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dynamos Automation for sliding gates up to 1000 Kg

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Dynamos Automation for sliding gates up to 1000 kg 1. VERSIONSPRECISE AND SILENT MECHANICS DYNAMOS TWIN SMART TRADITIONAL ELECTRONICS Reliability and safety are at the base of the mechanical components: produced with sturdy materials, they turn on large ball bearings that are attached to die-cast aluminium roller housings. The internal gear has involute teeth. This special construction allows maximum contact between the worm screw and the gear. The tooth wraps around the screw whereas in traditional construction the parts in contact add up to just a few millimetres. The result: quiet...

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dynamos - 3

Built-in Smart Traditional electronics Compartment for an easy access to control unit Die-cast aluminium frame Also available in 110 V / 60 Hz version

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24 V version also available for markets with 110 V / 60 Hz mains power supply

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Nylon rack with metal inserts. 28x20x1000 mm Rack in galvanized steel with screws and spacers. 30x12x1000 mm Rack in galvanized steel. 22x22x1000 mm to be welded Foundation plate for ground level mounting Battery charge card for BAT M 016 Inductive limit switch. To be specified when ordering the Dynamos 24 Vdc spare control unit 230 Vac spare control unit

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dynamos - 6

KINGspecialist app for installers The KINGspecialist app allows you to complete all installation setup phases directly from your smart phone or tablet. Thanks to the wifi module, which can be coupled to STARG8 central units, every professional can now manage all the functions offered by the KING Smart Traditional electronic device simply and intuitively. The App also introduces new functions, such as scheduling of periodical system maintenance, central unit check-ups and remote control management. KINGgates relies on a network of expert professional installers. KINGspecialist is a programme...

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