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Ingo Maurer GmbH Kaiserstrasse 47 80801 München Tel. +49 89 381 6060 Fax +49 89 381 606 20 Ingo Maurer LLC 89 Grand Street New York, NY 10013 Tel. 212 965 8817 Fax 212 965 8819

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Seit mehr als 40 Jahren entwirft und produzier t Ingo Maurer Lampen und Lichtsysteme. Über 70 Menschen arbeiten zusammen, um Dinge zu schaffen, in denen sich künstlerischer Ausdruck und funktionale Eleganz verbinden. Jedes unserer Produkte machen wir mit Liebe zum Detail, mit handwerklichem Können und viel Handarbeit. Wir gestalten mit Leidenschaft und legen ebenso großen Wert auf die Vermittlung unserer Begeisterung für Licht. Wenn es uns gelingt, eine emotionale Verbindung zwischen Ästhetik und Funktion einer Lampe herzustellen, sind wir mit dem Ergebnis zufrieden. Wir lieben die Dinge,...

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Destination Munich – Kaiserstrasse 47 Peter Groom In December 2008, a new space opened in Munich – the showroom of world-renowned lighting designer, Ingo Maurer, where for the first time in Europe “studioshowroomwerkstattatelier” makes discovering Ingo Maurer prototypes, One-Offs, and entire lighting collection possible at one unique address. Situated just off a central courtyard marked by a giant 4.5 m high Water Column, you will find a secret garden where the entrance to the showroom awaits, and the glass doors part to welcome you to experience more than 130 products. Such a significant...

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open dialogue, discussions, as well as technical explanations, but principally makes it possible to purchase lamps from the wide range of products on display. “This is a place to come where you can set your imagination free,” says Ingo Maurer, “each experience is intended to be unique and we look forward to making this a reality for each and every visitor.” On first impression, the impact of the creative energy in the product is immediate and each light is placed in a way to allow you to indulge 4

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your curiosity and learn more about this poet and magician of light. It is also a setting to obtain a deeper understanding about the HighTech and “Manufaktur” aspects of Ingo Maurer products, along with an opportunity to take advantage of expert client services, schedule an appointment to discuss custom orders, obtain in-depth product knowledge or advice on project planning. “To communicate the aesthetic and functional potential of a lamp, it’s best to have it where we have control of the environment it is in. 5

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The customer can see both the lamp and the light it creates, as well as try out how it works,” Ingo Maurer explains. “We have learned this consistently from the tradeshows, fairs and at our showroom in New York. We are looking forward to transferring this knowledge into the experience at Kaiserstrasse.” 6

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Ingo Maurer 2009_2010 - 9

The effort to transfer a broader understanding of the product is present in every detail put into the showroom and as Ingo Maurer further articulates, “My wish for the new space on Kaiserstrasse is that it will allow the visitor to recognize our enthusiasm for the unique value of original lighting and inspire them to see more than just a lighting fixture. Our passion to create is very strong, and to 7

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share this openly was the principal motivation for us to open this space.” Well wor th a special trip to Munich, the oppor tunity to explore over 40 years of Ingo Maurer product design, both past and present, makes this most certainly a “not to be missed” design destination. studioshowroomwerkstattatelier Kaiserstrasse 47, 80801 Munich, Germany, Phone: +49 89 381 60 691, Fax: +49 89 381 60 690, Email:, 8

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Ingo Maurer 2009_2010 - 11

Invitation for Showroom Grand Opening, February 2009 9

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Das Glühbirnen-Verbot macht es wirklich Sinn? 1. Ausgediente Kompaktleuchtstofflampen sind Sondermüll. 2. Das Quecksilber einer einzigen Kompaktleuchtstofflampe im Hausmüll kann 23.000 Liter Wasser so stark verseuchen, dass es nicht mehr als Trinkwasser verwendet werden kann. 3. Für die Herstellung von Kompaktleuchtstofflampen ist 3 bis 10 mal mehr Material und Energie notwendig als für Glühlampen. 4. Daten zu den Auswirkungen der Kompaktleuchtstoffröhren auf Umwelt und Gesundheit haben nur deren Hersteller – entsprechen sie wirklich den Fakten? 5. Nur ein bis fünf Prozent des privaten...

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Questioning the Ban of the Bulb? 1. Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) have very few recycling options. 2. The Mercury from one CFL placed in the garbage contaminates 23.000 litres of water and makes it undrinkable. 3. CFLs require 3–10x more materials and energy in their manufacture than traditional light bulbs. 4. Manufacturers of CFLs are the only sources for data on longterm health and environmental effects of these bulbs – what is the real story? 5. Lighting use makes up only 1– 5% of all private power consumption in Germany. 6. Manufacturers lobbied governments to push conversion to CFLs...

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How to protect yourself from stupid Rules – the light bulb condom 1 Idea: Reinhold Brandmair - Ingo Maurer Team 2 3 4

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Hängelampen / Hanging lamps / Suspensions / Lampade a sospensione / Lámparas de suspensión 22 Alizz C. Cooper 24 Metall C. Cooper 26 Zufall 28 Eddie’s Son 29 Wo bist du, Edison, …? 30 Lacrime del Pescatore 32 Birds Birds Birds 33 Birdie 34 Pierre ou Paul 35 XXL Dome 36 Oh Mei Ma 38 Oh Mei Ma Kabir 38 Oh Mei Ma Kabir Weiss 39 Oh Mei Ma Weiss 40 YUU 200 41 Wafer 44 Blushing Zettel’z 46 Zettel’z 6 47 Zettel’z 5 48 24 Karat Blau 49 24 Karat Blau M 50 Schlitz 52 Canned Light 53 Campari Light 54 Lucetto 55 Johnny B. Good 56 Max. Up & Down 57 Öff Öff 58 aTool 60 Max. Mover 62 schwarzweiss+ 64 Big...

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Tischlampen / Table lamps / Lampes de table / Lampade da tavolo / Lámparas de sobremesa 88 Bulb 91 Lucellino 92 Alizz T. Cooper 93 Metall T. Cooper 94 Zufall 96 Jetzt 98 Tu-Be Two 100 Max.Kugler 101 Mozzkito 102 Prototype 103 Topolino 104 HOT.HOT 106 Delirium Yum 107 Lampampe 108 Bibibibi 109 Don Quixote 110 Grasl 110 Grasl Vulgaris 111 Los Minimalos Uno 112 Little Big Lamp 113 One From The Heart 114 24 Karat Blau T 115 Kuddelmuddel 116 Seven Rats Stehlampen / Floor lamps / Lampadaires / Lampade a stelo / Lámparas de pie 120 Ilios 122 aR-ingo 124 Metall F. Cooper 125 Alizz F. Cooper 126...

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