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All Weather M3 Outside door - “Push-Pull” Technology Patented “Push Pull” technology: Unique door drive system. Superior seal, wind resistant: Patented side frame assembly. Neither blade nor brush systems. Up to wind load class 4. Crash forgiving and selfreinserting without intervention: The curtain automatically reinserts ifself when dislodged. No repair costs, no production down time. User safety: Flexible curtain without rigid elements. Wireless DYNACO Detector at the bottom for extra safety. Advanced drive: Frequency driven motor and encoder for smooth operation. Wearable elements are reduced to a minimum. Dynalogic control box: User-friendly control box with self-diagnosis. Conform to EN13241-1 The DYNACO All Weather M3 is specifically designed for large sized outside applications with intensive use and subjected to extreme wind loads. It protects your facilities against wind, rain, snow, dirt and extreme temperatures. Operating speed and perfect sealing improve your traffic flows and provide employee comfort, environmental control and savings on energy costs. Fully self-reinserting, the DYNACO All Weather M3 will automatically reinsert itself in its side guides when the curtain is accidentally hit. DYNACO. THE SAFEST CHOICE DYNACO Europe AWM3_new_style.indd 1 Waverstraat 21 B-9310 Moorsel-Aalst Tel +32 53 72 98 90 Fax +32 53 72 98 50 28/10/2011 10:37:00

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All Weather M3 CHARACTERISTICS EN13241-1 STANDARDS Standard Ref. Test acc. Results Infrared barrier: 300 mm from the floor. Wireless DYNACO detector (WDD) Single phase 230V - 18 A. Frequency: 50-60 Hz Available colours Mechanical resistance DYNALOGIC provided with: Circuit breaker, general divider, adjustable timer, Push button for opening and reset and emergency stop. IP rating: IP54. Frequency inverter. Yellow RAL1003 Orange RAL2004 Red RAL3000 Blue RAL5002 Classe 1 Pass 4 poles, without brake - power: 1,5 kW. IP rating: IP 65 Power supply Frequency EN 12427 EN 12445 Reinforced...

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