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Shipping Catalog Product overview for maritime equipment

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Prepare for the worst. Go with the best. A fire break out or chemical accident onboard a ship can be complex and extremely dangerous. The toxic substances or smoke and heat from the flames quickly turns narrow passages, steep stairs and confined spaces into potential death traps. And should an emergency occur at open sea, assistance from fire and rescue service may not be available which makes it all the more important to have necessary equipment on board. Interspiro offers a wide range of high performing products for maritime use. All staff should carry or have easy access to Emergency...

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Content SELF CONTAINED BREATHING APPARATUS__________________ 4 Spiromatic 90U________________________________________ 5 Spiromatic 90USA______________________________________ 7 S FACE MASKS AND BREATHING VALVES___________________ 9 S-H Ambient air hatch __________________________________ 10 S-USA Ambient air hatch _______________________________ 12 S-FB First breath version_________________________________13 S-USA First breath version________________________________15 EMERGENCY ESCAPE EQUIPMENT________________________ 16 Spiroscape EEBD_______________________________________17 Ocenco M-20.2...

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Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) Interspiro offers a wide selection of breathing apparatus and auxiliary equipment for work in hazardous environments on land and in water. Discover why firefighters in over 50 countries rely on Interspiro when going to work in extreme conditions. Interspiro Shipping Catalog

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Spiromatic 90U Especially designed for maritime and industrial environments, our entry level Spiromatic 90U is the ideal breathing apparatus for firefighting. The configurations are CE approved according to European product standards and approved according to the Marine Equipment Directive (“ship wheel mark”). Delivering both Interspiro performance and competitive pricing, this unit is built upon the proven and reliable S facemask and breathing valve and plug-in regulator system. Equipped with padded shoulder straps and easy-to-adjust waist belt buckle, the harness provides good comfort for...

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Spiromatic 90U Cylinders are sold separately and are not part of the part numbers listed below. Spiromatic 90U SCBA, including S Mask Spiromatic 90U SCBA, excluding S Mask S-Mask Ambient air hatch, basic configuration No mask, no breathing valve, basic configuration S-Mask Ambient air hatch, euro male extra air connection No mask, no breathing valve, Interspiro male extra air connection S-Mask Ambient air hatch, Interspiro male extra air connection No mask, no breathing valve, Euro coupling on breathing hose S-Mask First breath version, basic configuration S-Mask First breath version, euro...

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Spiromatic 90USA is a simple but effective breathing apparatus (SCBA) for industrial and maritime environments having NIOSH approval for industrial use. Spiromatic 90USA is built upon the proven and reliable S-facemask and breathing valve and the plug-in regulator system, delivering Interspiro performance at a competitive price. The harness is equipped with padded shoulder straps and easy-to-adjust waist belt buckle. 1. Open back plate for good ventilation and low weight. 2. Easy to handle and adjustable cylinder strap. 3. Small and light warning whistle placed on chest. 4. Carrying handle...

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These SCBA:s can be combined with mask type S-USA Ambient air hatch and S-USA First breath version. The SCBAs with airline connector fit mask variants with quick coupling (qc). The SCBAs without airline connector fit mask variants without quick coupling (qc). Spiromatie 90USA Cylinders and face masks are not part of the Spiromatic 90USA part numbers. Spiromatie 90USA Spiromatic 90USA SCBA, excluding mask 34196-01 Spiromatic 90 USA HP Without airline 34196-02 Spiromatic 90 USA HP Airline with quick coupling 34196-11 Spiromatic 90 USA LP Without airline 34196-12 Spiromatic 90 USA LP Airline...

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S Face masks and breathing valves Interspiro has a long tradition of designing safe and physiologically adapted breathing apparatus. This heritage is clearly evident in our masks and breathing valves, each having low breathing resistance and high air capacity - and respond directly to the user’s need for air. Interspiro Shipping Catalog

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S-H Ambient air hatch The S-H mask is equipped with an ambient air hatch enabling the user to have the mask fully donned and still breathe ambient air to save the compressed air in the cylinder. With a very simple operation, a push on the hatch cover, the air from the cylinder is activated. With this solution the user is always sure to have a perfect seal. The risk for improper mounting of the breathing valve while wearing the mask is eliminated when it is kept correctly connected at all times. 1. Secure positive lock connection of the breathing valve to the face mask. 2. Demand controlled...

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31820-05 Size: Standard (M/L) with by-pass valve 33802-111 Size: Standard (M/L) with textile head harness 96300-02 Size: Standard (M/L), helmet adapter version „ Size: Standard (M/L), 95070-04 Size: Standard (M/L), helmet adapter version 31262-02 Size: Standard (M/L), silicone 97326-02 Size: Standard (M/L), helmet adapter ’’Gallet” mounted S-Breathing Valve Part No. Description 95080-12P Ambient air hatch version, purge button Hair Net Sealing plug Part No. Description 31731-51 Sealing plug, S breathing valve Spectacle Kit Mask bag Part No. Description 999000514 Mask bag with strap...

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S-USA Ambient air hatch Approved for US market S-USA Ambient air hatch S-USA Ambient air hatch S-Mask with ambient air hatch, including breathing valve S-Mask with ambient air hatch, excluding breathing valve Description Size: Small (S), Rubber head harness 32801-701 Size: Medium (M), Rubber head harness 32802-701 Size: Large (L), Rubber head harness 32803-701 Size: Extra Large (XL), Rubber head harness 32800-711 Size: Small (S), Textile head harness (Spironet) 32801-711 Size: Medium (M), Textile head harness (Spironet) 32802-711 Size: Large (L), Textile head harness (Spironet) 32803-711...

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