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CORPORATE OFFICE: GURGAON: Unit No. 301-302, 3rd Floor, Park Centra, Sector-30, NH-8, Gurgaon-122001, Haryana. S +91-124-477 9200, Fax: +91-124-429 2898/99, E-mail: marketing ©hind ware, in REGISTERED OFFICE: KOLKATA: 2, Red Cross Place, Kolkata-700001, West Bengal. 8 +91-33-2248 7406/7, Fax: +91-33-2248 7045, E-mail: REGIONAL OFFICES: CHANDIGARH: S +91-172-6540843, E-mail: • GHAZIABAD: 8 +91-120-3203226, E-mail: • LUCKNOW: S +91-522-4C24383, E-mail: • RANCHI: 8 +91-651-2212875, E-mail: • JAIPUR: S +91-141-6C60667, E-mail: • INDORE: +91-731-2802065, E-mail: • AHMEDABAD: S 079-40028980, E-mail: • PUNE: 8 +91-20-2426 9582, E-mail: • MUMBAI: 8 +91-22-4342 0600, E-mail: • SECUNDERABAD: 8 +91-40-6628 8000/10, E-mail: • CHENNAI: 8 +91-44-4341 2777, E-mail: • BENGALURU: 8 +91-80-30428900, E-mail: • ERNAKULAM: 8 +91-484-2426 587, E-mail: • BHUBANESWAR: 8 +91-674-2580337, E-mail: • GUWAHATI: 8 "Service available in select cities

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Supreme bliss cornes when the core of ones being is filled with joy. To attain that state, man has to take care of his every little desire and surround himself with objects of sheer happiness. History has witnessed that men who have tasted the ambrosia of indulgence lead a more content life. So from years galore, man has always strived to create the perfect aura of wellness. But wellness descends only when you get a fine balance of luxury and ecstasy. It touches only those who seek for experiences extraordinaire. It's a feeling that invokes life within the drained out soul and mind after...

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About Amore /a.' Love Love of Beauty, love of aesthetic, love of relationship. Love of Purity, love of craftsmanship, Love of Nature. A love that transcends mere words to pure joy in its true form. Experience wellness like never before. Experience Amore. Taking a leaf out of the Romans who used it to accentuate their senses. A ranee of products that assail your senses with delight and pleasure you like kings of the yesteryears. An ancient art form made modern with the help of Italian innovation that gives your daily routine a new twist. A range of wellness products that are, in tune...

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Whirlpool bath The whirlpool bath is a combination of airpool & hydropool, wherein airand water are mixed together and directed in jets at the immersed body to have a perfect massaging effect. A whirlpool tub is a self-contained, jetted tub to relax and massage your tired muscles. The principle underlying the whirlpool bath is :he alternating compression and decompression of skin tissue induced by the stream of air bubbles and water. It is therefore ve-y importantthat the jet bosses should be adjustable for direction and rate of flow, so that the massaging action can be personalized. This...

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Presenting Wellness & beauty steam shower cabins, be it sitting comfortably in a shower, or standing, enjoy the immediate comfort of shower &pulsating hydromassage sensations. Just decide which part of the body, when, and at what temperature and intensity. To do what? Experience a messaging, caressing, enveloping, shaping, nebulizing, draining o' stimulating action.. ..with water. Where? Back-and-shoulder, neck, lumber region, legs, feet, all over. It may take a lot of word to describe so many functions giving so much well-being. But there's no need to fill the bathroom with stacks of...

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AMORE healing Water in its many forms cleanses your health and vitalizes it. The dissolved natural minerals have long been known to promote health through their restorative and detoxifying properties. Water Jet Massage or Hydrotherapy involves point-to-point pressure through water bursts to relieve some common health disorders. It requires immersion of body in warm or cool water or an invigorating contrast of the two. Generally, heat soothes the body, slowing down the activity of internal organs. Cold, in contrast, stimulates and invigorates, increasing internal activity. Aromatherapy is a...

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WATER SUPPLY DISINFECTION CHEMICAL CLEANSING WATER Super Hygenic Disinfection System SUPER HYGENIC Disinfection system makes use of totally enclosed disinfection system, which is original and most innovative design by Amore. All the piping system will be filled with disinfection material and be thoroughly disinfected. SUPER HYGENIC disinfection makes disinfection to the piping system before and after use of the tub, safegua'ding the user from any harmful bac:eria. Active Safety Systems Amore feature an RCD (Residual Current Device) as standard.The RCD immediately stops electrical flow to...

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Romance - Massage Tubs Solitaire - Shower Panels Ambiente - Showers Enclosures Ambiente Chasse Ambiente Piazza Ambiente Cabina Ambiente Vetro Ambiente Cristallo Ambiente Cromo Ambiente Serra

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Ao-mans/ [Noun] A feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love. Experience Romance. With a touch of class and elegance, that's reminiscent of the bygone Roman era. An era where bathing was an integral part of every social function. It was an art and joy to be experienced, Be mesmerized by the beauty and utility of leading cutting-edge Italian technology. It flows in a melodious song and a beautiful sunset. It flows in the touch of someone special. Its in the air in the long beach walks. Its in the fleeting glances, and the stolen touches. Its in the ballads of the long forgotten...

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Cenno epitomizes the aura of passion and love. It reverberates lucidity of emotions and enhances your senses like never before. Water Level Hydro Massage Auto Super Hygienic Double-pole Disinfection Disinfection System Cut Off Leakage Protector Service Access * Available in Left & Right

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