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Durable as they are beautiful, IRON AGE® trench and catch basin grates are designed to last a lifetime. Engineered to fit the most widely used drain bodies on the market today, our cast metal grates age gracefully and never need upkeep. Made in the USA from recycled cast iron, IRON AGE DESIGNS® decorative trench and catch basin grates are engineered to fit the most widely used drain bodies, including NDS®. Talk to your supplier for ordering details. CAST IRON OXIDATION PROCESS Why are my grates turning orange? Raw cast iron starts out grey in color, but upon contact with water, a bright orange oxide develops. This loosely adhering layer (more commonly known as “rust”), easily washes or wears away, leaving behind a more tightly adhering oxide coating that actually protects the grate from further corrosion. What you end up with is a rich, chocolate brown patina, similar to any manhole cover in the street. DURABLE To see the full range of Iron Age products, including tree grates and site furnishings, please visit OXIDATION TIMELINE How long will my grates be orange? Depending on the environment the grates are placed in, the oxidation process generally lasts anywhere from a few months to a year. Just keep in mind that the more traffic and weather your grates receive, the faster their transformation. DURABILITY OF CAST IRON Will my grates rust away to nothing? Cast iron has been used for hundreds of years in the manufacture of items that need to be exceptionally durable and resistant to corrosion. For example, the Navy has traditionally made ship anchors out of cast iron. Our grates, just like those anchors, will last for decades in a raw state. PRE-AGING YOUR GRATES We generally recommend letting our grates age naturally, but for those who wish to bypass the bright orange oxidation phase of raw iron, we offer an eco-friendly “BAKED-ON-OIL FINISH” using recycled vegetable oil. Talk to your supplier for ordering details. TEL: 206-276-0925 FAX: 206-257-0318 EMAIL: NDS®, Spee-D® and Dura Slope® are registered trademarks of NDS, Inc. Iron Age® and its products are not affiliated with NDS, Inc. © Copyright 2015 Iron Age Designs Iron Age Designs® reserves the right to change or discontinue products at any time. Printed on recycled paper stock. DESIGNER CAST METAL GRATES engineered to fit

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3” TRENCH GRATES Fits NDS Mini-Channel ® CATCH BASIN GRATES Fits NDS Dura Slope ® Fits the NDS® Catch Basins listed below Carbochon (3” x 14”) Locust (6” x 24”) Interlaken 9” Sq. / NDS® 900 Series 12” Sq. / NDS® 1200 Series 18” Sq. / NDS® #1882 Fits NDS® 8” Pro Series 12” Sq. / NDS® 1200 Series 24” Sq. / NDS® 2400 Series River Rock 12” Sq. / NDS® 1200 Series 24” Sq. / NDS® 2400 Series Fits NDS® Spee-D® Channel Fits NDS® Spee-D® Basin PIPE GRATES Interlaken (4” x 18”) All products are ADA compliant and made in the USA of recycled cast iron.

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