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Glulam Bulletin 2012


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Glulam Bulletin 2012 - 1

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Glulam Bulletin 2012 - 2

General Load bearing components made from glued laminated timber (Glulam) are designed and carefully manufactured, top-quality construction components made from an improved material. In spite of the fact that a harmonized European product standard EN 14080: 2005 exists and the European desing standard EN 1995-1-1 is to be used in Germany starting from 1.7.2012, Glulam to be used in Germany still has to comply with DIN1052: 2008, Annex H. Glulam therefore may only be manufactured by companies who have a corresponding certification concerning­the gluing suitability of load bearing timber...

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Glulam Bulletin 2012 - 3

Table 2 Surface qualities of Glulam Criteria1 Industrial quality Visible quality Selection quality 1 Firmly grown knots 2, 3 2 Fallen and loose knots 2, 3 Up to ø < 20 mm 4 To be replaced in the works permitted from ø > 20 mm to be replaced in the works 4 3 Resin gall 3, 5 Permitted Resin galls are permitted up to 5 mm Resin galls are permitted up to 3 mm 4 Knots and faulty points improved by means of knot hole plugs or „ships“ 3 5 Knots and resin galls improved by means of filler compound 3 Pith visibly on the outer lamellas is not permitted 8 Cracks caused by shrinking 3, 5, 7 9...

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Glulam Bulletin 2012 - 4

Table 3 Maximum permitted deviations For Maximum permitted deviations Straight members Curved members Cross-sectional width Cross-sectional height Maximum deviation of the angles of the cross section from the right angle Length of a straight member or developed length of a curved member Longitudinal warping measured as the maximum gauge over a length of 2 000 mm without consideration of precamber Deviations of the gauge of curved members per developed length in m Deviation in sizes Deviations in sizes determined by EN 390 for a reference moisture content of 12% must not exceed the values...

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