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Self-Adhering Membranes (SAM) Residential Roof System


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Self-Adhering Membranes (SAM) Residential Roof System Description/Uses Features & Benefits Roof-Fast, a self-adhered membrane (SAM) system, is a low-slope roofing material that combines the polymer chemistry of commercial grade modified bitumen membranes with the self-adhesive characteristics of an ice and water protector and the beauty of a granule surface. The Roof-Fast System is comprised of: Easy, self-adhering peel and stick application. One, two-ply, or three-ply application. Cold applied. No hot asphalt, torch, or odor. Attractive, durable ceramic granule finish. Outstanding “lay-flat” properties. Superior flexibility at edges and tie-ins. Roof-Fast Cap Fiberglass reinforced self-adhesive cap sheet in a variety of attractive mineral surface colors, with release film on the back side. Three quarter square roll. May be used alone or in combination with Roof-Fast Base MA. Roll Dimension: 39-3/8” x 23’ (1 m x 7 m) ■ Coverage: 75.5 sq. ft. (7 m2) ■ Roof-Fast Base MA Fiberglass reinforced nailable base with special film surface designed for use with self-adhered cap sheet. Roll Dimension: 39-3/8” x 49’ (1 m x 15 m) ■ Coverage: 161.5 sq. ft. (15 m2) Roof-Fast is designed for use on new or existing low-slope roofs. Roof-Fast is suitable for most low slope roof applications where the use of adhesives, propane torches, or hot asphalt is impractical, undesirable, or unsafe. cap sheets have outstanding resistance to foot traffic. polymer modified asphalt instead of traditional oxidized asphalt. cap sheets are appropriate for most low slope roofs, provided there is positive drainage (minimum 1/2:12). For slopes over 4:12, please contact IKO. with a 5-year (one-ply), 12-year (two-ply) or 15-year (threeply, including Roof-Fast 95 Base) Limited Material Warranty. F or one-ply applications (minimum 1:12 slope recommended), simply prime the deck and install the Roof-Fast Cap, starting at ­he eave and lapping successive t courses up the roof. Finish rake edges as required to ensure wind resistance and positive water drainage. Roof-Fast Cap Color Availability Slate Grey Vintage Green Note: Color swatches shown are as accurate as modern printing processes allow. Color chips shown do not fully represent the entire color blend range of Roof-Fast Cap. To ensure complete satisfaction please make your final color selection from several full size rolls and view a sample of the product installed on a roof. * Dual Brown also available by special order. General Information ■ tore upright at room temperature whenever possible. Avoid storing S ■ pply self-adhesive membranes only when the weather is dry and air, A ■ o not store Roof-Fast in direct sunlight. D ■ nsure that the installation of IKO Roof-Fast Membranes does not E material for prolonged periods of time at temperatures above 88°F (29°C). ■ orking on a sloped roof can be dangerous; avoid slip and fall W hazards by taking proper precautions. Use appropriate safety measures, such as safety harnesses, when applying the product. ■ Wood substrates: Clean, dry, and dust free plywood or oriented strand board (OSB). One-half inch plywood is recommended. Mill or plank decks should be covered with a layer of 1/4” (6 mm) sheathing. Decks must be well secured with minimal deflection. Secure all nails and screws to prevent the possibility of back out. Loose fasteners should be removed. ■ t is recommended that concrete, metal and other acceptable non-nailable I substrates are primed with IKO’s AquaBarrier primer or an approved equivalent before the application of the IKO Roof-Fast membrane. Mechanically attach Roof-Fast Base MA to nailable substrates. ■ Substrate must provide continuous, uninterrupted support to the membrane. Membrane for roofing systems as to an external fire exposure only. See UL directory of products certified for Canada and UL roofing materials and systems directory 34ZM. roof deck, and membrane temperatures are 50°F (10°C) or above. prevent or interfere with the ventilation of the existing construction. IKO Roof-Fast self-adhered membranes have the properties of a vapor barrier, and if applied over warm attic spaces, it is necessary to ensure adequate and thorough ventilation to prevent condensation.

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Self-Adhering Membranes (SAM) Residential Roof System Residential System Accessories ■ 1” Steel Cap Nails ■ Asphalt Primer ■ T-Square ■ Chalk line ■ odified adhesive approved for use by IKO M ■ Roofer’s cutting tool Installation Guidelines (Two-Ply Application) Start at the lowest edge of the roof. Prepare a starter strip by cutting the base sheet lengthwise in half and lay flat on the clean, dry deck. Leave 2” of base 12” sheet overhanging roof edge or sufficient to cover any exposed joints in the wood facia where water could enter. Fasten the Roof-Fast Base MA at 18” O.C. in 1 row down...

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