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'Service available in select cities. CORPORATE OFFICE: GURGAON: Unit No. 301-302, 3rd Floor, Park Centra, Sector-30, NH-8, Gurgaon-122001, Haryana. REGISTERED OFFICE: KOLKATA: 2, Red Cross Place, Kolkata-700001, West Bengal. +91-33-2248 7406/7, MUMBAI: ® +91-22-4342 0600, E-mail: mumbai® hindware.co.in hindware Latasa ERNAKULAM: ® +91-484-2426 587, E-mail: kochidepot@hindware.co.in REGIONAL OFFICES: CHANDIGARH: ® +91-172-6540843, E-mail: chandigarh.depot@hindware.co.in • GHAZIABAD: ® +91-120-3203226, E-mail: ghaziabad.depot@hindware.co.in • LUCKNOW: ® +91-522-4024383, E-mail: lucknow.depot @ hind ware.co. in • RANCHI: ® +91-651-2212875, E-mail: ranchi.depot@hindware.co.in • JAIPUR: ® +91-141-6060667, E-mail: jaipuroffice@hindware.co.in • INDORE: +91-731-2802065, E-mail: indore.depot@hindware.co.in • AHMEDABAD: ® 079-40028980, E-mail: ahmedabad.depot®hindware.co.in • PUNE: ® +91-20-2426 9582, E-mail: pune@hindware.co.in • MUMBAI: ® +91-22-4342 0600, E-mail: mumbai@hindware.co.in • SECUNDERABAD: ® +91-40-6628 8000/10, E-mail: marketing.hyd@hindware.co.in • CHENNAI: 2 +91-44-4341 2777, E-mail: chennai®hindware.co.in • BENGALURU: 2 +91-80-30428900, E-mail: bangalore@hindware.co.in • ERNAKULAM: 2 +91-484-2426 587, E-mail: kochidepot ©hindware.co.in • BHUBANESWAR: 2 +91-674-2580337, E-mail: bbsrdepot@hindware.co.in • GUWAHATI: 2 9207411341 ITALIAN COLLECTION

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Hindware - 2

Creating desirable lifestyles The flagship company of the Somany Group, HSIL LIMITED (formerly Hindustan Sanitaryware & Industries Limited) was established in 1962 post a joint venture with Twyfords, UK. The first Indian company to manufacture Vitreous China Sanitaryware, HSIL has now evolved to a comprehensive Bathroom Solutions Company with a leading market share of over 40%. By maintaining high consistency in quality standards, HSIL has been successful in delivering products that speak for themselves. The company's obsession with quality has translated into strong brand credentials. At...

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Hindware - 3

Creating experiences that leave you rejuvenated. We believe that be it baths or kitchens, every moment of your precious time spent there should be relaxing. We bring you designs that not only function smoothly but also please your senses. Available in three collections - Hindware Italian Collection, Hindware Art and Hindware, that truly spoil you for choices. ITALIAN COLLECTION An assortment of designs characterized by clean lines and smooth surfaces with intricate details. The collection is a blend of comfortable livable element that creates a sophisticated fresh feel. Smooth colours,...

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Hindware - 4

Slow Falling Detachable Seat Seat Covers with SS ITALIAN COLLECTION Introducing India's IAPMO India certified water efficient Germi Clean Property Sensor Operated Wash Jet Seat Covers Water Conservation - Aquafree Waterless Designs to serve you better. Be it the water-saving, dual-flush technology or the waterless urinals, Hindware has led the way by introducing many new products and technologies. Employing the best technologies in the industry, our products are designed to provide comfort and convenience. The most innovative technologies find new meanings through startling and detailed...

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Hindware - 5

Indian Consumer THE GLOBAL SUPERPOWER EDITION Superpower Brand Award Honoured with this award twice - 4Ps India's 100 most Valuable Brands, 4Ps Most Admired Companies Been awarded Superbrand Award 3 times since 2005 Golden Peacock Awards National Quality Award, 2009 Industry Validated Selected Business Superbrand Been awarded Reader's Digest most trusted brand award 6 times since 2007 for customer centric approach DESIGN AWARDS Poncho suite for kids

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Hindware - 6

In a dialogue with desire, we realise that beauty doesn't adhere to conventions. It is fluid, in motion and consistent It doesn't hit hard and demand attention. It provokes desire with hints of poetry and finesse embedded in its design. Make your desires come true with water closets that fit your needs. ITALIAN COLLECTION Remote control operated functions Warm seat Auto pre & post flush Night light Twin spray jets PLAN VIEW SIDE VIEW Slow falling seat cover Colour: Starwhite

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Hindware - 7

Altor Cat. No.: 92052 Size (HxWxP): 78.5 x 38 x 72 cms 'S' Trap Distance: 30 cms Elba Cat. No.: 92037 Elba S22 Cat. No.: 92048 Size (HxWxP): 70.5x38x70 cms Elba S30 Cat. No.: 92047 'P' Trap Distance: 18 cms Also available in ‘S’Trap Distance 22 & 30 Deimos Cat. No.: 92044 Size (HxWxP): 65 x 39 x 71 cms 'S' Trap Distance: 30 cms Cedar Cat. No.: 92072 Size (HxWxP): 75 x 35 x 67 cms 'S' Trap Distance: 10 cms Also available in ‘P’ Trap 18 cms PLAN VIEW PLAN VIEW PLAN VIEW SIDE VIEW Smart geometrical design, with bold lines Designed to compliment the Altor washbasin Slow falling seat cover...

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Hindware - 8

Element Cat. No.: 92082 Size (HxWxP): 74.5 x 36 x 68 cms ‘S’ Trap Distance: 30 cms Also available in ‘P’Trap Distance 18 Element S 22 Cat. No.: 92084 ‘S’ Trap Distance: 22 cms Element S 10 Cat. No.: 92085 ‘S’ Trap Distance: 10 cms Element P 18 Cat. No.: 92091 Elisa Cat. No.: 92046 Size (HxWxP): 76 x 36.5 x 73 cms 'S' Trap Distance: 11 cms Estella Cat. No.: 92083 Size (HxWxP): 70 x 37 x 62 cms ‘S’ Trap Distance: 30 cms Fusion Cat. No.: 92071 Size (HxWxP): 78 x 38 x 70 cms 'S' Trap Distance: 10 cms 73 PLAN VIEW PLAN VIEW PLAN VIEW Characterised by defined form and aesthetic purity Water...

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Hindware - 9

Inox Cat. No.: 92043 Size (HxWxP): 74 x 37 x 72 cms 'S' Trap Distance: 30 cms Also available in ‘P’ Trap 18 cms Cat. No.: 92089 Inox 100 Cat. No.: 92050 'S' Trap Distance: 10 cms Inox 220 Cat. No.: 92087 'S' Trap Distance: 22 cms Kathy Cat. No.: 92053 Size (HxWxP): 79 x 37 x 70 cms 'S' Trap Distance: 30 cms 70 PLAN VIEW PLAN VIEW Olivia Cat. No.: 92038 Olivia 220 Cat. No.: 92042 Size (HxWxP): 65 x 37.5 x 70 cms 'S' Trap Distance: 22 cms 'S' Trap Distance: 30 cms Nano Cat No.: 92075 Size (HxWxP): 53 x 40 x 73 cms ‘S’ Trap Distance: 30 cms PLAN VIEW SIDE VIEW Distinctive design with clear...

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