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News 2013 - 2

After months of hard work we show our first crop of lamps to the public. We feel very positive about it. An abundance of new ideas – versatile, open-minded, and all with a sense of humor. We are in good spirits. With the new collection comes the rebirth of Light Structure. I first designed this together with Peter Hamburger in 1970. Today new techniques make it possible to replace the magnificent but banned incandescent tubes we used in 1970 with smartly placed LEDs. We continue the productive and amicable relationship with Moritz Waldemeyer. It is a collaboration we cherish. He is a...

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News 2013 - 5

The technical becomes ingeniously, magically and breathtakingly beautiful, even more than the real thing: a flickering flame rendered in LEDs. Your own personal “firefly”.

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News 2013 - 6

Our New Flames My New Flame – the table version, available in black and red since October 2012. Powered by batteries. We recommend the use of rechargeable batteries. Coming soon: My New Flame | USB – the table version with a USB cable for recharging with any USB AC/DC adapter or computer. Hard-wired continuous use with supplied cable is also possible. One New Flame – an elegant and simple suspension light. Comes complete with small square canopy and integrated electronic ballast. Flying Flames – a new flexible hanging system. Each part is available separately. Up to 9 flame elements in...

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News 2013 - 8

Flying Flames chandelier available

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News 2013 - 9

Photo: Moritz Waldemeyer Introducing My New Flame in our showroom in Munich. My New Flame: boxed and ready for gifting.

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News 2013 - 10

One Thousand Flames Moritz Waldemeyer’s latest project for Ingo Maurer is a parabolic mirror that reflects digital flames from its hexagonal surfaces. A custom-made LED display is placed in the mirror’s focal point, from where the light is reflected and multiplied into dozens of digital flames. The resulting effect resembles the facets of a diamond, but one that is inverted, concave instead of convex. This jewel-like beauty combines the quaint charm of candle-light with futuristic feel of intricate geometric lines. A second light source uses the parabolic geometry to create a pool of white...

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News 2013 - 13

Knot We take a leap outside the boundaries of serial production in order to make a product where each one is truly original. New manufacturing processes allow for new ways to think of and create elaborate shapes without molds and tools. Today, three-dimensional printing or freeform solid manfacturing is a modern means  to  allow  ideas  such  objects  to  be  realized. Even though the shape stays the same, each object possesses its own DNA. As intricate as fingerprints these differences in material can be seen in big or small changes. They are an inherent part of the production  process ...

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News 2013 - 14

LED Wallpaper Photo: Antoine Bootz Photo: Antoine Bootz

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News 2013 - 15

Making intelligent use of LED technique, feeling free to leave conventional borders. Manifold is in Axel Schmid’s spirit and leaves all other attempts behind. I. M.

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News 2013 - 19

A serious project prototype for a new light across a table. I. M.

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News 2013 - 20

Photo: Markus Tollhopf A table without legs, floating on chairs. Floating Table

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News 2013 - 21

Broken Egg, Inhotim Brazil Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that there is a human being who would realize my dream to build a broken egg dedicated to light. It will happen in Brazil (near the city of Belo Horizonte) at Inhotim, the art park built by a great individual. Thank you, Bernardo Paz.* * more information to come.

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News 2013 - 22

Model for Broken Egg, Inhotim, Brazil – under construction The Egg

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News 2013 - 24

Ingo Maurer Making-Light 89 Grand Street* New York, NY 10013 closed Sunday + Monday

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News 2013 - 25

Photo: Graham Owen

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News 2013 - 26

Light Structure Ingo Maurer/Peter Hamburger, 1970/2013 Suspension or table lamp. Six tubes, connected and held in tension by insulated wires. Glass, acrylic, aluminium. 12 LEDs, 36 W, 2700 K, CRI 80 Ra. 125–230 V, output 36 V (total). With dimmer and electronic ballast. 52 x 52 x 52 cm. Tube Ø 2,5 cm. Moritz Waldemeyer/Ingo Maurer and Team, 2012 Circuit board in black or red, metal, plastic, two displays each with 128 dimmable LEDs, 0,6 W, 2700 K, CRI > 85 Ra. 125–230 V, output 5 V. Based on video material, the LEDs render a flickering candle flame in a realistic and captivating way. On/Off...

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