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MORE MAURER 2016 - 2

50 years playing seriously with light. In all these years we did not lose the passion. Still searching for technical and aesthetical solutions. The light comes before shape or form. This year we play with balance in poetical expressions. Not to forget the function. Open your mind and have fun. Get inspired. We introduce: 18 x 18: A very versatile light for multipurpose use. Keep Balance: A desk lamp. Of course, good light. Ru Ku Ku: Take good care of the egg. Flatterby: Limited edition of 200 pieces. 1000 Karat Blau: A free form chandelier, endlessly extendable. Ringelpiez: Floor lamp. A...

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MORE MAURER 2016 - 3

Use me. I do anything you want me. I’m at your bedside, your desk lamp, at your wall or ceiling, use me anyway. I’m 230 or 125 volts LED.

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MORE MAURER 2016 - 4

Two ball-joints let you turn the reflector any way you want it. Equipped with a mains voltage LED module, you can install 18 x 18 directly on a power outlet in the wall or ceiling. The LED module is dimmable.

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MORE MAURER 2016 - 5

Ceiling version 18 x 18 is suitable for wall and ceiling. With a maximum length of 21 cm, it is also a solution for lower ceilings, where indirect general light is required. 20 watts, 1600 lm, 3000 K, CRI 90, EEC A+. Available since December 2015.

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MORE MAURER 2016 - 6

As a child I wanted to be a juggler or a rope dancer. My dream was that the local circus would hijack me and let me be part of the troupe. Balance is important as much as playing. In our case serious playing with fun and open doors to many things. This year I play balance. There is not much to explain. The photographs explain everything. 60 x 95 x 21 cm, 9 W LED, 900 lm. KeeP balance

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MORE MAURER 2016 - 7

I am addicted to simple things, which do not need much explanation. I am a lightbulb-lover since ever. Playing with eggs, I do already for a long time. It all started with Piero della Francesca. 60 x 95 x 21 cm. 60 W, 24 volts, 970 lm.

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MORE MAURER 2016 - 9

J. B. Schmetterling was a limited edition of 200. All sold out. Flatterby next page. Limited edition 200.

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MORE MAURER 2016 - 10

A great idea from our capo for Italia Michel Sempels. Brilliant. With the help of my team. I. M.

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MORE MAURER 2016 - 11

Walking Bulb sembra camminare, portando la lampadina nel futuro dei Led! The LED spot swivels through 360° on a horizontal axis. Switch it on and off by touching the metal pin on the LED spot. Walking Bulb

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MORE MAURER 2016 - 12

Daniel Michel with I. M. Team coming soon

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MORE MAURER 2016 - 15

Max. Wall LED   Ingo Maurer und Team 2001 Aluminium, Edelstahl. Reflektor um 180° drehbar. Lieferung mit Leuchtmittel. Aluminium, stainless steel. Reflector rotates through 180°. Complete with bulb. 15 W LED, 1300 lm, 3000 K, CRI 90, EEC A+

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MORE MAURER 2016 - 16

Bastardo Bernhard Dessecker/ Ingo Maurer 2015 Aluminium, Metall, Silikon, Kunststoff. Die Neigung der Lampe lässt sich über das Kugelgelenk am Fuß einstellen. Aluminium, metal, silicone, plastic. The angle of the lamp is adjustable by the ball-and-socket joint in the

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MORE MAURER 2016 - 17


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MORE MAURER 2016 - 18

Comics have become an important part of our lifes. Witty and cheerful, humorous and last but not least very inspiring. I am hooked on speech bubbles. Why not a desk lamp, which makes light and gives something extra to sometimes boring work? One side of What We Do Counts is blank and gives space for your words. What We Do Counts is an Arbeitslampe. What We Do Counts is equipped with 2 x 6 W LED (1040 lm, 3000 K, CRI 90). It rotates through 360° and can be positioned higher.

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MORE MAURER 2016 - 19

Photo: Hagen Sczech Outdoor lighting “GuddeVol” for Belval, Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg 2015. GuddeVol means “pleasant flig

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MORE MAURER 2016 - 20

Photo: Roland Halbe The Golden Ribbon has become our floating sculpture. Each time it is a challenge to adapt to the surrounding and enhance the atmosphere. We were asked to do something special for a Richard Meier building in Korea. Total length 13.5 m. Table by Japanese Master Ryutaro Yoshida.

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MORE MAURER 2016 - 21

Photos: Ingo Maurer GmbH Visit us in Munich, New York City … Ingo Maurer Making-Light closed Sunday + Monday Design Post Cologne, Deutz-Mülheimer Strasse 22a, 50678 Cologne,

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MORE MAURER 2016 - 22

Porca Miseria! An Italian curse, if something goes wrong. Born in 1994. I was in a revolutionary mood because I had to go to the Milano fair, which is always exciting but also very exhausting. It had to be provocative and mind-breaking, but also making good light. Names are always important and I had the chance, when the first Italian entered the show and said „Porca Miseria!" quite loudly, the name was born. It is hard work to do it, very spontaneous decisions have to be made. It is like drawing. I need at least three assistants to realize it. Each piece is different. We are very picky....

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