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Jolly Hybrid The display case defrosts, gelato doesn’t notice it La vitrine dégivre, la glace ne s’en rend pas comp

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Low straight glass (VBD) Vitres basses droites (VBD) Welcome to Jolly Hybrid Bienvenue à Jolly Hybrid Put on a gelato show and enter the future of refrigeration with Jolly Hybrid . The first free-standing professional display case featuring Ifi’s innovative and patented Hybrid Cooling Technology that keeps your gelato beautiful and in good shape at all times. Designed to look after your creations, Jolly stands out for its compact design. Montrez le spectacle de la glace et entrez dans le futur de la réfrigération avec Jolly Hybrid. La première vitrine professionnelle autonome dotée de...

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Jolly Hybrid - 3

Freshly made Comme à peine faits Jolly Hybrid display case carefully protects your gelato thanks to the Hybrid Cooling Technology, the exclusive Ifi system, that guarantees continuous chilling in the display case during the delicate but necessary defrost cycles, eliminating negative effects on the gelato. Thanks to the supplementary cold source, powered by an accumulator activated only during the defrost cycle, your gelato never experiences heat shock, thereby preserving its distinctive qualities. Energy savings and maximum safety for your food and customers, also thanks to the HCS...

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Jolly Hybrid - 4

Set for/pré-équipée pour GALILEO My connected Guardian Angel Hybrid Cooling Technology Traditional / Traditionnelle The display case defrosts, the cold stops flowing. La vitrine dégivre, le froid s’interrompt. Hybrid Cooling Technology The display case defrosts, the accumulator chills the gelato. La vitrine dégivre, l’accumulateur réfrigère. accumulator accumulateur evaporator évaporateur evaporator évaporateur Cold air, coming from the refrigerating accumulator, chills and protects the gelato from hot air. Le froid qui provient de l’accumulateur réfrigéré protège la glace de l’air chaud....

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