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D-313 Emergency LF


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D-313 Emergency LF - 1

D-313 Emergency LF Inside door - Gravity driven - Low Friction Technology Opening speed: Up to 2 m/s Good seal: Patented side guides and «BEAD» technology allow energy savings. Minimal space, modern look: Motor installed inside the drum (DVDMPT). Very aesthetic design. User safety: Flexible curtain without rigid elements. Wireless DYNACO Detector at the bottom for extra safety. Integrated emergency escape system. Advanced drive: Frequency driven motor and encoder for smooth operation. Wearable elements are reduced to a minimum. Dynalogic control box: User-friendly control box with self-diagnosis Conform to EN13241-1 Opening by pushing at the emergency release spot Emergency exit open DYNACO’s D-313 Emergency is designed as an emergency exit for inside applications. At the same time, it offers all the advantages of a DYNACO high speed door. With its modern design, the D-313 Emergency LF is the slimmest high speed door in the market. The smooth operation and the low maintenance requirements make it a perfect door for retail stores. An ingenious T-shaped cut in the middle of the curtain allows two symmetric “flaps” to release an emergency exit, simply by pushing the indicated spot. DYNACO. THE SAFEST CHOICE DYNACO Europe D313E_new_style.indd 1 Waverstraat 21 B-9310 Moorsel-Aalst Tel +32 53 72 98 90 Fax +32 53 72 98 50 28/10/2011 10:31:49

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D-313 Emergency LF - 2

D-313 Emergency LF CHARACTERISTICS EN13241-1 STANDARDS Standard Ref. Test acc. Results Water permeability EN 12425 EN 12489 Class 2 Wind load EN 12424 EN 12444 Class 1 Wind permeability EN 12426 EN 12427 Class 0 Structure Safe openings EN 12453 EN 12445 Pass Covers Mechanical resistance EN 12604 EN 12605 Pass Unintended movements EN 12604 EN 12605 Pass Thermal resistance EN 12428 EN 12428 6,02 W/m²K Performance (cycles): EN 12604 EN 12605 NPD Max. dimensions W: 3.500 mm x H: 3.500 mm Opening speed Closing speed 2,0 m/s 0,5 m/s Galvanised steel of 37 x 52 x 3 mm. Option: stainless steel....

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