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Main catalogue 2015 - 2

Dedicated to unforgettable Jenny Lau. I. M.

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Main catalogue 2015 - 3

Hängelampen / Hanging lamps / Suspensions / Lampade a sospensione 48 T. T. Moon LED 52 Brick LED 56 Luminophor LED 62 Light Structure LED 65 Light Structure Three LED 66 One New Flame LED 67 Flying Flames LED 72 Birdie’s Ring 74 Da + Dort 76 Zufall 77 Silly-Kon LED 78 Johnny B. Butterfly 79 J. B. Schmetterling 80 Lucetto 81 Johnny B. Good 82 Alizz C. Cooper 84 Metall C. Cooper 86 Wo bist du, Edison, …? 88 Eddie’s Son 90 Oh Man it‘s a Ray! 92 ManOMan 94 Lacrime del Pescatore 96 Birds Birds Birds 97 Birdie 100 Pierre ou Paul 101 XXL Dome 104 Oh Mei Ma LED 105 Oh Mei Ma Weiss LED 106 Oh Mei Ma...

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Main catalogue 2015 - 4

Tischlampen / Table lamps / Lampes de table / Lampade da tavolo 154 What we do Counts LED 156 I Ricchi Poveri Bzzzz 160 I Ricchi Poveri Five Butterflies 164 I Ricchi Poveri Toto 168 I Ricchi Poveri Monument for a Bulb 170 I Ricchi Poveri Fly LED 174 Lucellino LED LED 178 Oh· LED· One OLED 180 Dew Drops Table LED 184 Bastardo LED 188 Light Structure LED 189 Light Structure Three LED 190 My New Flame LED 194 Knot 1 LED 196 Knot 2 LED 197 Knot 3 LED 198 LED’s Oskar LED 199 Oskar 201 Kuddelmuddel 202 Zak Zarak LED 204 Looksoflat LED 206 Bulb 208 Lucellino 210 Birdie’s Busch 212 Alizz T. Cooper...

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Main catalogue 2015 - 5

Deckenlampen / Ceiling lamps / Plafonniers / Lampade da soffitto 268 Birdie’s Nest 270 Luxury Pure LED 271 Lil Luxury LED 274 Spock 275 Sista 276 Zuuk 278 Lampeduso 279 Tooling 280 Use Me C. 282 Light Cone LED 283 Schlitz Up LED 285 Light Cone S LED 285 Light Cone S vertical LED Wandlampen / Wall lamps / Appliques / Lampade da parete 292 Dew Drops Wall LED 294 Lucellino 295 Lucellino NT 296 Seven off the Wall 298 Holonzki 299 Dead Bulb Alive 300 Oskar 302 LED’s Oskar 304 zero· one 305 Aka_Tsuki 306 Use Me W. 307 Wandering Finger Wall 308 Delight LED 310 Light au Lait 311 Canned Light 312...

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Main catalogue 2015 - 6

Bellissima Brutta LED Stardust LED Licht.Enstein LED LED Bench LED LED Table LED Lüster LED EI.E.DEE LED One Thousand and One Lights LED LED Paravent LED Rose, Rose on the Wall … LED LED Wallpaper LED Hoi Polloi LED Oh· LED· One OLED Whisper Wind OLED Early Future LED Flying Future LED Double C. Future OLED Double T. Future OLED 4 x 4 is 34 OLED YaYaHo Element Element Element Element Element Element BaKaRú

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Main catalogue 2015 - 7

Spazio Krizia, Milano, 2010

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Main catalogue 2015 - 8

Zeichenerklärung / Signs and symbols / Légende / Simboli e descrizione Leuchtmittel / Light source / Agent lumineux / Lampada. Fassung / Socket / Douille / Attacco. Mit eingebauten LEDs. Die Leuchtmittel können nicht vom Nutzer ausgetauscht werden. / With built-in LEDs. The light source is not exchangeable by the user. / Livré avec LED intégrés. Les ampoules LED ne peuvent pas être changées par l‘utilisateur. / Munito di LED integrate. Il modulo LED non può essere sostituito dall‘utente. Mit elektronischem Transformator mit Schieberegler. / With electronic transformer with dimmer. / Avec...

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Main catalogue 2015 - 9

Destination Munich – Kaiserstrasse 47 Peter Groom In December 2008, a new space opened in Munich – the showroom of world-renowned lighting designer, Ingo Maurer, where for the first time in Europe “studioshowroomwerkstattatelier” makes discovering Ingo Maurer prototypes, One-Offs, and entire lighting collection possible at one unique address. Situated just off a central courtyard marked by a giant 4.5 m high Water Column, you will find a secret garden where the entrance to the showroom awaits, and the glass doors par t to welcome you to experience more than 130 products. Such a significant...

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Main catalogue 2015 - 11

open dialogue, discussions, as well as technical explanations, but principally makes it possible to purchase lamps from the wide range of products on display . “This is a place to come where you can set your imagination free,” says Ingo Maurer, “each experience is intended to be unique and we look forward to making this a reality for each and every visitor .” On first impression, the impact of the creative energy in the product is immediate and each light is placed in a way to allow you to indulge

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Main catalogue 2015 - 12

your curiosity and learn more about this poet and magician of light. It is also a setting to obtain a deeper understanding about the HighTech and “Manufaktur” aspects of Ingo Maurer products, along with an opportunity to take advantage of expert client services, schedule an appointment to discuss custom orders, obtain in-depth product knowledge or advice on project planning. “To communicate the aesthetic and functional potential of a lamp, it’s best to have it where we have control of the environment it is in.

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Main catalogue 2015 - 13

The customer can see both the lamp and the light it creates, as well as try out how it works,” Ingo Maurer explains. “We have learned this consistently from the tradeshows, fairs and at our showroom in New York. We are looking forward to transferring this knowledge into the experience at Kaiserstrasse.”

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Main catalogue 2015 - 14

The effort to transfer a broader understanding of the product is present in every detail put into the showroom and as Ingo Maurer further articulates, “My wish for the new space on Kaiserstrasse is that it will allow the visitor to recognize our enthusiasm for the unique value of original lighting and inspire them to see more than just a lighting fixture. Our passion to create is very strong, and to

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Main catalogue 2015 - 15

share this openly was the principal motivation for us to open this space.” Well wor th a special trip to Munich, the oppor tunity to explore over 40 years of Ingo Maurer product design, both past and present, makes this most certainly a “not to be missed” design destination. studioshowroomwerkstattatelier+shop Kaiserstrasse 47, 80801 Munich, Germany, Phone: +49 89 381 60 691, Fax: +49 89 381 60 690, Email:,

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Main catalogue 2015 - 18

To the man who started it all, Thomas Alva Edison

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Main catalogue 2015 - 20

Our Shop in New York “89 Grand Street has been our home since 1999. I have always felt welcomed with open arms. New York is a place of possibilities, free and open. It makes me happy that I am part of it.” I.M.

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