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GLULAM TIMBER ELEMENTS ALLOW SECURE PLANNING Hüttemann Holz GmbH & Co. KG Industriestraße · 59939 Olsberg Telephone +49 2962/806-0 Fax +49 2962/3725 Hüttemann Wismar GmbH & Co. KG Am Torney 14 · 23970 Wismar Telephone +49 3841/221-0 Fax +49 3841/221-221 Page 1 · 11/2

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GLULAM TIMBER ELEMENTS Foreword Hüttemann glulam timber elements (HBE) have established themselves on the market for use as floor, roof and wall elements in solid wood construction, skeleton construction, wood frame construction and in combination with solid stone construction. We have taken what we learned through consultation and discussion with planners and processors since publication of the first edition of "Deckenfibel" and put it into practice in this second edition. We would like to extend our thanks to the specialised wood retailers who gave us the opportunity to present our solid...

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HOTTEMANN ISGLULAM TIMBER ELEMENTS Technical Data: Material: - Norway spruce - BS11 (GL24) - Melamine resin glue - Surfaces: Visible or non-visible - Apparent density: rho = 450 kg/m3 - Wood moisture: Upon manufacturing 10 +- 2% Physical Construction Data: - Water vapour diffusion resistance coefficient: m = 40 - Rated thermal conductivity value: Lambda R = 0.13 W/(m x K) - The characteristic value of the swelling and shrinking dimensions perpendicular to the fibre in % per 1% change in wood moisture for glulam timber of coniferous wood = 0.24 An example calculation for this: Initial...

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HOTTEMANN ElGLULAM TIMBER ELEMENTS • The maximum element Length is 24.00 m • Element thickness (ET) 60 mm and 80 mm up to an element width/available dimension of 320 mm. • Elements with a thickness (ET) of 100 mm to 240 mm up to an element width/available dimension of 960 mm. • Special dimensions upon request Coverage width 15 mm Available dimension Diverse Profiling Options Single groove - single tongue r '? x up to an element thickness (ET) of 60 mm Double groove - double tongue Groove - groove Rebate - rebate Groove - rebate Double groove - double tongue with rebate r lti" c ET from 100...

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HOTTEMANN ISGLULAM TIMBER ELEMENTSSquared timber From an element thickness (ET) of 120 mm to 280 mm and up to an available dimension of 200 mm. Coverage width Available dimension Definition of Terms and Possible Dimensions RD 30 - 45 mm (5 mm steps) 7 - 25 mm (1 mm steps) 25 or 30 mm 20 - 30 mm (1 mm steps) 2 mm (other dimensions on request) ET = Element thickness: Depending on profiling: 60 - 240 mm (20 mm steps) I =Dimensional information

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HOTTEMANN ElGLULAM TIMBER ELEMENTS Glulam Timber Surface Quality x1: Deviations from the Limit values defined below in cells 2, 3, 6-9, 12 and 13 are tolerated to the following extent: Maximum of three deviations/m2 of visible surface for visible quality. x2: Permissible knot size according to DIN 4074 x3: With no restriction on quantity x4: Measurement of the knot diameter as for measurement of the diameter of individual knots for squared timber acc. to DIN 4074-1: 2003-6, x5: Delivery condition x6: If necessary, filling compounds that can be painted over must be requested. x7:...

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HOTTEMANN ISADVANTAGES OF GLULAM ELEMENTS Solid and Safe Building Material • Glulam elements satisfy the needs of builders for safe and solid construction methods. Wide Ranging Applications • Glulam elements can be used in solid wood construction, skeleton construction, wood frame construction, in combination with solid stone construction, in industrial construction and for renovations, repairs and alterations. Healthy Room Climate • Glulam elements are vapour-permeable and therefore produce a comfortable room climate (wood can take up moisture and release it again as necessary). Better...

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HOTTEMANN ElADVANTAGES OF GLULAM ELEMENTS Intermediate Ceilings • It is frequently useful to build intermediate ceilings in commercially used rooms to create storage space. Glulam timber elements are excellently suited for this due to their low unit height. Building Services • In the profiling of glulam elements, it is possible to create grooves in the connection joint into which empty conduit can be laid for electrical installations. Subsequent installation of pipes for electrical lines and supply lines is possible almost anywhere. Simple, System-Based Structural Characteristics •The...

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GLULAM TIMBER ELEMENTS 15 Glulam elements can be dimensioned according to DIN 4102-4 for the fire protection classes F30-B, F60-B and F90-B. Creation of the element connection joint as double groove - double tongue satisfies the requirements of DIN 41024, Table 61, f for floors to F60-B and Table 70, e for roofs to F60-B. Summer Thermal Protection • Wood has the highest heat storage capability of all typical building materials. This ensures that the heat resulting from solar energy is captured and stored over long periods. Only small amounts of heat are transmitted to the inside. During the...

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Detail 9 Page 21 Detail 8 Page 21 Detail 2 Page 13 Detail 8 Page 21 Detail 5 Page 19 Detail 15 Page 27 Cross-section B-B Detail 17 Page 27 ground plan The listed detail figures can be found in the individual areas Roof, Floor and Wall.

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HUTTEMANN IS GLuLam timber elements replace rafters, purlins and boarding in the roof area while also featuring much smaller unit heights. Insulation and the sarking membrane are laid without interruption on a flat surface. This has clear advantages for the building's physical properties. Structural Analysis The design loads are determined according to DIN 1055. The following preliminary calculation assumes the following values for dead loads: • Roofing (roof tiles): 0.55 kN/m2 • Insulation (soft wood fibre) t = 16 cm: 0.15 kN/m2 • Glulam element (dead weight = 0.45 kN/m3) 0.30 - 1.20 kN/m2...

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HUTTEMANN IBI Dimensioning Table for Roof Elements The following parameters were used: Roof incline a = 40 ° Single-span beam Cost Overview Glulam roof elements are an alternative to classic roof trusses produced through typical carpentry. Visible rafters and boarding are replaced by glulam elements. Their vapour-permeable structure produces a comfortable living climate. Summer heat protection is built-in thanks to the wood mass. The cost overview represents a cost estimate. You should obtain a detailed offer from your woodworking contractor. In addition, the thermal insulation, sealing...

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