1hr Fire Roller Shutters (Sentry)


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Technical Specifications Roller Curtain The shutter curtain is constructed from cold rolled galvanised steel laths, 76mm x 20swg. Each lath is retained by pressed steel end locks fixed with galvanised steel rivets. Bottom Rail A rigid fabricated bottom rail formed from cold rolled flat sections that sandwich a quirk section. Side Guides and Angles The guides are purpose rolled galvanised sections 50mm deep fixed to galvanised angles for fixing to the structure. Electric Specification Power operation of the door is provided by a 240V 1ph tubular motor, which is discreetly fitted within the door roller-barrel. The system also comprises a control panel combining an uninterruptible power supply and the operation interface for normal and fire operation. NORMAL OPERATION The door can be opened and closed for security purposes using a key switch or rocker switch. FIRE OPERATION The control panel is designed to accept any one of the following fire signals • A normally open volt free 'clean' contact, which closes on alarm. • A normally closed volt free 'clean' contact, which opens on alarm. • A 24 v DC supply that is provided in alarm condition. • A 24 v DC supply that is interrupted in alarm condition. On receipt of the fire signal the control panel will send a signal to close the door under power. During Fire operation the key switch or rocker switch are isolated to ensure closure of the door cannot be inhibited. Central to the operation is the fact that power for the systems is maintained even in the event of mains failure. System power is ensured by the integral back up power circuit that incorporates sealed batteries and a trickle charger. Should mains power fail during fire operation there is sufficient system power to close the door. The control panel is provided with diagnostics LEDs mounted on the front of the enclosure. These indicate 'Mains Operation'. 'Battery Operation' and 'Fault', for example if the battery power is low. An Audio Visual Warning panel is also available for linking in to the system. This provides a warning that the shutter(s) have been activated via the fire alarm system and the door is about to close. (Connection To Alarm System By Others) Roller Barrel A mild steel tube encases the 240 volt motor. The main body of the motor is fixed to the door endplate and the outer body rotates the barrel, opening and closing the door. Roller Barrel Brackets 3mm thick galvanised steel, either 250mm sq., 300mm sq., or 350mm sq. Coil Casings Coil casings are supplied as standard and are manufactured from 20 swg galvanised sheet steel. Finish Side guides, supporting angles and door curtain are galvanised. Powder coated finish is a popular optional extra provided at extra cost. Test Report Loss Prevention Certification Board Reference No. 165a/03. Test Report No. 208422 - BS 476 Part 22 1987. BRE Assessment No. CC208825 Review 2. Size/Weight Maximum certified size of shutters is 3.40m x 2.20m (7.48m2) and shutters weigh approximately 35 kg per m2. Head Office Industrial Door Engineering Winnington Avenue Northwich Cheshire CW8 4EQ Web www.industrial-door-eng.co.uk Email sales@industrial-door-eng.co.uk Tel 01606 563045 Fax 01606 871482 Covering North and Mid Wales, The Midlands, The North West and Yorkshire

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