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Four seasons, one roofing membrane! IKO summa is the first in a new generation of bituminous waterproofing membranes that allows professionals like yourself to deliver an extremely high quality end result. Through constant research and ground-breaking innovations, IKO is able to offer you a unique solution to your biggest challenges. Ease of installation, walkability, technical excellence as well as a sleek finish, IKO summa has it all! This new roofing membrane made of PolyOlefin Elastomer is the result of our long-standing expertise in developing bituminous waterproofing, our many talks...

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The 4 advantages of IKO summa NEW COATING GENERATION: POE - POLYOLEFIN ELASTOMER – Good walkability, no footprints – Outstanding adhesion to the substrate – Flexible, easy to install “IKO summa is extremely flexible and therefore very easy to install without problems. The bitumen melts well, so that less gas and heat is required to have everything fit together nicely.” Henk B. TECHNICAL EXCELLENCE – Dimensionally stable – trilaminate inlay – 250 g/m2 – Particularly strong – Tensile strength 1000 l / 900 b ATTRACTIVE AESTHETIC FINISH – Strongly adhering slate – Handsome dark finish – Stable...

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summa IKO summa roofing membrane POE bitume coating (Flexibility at low temperature -15°C) Aesthetic mineral slate finish with strong adhesion POE bitume coating (Flexibility at low temperature -25°C) Polyester trilaminate 250 g/m² Technical characteristics Tensile strength L (EN 12311-1 MDV N/50 mm ± 20%) Nail tear resistance(EN 12310-1 MDV N Only MF) Flexibility at low temperature (EN 1109 MLV °C Surface/Bottom) Fire resistance IKO is a leading manufacturer of roofing materials, liquid waterproofing and insulation solutions. IKO’s European headquarters are located in Antwerp, Belgium. A...

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