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PROTECTOBOARD ASPHALTIC PANELS Protectoboard is a dimensionally stable roofing board that can be mechanically fastened, hot asphalt applied, or installed with an acceptable adhesive. It is available in various sizes and thicknesses. Protectoboard is fabricated with a mineral reinforced asphaltic core sandwiched between two layers of non-woven glass fiber reinforcement. This composition offers remarkable reliability in the face of environmental conditions, as well as providing additional fire resistance. Features and Benefits Asphalt and Fiberglass Construction · sphalt and fiberglass construction resists A rotting. · ompatible with asphalt roofing C membranes such as built-up roofing system and modified bitumen rolls. · Minimal moisture absorption. applied by heat-welding, mopped with hot asphalt, self-adhered, or using cold adhesive. Note: When a self-adhering base membrane is required, the Protectoboard product should be primed appropriately with the proper IKO primer. Waterproofing Non-woven Fiberglass facers Protectoboard can also be applied as a protective layer over the waterproofing material in construction, such as: bridge and podium decks, vertical walls and parking garages. Provides a rigid, dimensionally stable roofing component. Asphaltic Panels A Safe Product Ease of Use Bottom Fiberglass Mat Mineral Fortified Asphaltic Core resistance to torch flames required to install heat-weldable membranes. P rotectoboard can be cut with a simple straight or hooked blade. Thicker boards can simply be scored with a blade and snapped similar to gypsum. Approvals Top Fiberglass Mat Uses Re-Roofing During re-roofing Protectoboard can be used as a separation sheet to limit migration of moisture into the new roof system. Installed over an existing roof, Protectoboard provides a durable substrate that offers excellent Protectoboard is accepted by national and provincial associations in Canada, for roofing applications, as well as provincial transport ministries for waterproofing applications on concrete infrastructures. Directly Over Insulation When installed over insulation, Protectoboard becomes a moisture-resistant cover board, ready to receive waterproofing systems Due to its outstanding fire resistance, Protectoboard is an ideal product for heatwelding applications. Beneficial to both contractors and insurance companies. Re-Roofing Suitability A more economical solution than to tear-off and dispose of the existing roof. It provides a uniform surface to install retrofit roofing systems. Can be Installed Without Mechanical Fasteners Protectoboard can be mopped into hot asphalt or cold adhesive, offering an alternative to mechanical attachment eliminating the need to penetrate metal decks. CHARACTERISTICS Protectoboard Type of Asphalt Nominal Thickness mm (mil) Type g/m2 (lb/100 ft.2) Reinforcement (2 Sides) Surface Finish (2 Sides) Product Size m (ft.) Coverage m2 (sq. ft.) 1/8” x 4’ x 5’ 1/8” x 4’ x 8’ Oxidized 3.0 (118) Fiberglass 6.0 (1.2) Smooth 1.2 x 1.5 (4’ x 5’) 1.2 x 2.4 (4’ x 8’) 1.9 (20) 3.0 (32) 3/16” x 4’ x 5’ 3/16” x 4’ x 8’ Oxidized 4.5 (177) Fiberglass 6.0 (1.2) Smooth 1.2 x 1.5 (4’ x 5’) 1.2 x 2.4 (4’ x 8’) 1.9 (20) 3.0 (32) 1/4” x 4’ x 5’ 1/4” x 4’ x 8’ Oxidized 6.0 (236) Fiberglass 6.0 (1.2) Smooth 1.2 x 1.5 (4’ x 5’) 1.2 x 2.4 (4’ x 8’) 1.9 (20) 3.0 (32) 1/2” x 4’ x 5’ 1/2” x 4’ x 8’ Oxidized 12.5 (492) Fiberglass 6.0 (1.2) Smooth 1.2 x 1.5 (4’ x 5’) 1.2 x 2.4 (4’ x 8’) 1.9 (20) 3.0 (32) Note: All values shown are approximate. Thank you for considering IKO Premium Roofing products. For additional information on IKO’s full line of superior Commercial/Industrial Roofing and Waterproofing products please call: 1-888-766-2468, or visit our web site at: © Copyright 10/10 • MM1L000

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Protectoboard - ROOFING AND RE-COVERY BOARD Application Guide Re-covery Board Over Existing Roofs When installed over existing roofs, Protectoboard provides one of the best dimensionally stable and durable surfaces in the roofing market, ready to receive waterproofing membranes. To apply, remove gravel and replace any wet insulation. Any roof deficiencies such as blisters and ridges are to be repaired and the surface levelled. Note: It is recommended that a minimum 1/4” Protectoboard be used over existing scarified gravel roofs. · rotectoboard can be P mechanically fastened over a built-up...

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PROTECTOBOARD Panneaux asphaltiques Protectoboard est un panneau de support d’une incroyable stabilité dimensionnelle qui peut être fixé mécaniquement, appliqué à l’asphalte chaud ou à l’adhésif. Il est offert en différentes épaisseurs et dimensions. chalumeaux requis pour l’installation des membranes thermofusibles Torchflex de IKO. Caractéristiques / Avantages • Résiste à la pourriture. Imperméabilisation Compatible avec les membranes asphaltiques telles que les systèmes multicouches et de bitume modifié en rouleaux. • Protectoboard peut aussi servir à imperméabiliser lors de construction...

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PROTECTOBOARD Nouvelle toiture et réfection Guides d'applications Panneaux de revêtement sur toits existants Protectoboard, lorsqu’il est installé par-dessus un toit existant, il est prêt à recevoir une membrane d’étanchéité. Il offre une des meilleures surfaces disponible sur le marché de la toiture pour sa durabilité et sa stabilité dimensionnelle. Avant d’installer les panneaux, enlevez le gravier, remplacez l’isolant mouillé, réparez les boursouflures et mettre la surface au niveau. Note : Sur les toits à gravier, l’usage d’un Protectoboard d’au moins 1/4 po est recommandé. ·...

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