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Self Adhering Adhesives IKO S.A.M. ADHESIVE LVC (LOW VOC) IKO S.A.M. Adhesive LVC · solvent based surface prep IKO S.A.M. Adhesive LVC is a low VOC solvent-based primer for use with IKO self-adhering roofing membranes or AquaBarrier™ self-adhering membranes. It dries to a high tack, providing excellent adhesion properties during the application process, especially effective on vertical surfaces. IKO S.A.M. Adhesive LVC should always be used in well-ventilated conditions and kept away from all sources of potential ignition. It is suitable for use on most substrates including wood, glass mat, gypsum core sheathing, masonry, concrete and metal. IKO S.A.M. Adhesive LVC may be applied by using a brush, roller or by mechanically spraying. Drying time will depend on the ambient temperature and humidity during application. All substrates should be clean, dry and free from dust, dirt, oil and grease. IKO S.A.M. Adhesive LVC cleans up easily with mineral spirits. Available in 17L (4.5 US Gal.) pails. Features and Benefits Easy Application: mix and roll apply. Easy Clean-up: mineral spirits. • Can be used with any IKO self-adhering roofing membrane or AquaBarrier™ self-adhering membrane. • Compatible with all IKO roofing products. • • IKO S.A.M. Adhesive LVC Characteristics · IKO S.A.M. Adhesive Units Typical Value — Green SOLIDS BY WEIGHT: +/- 3% % 34.5-37.5 VISCOSITY: cps 275-375 Color DENSITY: +/- 0.010 g/ml Drying Time* Until tacky Until set 0.872 m2/L (ft2/gal) Coverage (Approximate) 6 (250) min. min 30 - 45 60 Application Temperature °C* -12 to 40 VOC: g/L 250 max. *Drying time will be longer at lower temperatures and shorter at higher temperatures. Note: All values shown are approximate. Thank you for considering IKO Premium products. For additional information on IKO’s full line of superior Commercial/Industrial Roofing and Waterproofing products please call: 1-888-766-2468, or visit our web site at: Note: The physical properties of the products described in this catalogue represent average typical results obtained by testing our products according to accepted industry test methods. These values are subject to normal manufacturing variations, and are supplied as a technical guideline only; they may be subject to change without notice. Current product specifications can be confirmed by contacting your local IKO Technical Representative. Also, the guide specifications contained herein are offered as general information for the design and installation of IKO roof assemblies. IKO Industries Limited is a supplier of materials, and we cannot assume liability for errors in roof design, engineering, or application. The architect, contractor, and/or building owner’s representative must verify all dimensions, details and suitability of roof design. Note: All values shown are approximate. Product and color availability subject to shipping area. The information in this document is subject to change without notice. IKO assumes no responsibility for errors that may appear in this document. © Copyright 11/12 • MM3L002

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autoadhésifs ADHÉSIF S.A.M. LVC D’IKO ADHÉSIF S.A.M. LVC D’IKO · prep à base de solvant L’adhésif S.A.M. LVC d’IKO est un bas COV produit de préparation de surface à base de solvant et à séchage rapide destiné à être utilisé de concert avec les membranes de toiture autoadhésives ou les membranes AquaBarrierMC d’IKO. En séchant, il présente d’excellentes propriétés d’adhérence. Il est particulièrement efficace sur les surfaces verticales. L’adhésif S.A.M. LVC d’IKO doit toujours être utilisé dans un endroit bien aéré et rangé loin de toute source d’inflammation potentielle. Il convient à la...

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