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Royal Estate - 1

ROYAL ESTATE LIMITED LIFETIME ARCHITECTURAL SHINGLES Royal Estate 130 mph (210 km/h)1,2 1 2 Color Featured: Harvest Slate See Limited Warranty for complete terms, conditions, restrictions and application requirements. High Wind Application is required.

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Royal Estate - 2

Color Featured: Taupe Slate

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Royal Estate - 3

Royal Estate L I M I T E D L I F E T I M E architectural shingles When your home is a showcase for luxury and comfort, IKO’s Royal Estate laminated shingles provide years of distinction and durability – at a value for you. Each shingle boasts a range of subtle color variations that evoke the look of true slate. Contemporary materials and advanced technology make Royal Estate a lasting investment. Featuring algae-resistant granules, these shingles are easy to install and boast a limited lifetime warranty. · 15-Year IKO Iron Clad Protection1 · Covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty1 · Meets...

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Royal Estate - 4

Our four, eye-catching colors – Shadow Slate, Harvest Slate, Mountain Slate and Taupe Slate – envelope your home in a tradition of refinement Shadow Slate Harvest Slate Mountain Slate Taupe Slate

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Royal Estate - 5

Majestic and refined: Bring luxury to your home. Limited Lifetime Years 15 Algae Resistant1 ASTM D3462 ASTM D3018 ASTM D3161- Class F ASTM E108 - Class A ASTM 7158 - Class H CSA A123.5 CSA A123.51 CSA A123.52 Limited High Wind Warranty Upgrade1,2 25 ft2 (2.32 m2) Limited Wind Warranty1 5 5/8 in (143 mm) Iron Clad Protection1 Coverage Per Bundle 13 1/4 in (336 mm) Limited Warranty1 Exposure 40 in (1016 mm) Standards† Width Royal Estate Length Product Specifications 110 mph (177 kph) 130 mph (210 kph) 3 Note: All values shown are approximate. †Product is designed and tested to comply with...

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Royal Estate - 6

Shingles alone are sometimes not enough to protect your home. IKO has developed a superior multi-layered roofing system incorporating our industry-leading products. IKO’s Pro 4 Roofing System is setting the standard in protecting your home. Eave Protection GoldShield, ArmourGard, or StormShield Ice & Water Protectors IKO’s Ice & Water Protectors provide a second line of defense against water penetration due to ice dams or wind-driven rain and the costly damage it can cause. This product is strongly recommended for sealing around vents, low pitch areas, ridges, hips, rake edges, chimneys,...

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