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RoofGard-SB - 1

1 *1 [S] T71 7h "SB ' Synthetic Underlaymentl IKO RoofGard-SB is a synthetic underlayment with an advanced three layer structure; a woven black polypro-pylene core (durable and high strength) which is polyolefin-coated on both outer layers. The material comes printed with installation lines, making application easy. IKO RoofGard-SB is an impervious, high tear strength underlayment ideal for secondary water shedding beneath shingled roofs. Installation: The following installation recommendations should be followed for best roof performance: 1. The roof deck must be swept clean and be smooth and dry before installation starts. 2. IKO RoofGard-SB synthetic underlayment should be unrolled and laid flat to the roof deck, horizontally (parallel to eave), starting at the bottom of the roof with the printed side up. 3. There should be minimum, 4" (100 mm) side laps and 6" (150 mm) end laps. 4. IKO RoofGard-SB synthetic underlayment is attached to the roof with roofing nails or staples having 1" (25 mm) diameter plastic/ metal caps. Fasten with enough fasteners to safely hold the underlayment in place until shingle application. Additional fastening should be considered if shingle application will not take place soon thereafter. Typically fasteners should be spaced at approximately 8" (200 mm) on center on both side and end laps in normal wind zones. In high wind zones or coastal areas, fastening spacing may need to be doubled to 4" (100 mm) on center; check local building codes. 5. In all cases, fasten at approximately 24" (600 mm) on center down the middle of the roll in the field of the roof. Note: This product is a vapor retarder, so the airspace beneath the roof deck should be properly and thoroughly ventilated to avoid risk of moisture condensation. Canadian Plants ■ IKO Brampton ■ IKO Calgary ■ IKO Hawkesbury ■ IKO Madoc ■ Canroof - Toronto n Canroof - Brampton ^ IG Machine & Fibers Ltd. - Brampton ^ IG Machine & Fibers Ltd. - High River ^ IG Machine & Fibers Ltd. - Ashcroft ^ GH International ^ Bramcal Production Inc. IKO Worldwide European Sales Offices ■ IKO Dachschindeln Vertrieb GmbH - Germany ■ IKO Sp. z. oo. - Poland ■ IKO LLC - Russia ■ IKO Sales Romania SRL - Romania ■ IKO Slovakia s.r.o. - Slovakia ^ IKO Magyarorszag Kft - Hungary ■ IKO s.r.o. - Czech Republic ^ Nebiprofa B.V. - The Netherlands United States Plants ■ IKO Midwest Inc. ■ IKO Pacific ■ IKO Wilmington ■ Fiberteq LLC ■ MW/MB LLC European Plants ■ IKO Sales International NV - Belgium ■ Asphaltco SA - Belgium ■ ATAB NV/ASBO NV - Belgium ■ IKO Insulations BV - The Netherlands ■ Touwen & Co. BV - The Netherlands ^ Meple SA - France ^ Ruberoid - Northern Ireland - Ireland ^ Irish Roofing Felts Ltd. /Ruberoid - Southern Ireland - Ireland ■ Ruberoid Building Products & Permanite Engineered Roofing Systems - UK ■ Ruberoid Building Products Ltd. - UK ■ Permanite Asphalt - UK ■ Marley Waterproofing - UK Asian Sales Office ■ IKO Sales Shanghai Co. Ltd.-China _ Find out more about our products now by talking to an IKO sales representative, your professional roofing contracter or contact us directly at: United States 1-888-IKO-ROOF, Eastern Canada 1-888-766-2468, Western Canada 1-800-661-1034 or visit our web site at: ASPHALT ROOFING HANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION Note: Shingle swatches shown are as accurate as modern printing processes allow. Shingle chips shown do not fully represent the entire color blend range of the shingles. To ensure complete satisfaction please make your final color selection from several full size shingles ettng the Standard and view a sample of the product installed on a home. Note: The information in this literature is subject to change without notice. IKO assumes no responsibility for errors that may appear in this literature. © Copyright 02/11 - MR1L014

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RoofGard-SB - 2

ROOFGdRD-m S&ttinff the Standard When il cornes to protecting your home, what s underneath counts. Limited 20-Year Warrant? f\ Introducing IKO RoofGard-SB - an underlayment that over-performs. As a homeowner, you need your roof to do two things - protect your family and other valuables against the elements and enhance the look of your home. Shingles are the first line of defense against Mother Nature, and the only part of the roof you can see. But between the shingles and the roof deck, you need the added protection of a premium-quality underlayment. Why? Wind-driven rain and ice dams can...

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RoofGard-SB - 3

Sous-couche synthtique RoofGard-SB de IKO est une sous-couche synthtique dont la structure comprend trois couches perfectionn驩es: un centre de polypropylne noir fil-li詩 (robuste et rsistant la d頩chirure) entre deux couches extrieures enduites de polyolfine. Pour faciliter la pose, des lignes sont imprim驩es sur le produit. RoofGard-SB de IKO est une sous-couche tout fait impermable, grandement r੩sistante la dchirure. C'est une protection id੩ale sous les bardeaux de votre toit. Pose : Pour un meilleur rsultat, les recommandations de pose suivantes devraient tre suivies : 1. Le support de toit...

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RoofGard-SB - 4

f 20*°/Garantie limite 20 ans! Voici RoofGard-SB de IKO : une sous-couche surperformante. titre de propri逩taire, vous voulez un toit qui, la fois, protge votre foyer et vos biens contre les intemp਩ries et rehausse l'allure de votre maison. La premire protection de votre toit contre Dame Nature, ce sont les bardeaux; la seule partie visible du toit. Pourtant, entre les bardeaux et le support du toit vous devez ajouter une protection de premire qualit訩. Pourquoi? Les pluies pousses par des vents violents et les digues de glace risquent de provoquer des infiltrations sous les bardeaux. Une...

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