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ITALIAN COLLECTION We desire a beautiful ornament. We admire a perfect form. We accessorise beauty with design. At the hands of design, we are but mere mortals. In its animate or inanimate existence, the simplicity and beauty of design makes us want, embrace, create, cherish and fall in love. It becomes a part of us. It is what we live with. This book attempts to bring us close to our instincts, our desires and our love for the perfect forms. Indulge in the new range of fortunate temptations from Hindware Italian Collection.

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collection - 2013 - 4

Designed with extreme detail to class and poise, these bathroom suites are a delight to experience. Plush with smooth curves and neat lines they will truly arouse your senses.

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collection - 2013 - 5

• Tall design with elegant & graceful aesthetics. • Design to compliment the Atlanta wash basin • Slow Falling Seat cover • Water Saving dual Hush 3/6 litres Atlanta Extended Wall Mounting • Begant & graceful design with smooth flowing lines • Stow falling seat cover • Water saving dual flush 3/6 litres "Available colors star white & Ivory Atlanta Wall Mounting • Begant & graceful design with smooth flowing lines • Design to compliment the Atlanta wash basin • Slow Falling Seat cover ITALIAN COLLECTION Atlanta Pedestal Basin • Design characterised by strong & free flowing lines.

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collection - 2013 - 7

* ftgant 4 amooih arras fcr acfloerfcr ssstfwft: VMM cofcfB afar wfrts S hcry ITALIAN COLLECTION Twilight Pedestal Basin

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collection - 2013 - 9

Modem Wall Mounting *S* Tr^a Dktac SO CFTU • DGS^I to component ite Afo*«i noyi ixio*? • Stow FatoQSeei cover nMiAN COLLECTION Modena Pedestal Basin - Etefrj (fiudrnkad by cMrtu fort, .\ smooth i.vK

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collection - 2013 - 12

The Idea of design crafted for desire has found expression through the forms ofcaramte. symholtshtng hamonyofopen water and pleasing angles. Choose from a range of sensuous design to soft every llfestfye

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collection - 2013 - 13

• Futuristic S inspired by nature design • Available with ceramic flfec • Striking tyirt functional ^fm with deep basin • Contemporary, neat & precise design • /Ivatebfe with ceramx; disc ITALIAN COLLECTION Splendor Round • QraphtoaSy exact shape & archlteturaSy dear design • Round washbasin

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collection - 2013 - 14

• MjfHmaMnctengufo design besin tor timeiesB appeal. • Chrome plated cap for overflew hde • Qjvamc^ractengidarolasfcjn fees*)»«/? smootf) ITALIAN COLLECTION • Exquisite a slanting rectangular design

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collection - 2013 - 15

Splendor Oval • Irxiviclitat comixrietkxi of products space • Futunsttc S savvy design tor ease of usage 'Available colors star white & koiy ITALIAN COLLECTION • Classic annular design basin • Chrome plated cop for overflow hde

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collection - 2013 - 16

• Futuristic riverbed design beain with en elegant touch. 'Asfabfe colors star white & bory ITALIAN COLLECTION • Contemporary design with smooth Bowing Sna

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collection - 2013 - 17

• Smoofa compact design • Stow/a»igssaf COVBT • Water saving duel Hush • SapfifScaad *ww, cfear fries • Stow faBhg saaf COVET 'Asfabfe cofore star wNta & bar/ ITALIAN COLLECTION Marvel Wall Mounting • Exquisite Sneer yet curvaceous and compact design ■ Stow fefflrg seat omr Enigma Wail Mounting • Integwtedrusi-lree chrome plated stekikes steel jet • Slow faSng seat cover

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collection - 2013 - 18

Conveying a sans* of appeal, aesthetic looks and ovmHasting shine, the now standard of axceflwic*. Hindwam's oxetusivB Armada cotiBCtion is characterized by new finish, designed to ghm your bathroom a striking visual appeal that's contemporary yat daasy.

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collection - 2013 - 19

Pillar Cock ITALIAN COLLECTION Angle Cock Concealed Stop Cock

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collection - 2013 - 20

Transform your daily showring experience into a blissful journey of ecstasy. Our Suminatedshower light up to light up your day. A gentle fusion of light and water, Cotourtvl shower wiH leave you feeling a lot more refreshed. With a variety of choices in colors to bring you cWererrt effects, we hope to add magic inside your bathroom ITALIAN COLLECTION

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collection - 2013 - 21

Gentle Mist Spray Voluminous Rainfall • Mufti Function shower head with LED light • 4 function divertor controls water flow • Sleek electronic remote • 11 types of colour themes ITALIAN COLLECTION

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collection - 2013 - 22

/a.' - Love A love that transcends mere words to pure joy in its true form. Experience wellness like never before. Experience Amore. Taking a leaf out of the Romans who used It to accentuate their senses. A range of products that assail your senses with delight and pleasure you like kings of the yesteryears. An ancient art form made modem with the help of Italian innovation that gives your daily routine a new twist. A range of wellness products that are, in tune with today's time, as well as carrying the rich heritage of a civilization that was steeped in the worship of their own...

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collection - 2013 - 23

Massage Bathtub Multifunction Shower Enclosure Shower Panel Romance Cenno Thermae Ovale Amblenta Piazza Solitaire Argenta Mat Code: 509566 767/68 Mat Coda: 509555 Mat Code: 509590 /'91 Mat Code: 509577

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collection - 2013 - 24

Introducing GRIHA certified tiles In the market a first by any tile brand In India, Is a proud moment for us. GRIHA has certified Hlndware Tiles as Low Energy Flooring product.

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collection - 2013 - 26

Kitchen Appliances Presenting inspiration for your kitchen Explore the immaculate range of kitchen appliances from Hindwara Experience beauty, superior functionality and optimal space utilization. Our kitchen ensemble comprises imported Italian Collection cooker hoods, a wide range of hobs, cook tops, built In ovena, cooking ranges and microwave ovens. Change the way you cook wtth Hlndwa/a.

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collection - 2013 - 27

Designer Hood Stone ao/ga Island Hood Built-in Microwave Oven Built-in Oven KITCHEN ENSEMBLE Cteo eo/aOAuto dean Fortune 76 induction Cooktop

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collection - 2013 - 28

CORPORATE OFFICE: GURGAON: Unit No. 301-302,3rd Floor, Park Centra, Sector-30, NH-8, Gurgaon-122001, Haryana. * +91-124-477 9200, Fax: +91-124-429 2898/99,E-mail: marketing © REGISTERED OFFICE: KOLKATA: 2, Red Cross Place, Kolkata-700001, West Bengal, a +91-33-2248 7406/7, Fax: +91-33-2248 7045, E-mail: REGIONAL OFFICES: CHANDIGARH: V +91-172-6540843, E-mail: • GHAZIABAD: * +91-120-3203226, E-mail: ghaziabad.depot® - LUCKNOW: * +91-522-4024383, E-mail: • RANCHI: *...

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