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GoldShield Premium Ice & Water Protector Protection where you need it, when you need it most. Traditional underlayment is made of organic building felt. It's good, but now there's something even better to help protect critical areas. GoldShield is a remarkable membrane, composed of a rubberized asphalt material. Its special chemistry makes it extremely flexible for easy installation and top performance even in extreme weather conditions. A self-adhesive backing is protected by a silicone treated release sheet which is easily removed during application. It is surfaced with a unique treated...

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GoldShield Premium Ice & Water Protector Application Directions Please follow package directions for installation on other roof areas. Surface Prparation: The roof deck must be clean, smooth, dry and free of sharp protrusions 镕 Metal and masonry surfaces must be primed Installation: 1. Cut the membrane into 3 m to 4.5 m (10 ft. to 15 ft.) lengths and reroll. Carefully slit the release paper on a 45° angle. Fold back the release paper exposing the adhesive. This corner will be used to hold the material in place as you begin installation. 2. Unroll the next piece of material ensuring that...

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