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Thank you for considering IKO Premium Roofing products. For additional information on IKO's fui! line of superior Commerciai/industriai Roofing and Waterproofing products please call: 1-888-766-2468, or visit our web site at: Note: The physical properties of the products described in this catalogue represent average typical results obtained by testing our products according to accepted industry test methods. These values are subject to normal manufacturing variations, and are supplied as a technical guideline only; they may be subject to change without notice. Current product specifications can be confirmed by contacting your local IKO Technical Representative. Also, the guide specifications contained herein are offered as general information for the design and installation of IKO roof assemblies. IKO Industries Limited is a supplier of materials, and we cannot assume liability for errors in roof design, engineering, or application. The architect, contractor, and/or building owner's representative must verify all dimensions, details and suitability of roof design. Note: All values shown are approximate. Product and color availability subject to shipping area. The information in this document is subject to change without notice. IKO assumes no responsibility for errors that may appear in this document. © Copyright 10/10 MM1L000

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MODIFLEX/TORCHFLEX SBS MODIFLEX MP-CAP TQRCHFLEX TP-CAP Minerai Surface Polyester SBS Modifie! Bitumen Modiflex and Torchflex are high performance modified bitumen roofing and waterproofing systems that are quickly installed, easy to maintain, and highly cost efficient. TOUGH, LONG-LASTING CONSTRUCTION Modiflex and Torchflex are made from a strong mat (fiberglass or reinforced polyester) which is coated with SBS modified bitumen. Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene (SBS) is a rubber-based chemical that endows the asphalt with some amazing qualities: superior elasticity, excellent moisture resistance,...

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CAP SHEETS Modiflex MP-180-CAP Modiflex MP-250-CAP Modiflex PREVENT MP-180 * Modiflex PREVENTٙ MP-250 * Modiflex PREVENT PREMIUM MP-250 * A tough, non-woven, reinforced polyester mat, coated on both sides with SBS modified bitumen (MP-180 : 3.5 mm; MP-250 : 4.0 mm). Ceramic-clad mineral granules are embedded into the top surface while the bottom surface is sanded for hot-mop application or cold-applied adhesive application. Uses ٕ Top ply in a two-ply modified system. Protective cap for conventional BUR. Օ Top ply in a flashing installation. Torchflex TP-180-CAP Torchflex TP-250-CAP...

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MODIFLEX / TORCHFLEX SBS PRODUCT CHART Modiflex / Torchflex is a superior roofing membrane with exceptional elasticity, remarkable cold weather flexibility and excellent fatigue rsistance. Product Identification Reinforcement Surface Finish Nominal Thickness mm (mil) Type g/m2 (lb/100ft2) Top Bottom Product Size m (ft.) Coverage m2 (sq. ft.) Color Application Heat-Welded Mopped/ Cold-Applied Fastened Self-Adhered Cap Sheets Modiflex MP-180-CAP 3.5 (138) Reinforced Polyester 180 (3.7) Granules Sand 1 x 10 (3.28 x 32.8) 9.1 (98) Brown, Charcoal Grey X 闗 Modiflex MP-250-CAP 4.0 (158)...

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Merci d'envisager d'utiliser les revtements de toiture IKO. Pour plus de renseignements concernant la gamme complte de produits supꨩrieurs de revtement de toiture et d'tanchꩩit commerciaux et industriels d'IKO, composez le 1-888-766-2468, ou visitez notre site web : Note : Les proprit驩s physiques dcrites au prsent catalogue repr驩sentent les rsultats moyens obtenus lors d'essais sur nos produits selon les mthodes accept驩es par l'industrie. D'une usine l'autre, il est normal qu'il existe certaines variations. Ces donnes, qui peuvent changer sans pr੩avis, vous sont offertes titre...

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MODIFLEX MP-CAP TORCHFLEX TP-CAP Lisire de chevauchement Surface minrale Lisi詨re de chevauchement de 3,5 po Bitume modifi SBS Pellicule thermofusible Armature en polyester Bitume modifi SBS Les rev驪tements d'tanchit驩 de bitume modifi haut rende頭ment Modiflex et Torchflex se posent rapidement, s'entretiennent facilement et leur cot est trs avantageux. DE CONSTRUCTION ROBUSTE ET DURABLE Modiflex et Torchflex sont compos먩s d'une armature robuste (polyester ou fibre de verre) enduite de bitume modifi SBS (Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene). Le SBS est un produit chimique base de caoutchouc qui conf頨re...

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MEMBRANES DE FINITION Modiflex MP-180-CAP Modiflex MP-250-CAP Modiflex PREVENTMC MP-180 * Modiflex PREVENTMC MP-250 * Modiflex PREVENTMC PREMIUM MP-250 * Une robuste armature de polyester non tiss, enduite de bitume modifi SBS des deux c驴ts (MP-180 : 3,5 mm; MP-250 : 4,0 mm). Sa surface supri驭eure est recouverte de granulat de cramique alors que sa face infrieure est sabl驩e pour permettre le vadrouil-lage l'asphalte chaud ou la pose d'adhsif ੠ froid. Usage : Membrane de finition d'un systըme 2-plis. Membrane protectrice pour systըme multicouche traditionnel. Membrane de finition aux...

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MODIFLEX / TORCHFLEX SBS PRODUCT CHART Modiflex / Torchflex sont des membranes de qualit suprieure d'une 驩lasticit exceptionnelle, d'une souplesse remarquable au froid et rsistent extr驪mement bien l'usure. Identification du produit paisseur nominale mm (mil) Armature Surfaɧage Dimension du produit m (pi) Pouvoir couvrant m2 (pi ca) Couleur Mthode de pose Type g/m2 (lb/100 pi ca) Dessus Dessous Chalumeau Vadrouille/ froid Fixation m頩canique Autocollant Membranes de finition Modiflex MP-180-CAP 3,5 (138) Armature polyester 180 (3,7) Granulat Sabl 1 x 10 (3,28 x 32,8) 9,1 (98) Brun, Gris...

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