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Performance is pushing limits

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IKO enertherm continually invests in product improvements. In our research department, we constantly work on developing the insulation of the future.

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IKO Insulations A global player in PIR insulation IKO GROUP IKO Insulations is part of the international IKO Group. With production sites in Canada, the USA, the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Slovakia, and more than 3,000 employees and distribution channels worldwide, the IKO Group is a leading manufacturer of roofing, waterproofing and insulation. State-of-the-art production Within the IKO Group, IKO Insulations develops, produces and distributes innovative PIR (Polyisocyanurate) based insulation products under the IKO enertherm brand. Manufacturing In Europe is centred in two...

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Growth strategy Performance at the highest level IKO Insulations Group IKO Canada Brampton, Ontario The first insulation plant of the IKO Insulations Group was The IKO plant for PIR production in Klundert, the commissioned in 1999. This site – a pioneer in insulation Netherlands, was commissioned in 2006. It comprises a production – developed and optimised the PIR technology. state-of-the-art production line that employs the latest technology and chemistry to manufacture different types of High River, Alberta IKO enertherm boards in various dimensions, depending on the application. A new...

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As a strong brand in PIR insulation, IKO enertherm communicates its strengths to the outside world in a coherent fashion: technology, ecology and quality. Continually pushing the boundaries with respect to insulation value and energy management, and the coordination of all the factors that contribute to top level performance is similar to the approach taken by elite athletes. Maximising assets Top athletes also have to continually push the limits of their ability, i.e. better times, better condition, more objectives, improved techniques, etc. Their top level performance is not only achieved...

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Contributing to a sustainable environment

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Reduction of energy consumption High performance insulation for residential, office and other buildings is the most direct and efficient solution for reducing energy consumption. Reduced energy consumption lowers CO2 emissions, which are responsible for climate change. Effective insulation thereby makes a positive contribution to the environment. Highest efficiency per m2 Because of its excellent Lambda value, IKO enertherm PIR insulation is a very thin insulation plate with a high insulation value. The low weight and limited volume translate into a reduction of transport/handling costs...

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IKO enertherm A solution for any application IKO enertherm 0 IKO enertherm rooftop: flat roofs IKO enertherm comfort: retrofit-insulation of sloping roofs, internal IKO enertherm quality Because of its specific composition, IKO enertherm offers a number of characteristics that are superior to other hard foam insulation boards. This makes IKO enertherm the most energy efficient insulation with the longest service life, without loss of its insulating qualities. ^3 IKO enertherm sarking: retrofit-insulation of sloping roofs, 0 IKO enertherm floor: floors IKO enertherm wall: cavity walls C£]...

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IKO Insulations BV - Postbus 45 - NL-4780 AA Moerdijk - Wielewaalweg 3 - NL-4791 PD Klundert Tel.: +31(0)168 331 400 - Fax: +31(0)168 331 409 - - E-mail:

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