoured door The solution includes the following products:   X1R SMART motorized Lock for armoured door Accessories ISEO X1R Smart motorized lock with RFID Reader Multistandard 13,56 Mhz IS014443A/IS014443B (Mifare Classic/PiusjDesfire) with Bluetooth 4.0 Module 2,4GHz Radio Board, Power Supply unit 8‐30Vdc, P= 30W or 6 x 1,5V Alkaline Batteries "D" Type with battery life up to 20000 openings and battery charge detection by the Argo App with battery low warning signal, or line frame sensors. 0pto‐isolated input 8‐30Vdc/ac. Output relay with contact rating (resistive) 30Vdc, 1A / 125Vac, 0,3A. Software Argo app available for Android and iOS with automatic upgrade when update is available the phone notifies the user and the new software will be automatically installed in the lock from the phone. The Lock must memorize up to 300 users (cards or phones) and operate with Iseo cards or Legacy Mifare cards, finger reader, ISEO European profile cylinder certified to EN 1303 and DIN 18252, Bluetooth Smart Ready phone with connection via Bluetooth Smart and store the last 1000 events. The Lock must allow passage mode (office mode), remote opening and communication with Bluetooth Smart Ready phone from 10 meters maximum and have detection sensors for motor, internal handle, bolts and latch movements, mechanical key detection. The software upgrades on site via Bluetooth Smart Ready phone and wakes up by RFID card detection (patented) or Real Time Clock. The Lock must guarantee quick and easy installation, have light and acoustic signals and available in Standard or Single Action version. The handle follower has to be 8mm with Backset 63mm and centre distance 85mm. The opening commands must be with Bluetooth 4.0 by the Argo App, RFID reader, Keyboard, external powered contact/button and the finishes (faceplates) must be available in Inox, polished Inox, satin brass, polished brass. The mechanical lock case compatibility with Euro profile cylinder hole (EN1303, DIN 18252) and the environmental characteristics must guarantee operating temperature from ‐10°C to +60°C and storage temperature from ‐25° to +65°C, H.R. Max. 95% without condensing. The lock must work with an electric motor controlled by a powerful microprocessor and the deadbolt action must always guarantee the mechanical operation of the key, even in case of power supply failure. The lock must have the same sizes and accessories as the mechanical locks, so they are interchangeable; thanks to simply electric connections the installation must be very easy. All versions must be reversible, have different deadbolt extensions and centre distances. Escutcheons must be available in three different finishes and the Lock must be conceived and manufactured in compliance with European standards UNI EN 14846 with the following classification: 3X9E0P713 so it must be classified at the maximum level (7) for anti‐intrusion protection. The lock must be available in the single action version so the internal handle must

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output contact and also configurable as single pulse to activate a door closer and a built‐in opto‐isolated input for a remote opening command, for example from an interphone key. The connectivity to Bluetooth Smart Ready devices must be without any plugin to be installed neither on the electronic trim set nor on the smartphone. lt can be opened by RFID cards and Bluetooth Smart Ready phones (iOS and Android). Lost or stolen keys must be quickly deleted with Argo, an intuitive smartphone application available for iOS from iPhone 4S with iOS

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