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Ingo Maurer Brochure_2012 - 2

Mit dieser Publikation möchten wir unsere neuen Ideen und die Vielfältigkeit unserer Arbeit zeigen: Wir produzieren, erfinden, entwickeln, vertreiben, verkaufen, und planen große und kleine Projekte + vieles mehr The objective of this publication is to show our new ideas and the enormous range of the work we do: manufacturing, inventing and developing technical parts, distributing, selling, as well as planning large and small projects + much more EW N Coming soon: a new collection “I Poveri Ricchi”

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Ingo Maurer Brochure_2012 - 3

Product: ManOMan Sometimes, we organise exhibitions and lectures in our showroom. In February 2012, Deyan Sudjic and Moritz Waldemeyer visited us. Magis helped us out with the chairs. „ ... endlich ein Ort, der das Herz erfreut und der mit Sicherheit zum Treffpunkt der unruhigen Geister aus aller Welt werden wird ... und das in München, man glaubt es kaum.“ Professor Dr. Florian Hufnagl, Die Neue Sammlung – The International Design Museum Munich

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Ingo Maurer Brochure_2012 - 4

Making Light Kaiserstrasse 47 München. Our studioshowroomwerkstattatelier +shop since 2008. Crossroads of restless spirits in Munich.

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Ingo Maurer Brochure_2012 - 5

Styrofoam world We think our showroom needs continuous change and a unique setting for our products. In summer 2011, Hagen Sczech, Sebastian Utermöhlen and other team members set up a styrofoam workshop to create a surreal living room landscape. For hours and hours of meticulous work, they cut and sanded furniture and details like spaghetti, Japanese cooking knives and a camera. We presented the finished work on September 15, 2011, at the party to celebrate the Compasso d‘Oro Ingo Maurer received in 2011 for his body of work. As with most of our products, it is the manual work that matters...

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Ingo Maurer Brochure_2012 - 6

Fotos: Nomi Baumgartl, München … sometimes ghosts visit us.

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Ingo Maurer Brochure_2012 - 7

Foto: Antoine Bootz, New York Making Light 89 Grand Street New York, NY. Our shop in SoHo since 1999.

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Ingo Maurer Brochure_2012 - 8

W NE Lutz Pankow loves to deal with the technical aspects of design. He made Zak Zarak to radically change the appearance of desk lamps: instead of complicated mechanisms and lots of bits and pieces, a simple flat strip folded into a distinctive geometrical form. Magnets replace the springs and hooks of standard desk lamps. A new kind of lamp. By Lutz Pankow and Ingo Maurer Z AK Z AR AK

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Ingo Maurer Brochure_2012 - 9

Length/height max. 80 cm. Rotates at the base 360°. Lamp head swivels through 30°. W NE Z AK Z AR AK Aluminium composite, metal, plastic. 2 warm white LEDs with 6.5 watts, 3000 K, 950 lm.

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Ingo Maurer Brochure_2012 - 10

Da + Dort Here and There Ici et Là Qui e Lì あちこち Ahí y allá Aqui e lá Da + Dort Here and There Ici et Là W NE Da + Dort The fantastic warm light of a paper shade, a lamp with countless positions. An ingenious mechanism. A juggler, a dancer that does what you want and need: perfect light. Based on aTool, 2003 by Christoph Matthias redesigned, 2012 by Ingo Maurer. Design: Christoph Matthias and Ingo Maurer

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Ingo Maurer Brochure_2012 - 11

Paper, stainless steel, plastic. Halogen, max. 150 watts, socket E27. Diametre of lamp head 28 cm, height 21 cm. W NE

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Ingo Maurer Brochure_2012 - 12

W NE A brilliant idea by Stefan Geisbauer mimicking the Luxo lamp. With humour and wit and an abundance of light. Highly functional. On the way to becoming a modern design icon. Looksoflat available in black and silver.

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Ingo Maurer Brochure_2012 - 13

Johnny B. Butterfly J. B. Schmetterling

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Ingo Maurer Brochure_2012 - 15

Fibreglass, metal, plastic. Downlight, three 10 watt LEDs. Uplight, one 10 watt LED, for a total of 4000 lm, 2700 K. 145 cm x 30 cm. Suspended on three wires, angle adjustable. Luce Volante W NE

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Ingo Maurer Brochure_2012 - 16

W NE Since 1984, one of our most popular products, still widely in use. Now available: two new fresh elements in white silicone. YaYaHo Element 14 YaYaHo Element 16

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Ingo Maurer Brochure_2012 - 17

NE W Aluminium, metal. One 5 watt LED, 430 lumen. With 12 volt transformer. Our popular shelf light Oskar welcomes a LED sibling: meet the first prototype of Ozzy Osled. Thinking of generations to come.

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Ingo Maurer Brochure_2012 - 18

The development of OLED technology is an ongoing process. In 2006, we presented two experimental objects. This is Double C. Future, created in 2010 with Orbeos OLED by Osram. Prototype by Bernhard Dessecker, 2012. The new Orbeos modules are twice as bright as two years ago. BGD-61

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Ingo Maurer Brochure_2012 - 19

A long cherished dream has come true. The LED Wallpaper is now available in Red, Green, and White. Produced in Germany by Architects Paper.

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Ingo Maurer Brochure_2012 - 20

natural sponges 100 % handmade waterproof One-Off, detail. Objects of beauty and function collected in a sustainable way.

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Ingo Maurer Brochure_2012 - 21

“OH MAN, IT’S A RAY” A modern chandelier. Inspired by the artist Man Ray. A perfect solution for delicate ceilings. Dimmable. From soft to bright light. Perfect for restaurants, cafés and private places. This lamp is available in various sizes and made with the express permission of the Man Ray Trust. © Man Ray Trust, Paris

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Ingo Maurer Brochure_2012 - 23

Custom-made office lighting.

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Ingo Maurer Brochure_2012 - 24

Taking advantage of the beauty of technical elements. Made to order. Spirits Flying High One of a kind. From candlelight to ultra-bright.

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Ingo Maurer Brochure_2012 - 25

Spirits Flying High Sophisticated LED technology. Schlitz Up, our standard spectacular downlight. In different dimensions.

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Ingo Maurer Brochure_2012 - 26

ablaze – an installation by Ingo Maurer and Axel Schmid for Interni’s Mutant Architecture exhibition at Cortile della Farmacia, Milano 2011, Fotos: Andrés Otero, Lausanne sponsored by ENEL.

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Ingo Maurer Brochure_2012 - 27

Foto: La Mania Comic Explosion – a unique piece, at La Mania, Warsaw.

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Ingo Maurer Brochure_2012 - 28

© Motel One Golden Ribbon Custom-made sculptural object. Manufactured by us for a private lighting project. XXL Dome Motel One, Berlin.

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Ingo Maurer Brochure_2012 - 29

Study for an underground station.

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Ingo Maurer Brochure_2012 - 30

Light Track - coloured tight scois in system Light Cone Stedelijk Museum reopening planned

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Ingo Maurer Brochure_2012 - 31

Part of our production hall in Munich. Foto: Robert Fischer, München Foto: Robert Fischer, München

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Ingo Maurer Brochure_2012 - 32

Fotografie: Tom Vack, Milano/München Grafik Design/Realisierung: Frank Koschembar | Koordination: Claude Maurer, Hagen Sczech, Peter Wachowich Druck: Graphicom, Vicenza Bildbearbeitung/Compositing: Stefan Geisbauer, Lithografie: Oestreicher + Wagner Medientechnik, München Ingo Maurer LLC 89 Grand Street New York, NY 10013 Tel. 212 965 8817 Fax 212 965 8819 Foto: Robert Fischer, München Ingo Maurer GmbH Kaiserstrasse 47 80801 München Tel. +49 89 381606-0 Fax +49 89 381606-20 info

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