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TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Color Roll weight Water vapor diffusion coefficient EN 12572 Diffusion-equivalent air layer thickness EN 12572 Vapor permeability coefficient EN 12572 Water vapor permeability EN 12572 Thermal conductivity (lambda) Specific heat capacity Resistance to water penetration class EN 13859-1 Nail tear strength MD EN 12310-1 Nail tear strength TD EN 12310-1 Traspiratex 140 can be unrolled directly onto the boarding or wall in parallel strips, horizontally from right to left and from bottom to top , and with an overlap of at least 15 cm; it can be fastened using staples or nails. Overlaps must be sealed using the specific single/double-sided Harobau adhesive tape to ensure air tightness. Breathable multilayer polypropylene membrane, lightweight and with high diffusion properties. Good elasticity and good resistance to tear and stretching. Absolutely resistant to tearing with initial puncture. USE All-purpose roof underlay for boarding, concrete and insulation. COMPOSITION Multilayer polypropylene membrane. All data given refer to values derived from current production. We reserve the right to change technical characteristics and to update performance without prior notice as a result of technological progress and/or of our experience. We disclaim all and any responsibility deriving from improper or incorrect use not in compliance with these technical datasheets of the materials due to the fact that all use procedures are not under direct Harobau Srl control. Harobau SRL · via dell'Adige 5 · 39040 Cortaccia (BZ) tel. +39 0471 818 125 · fax +39 0471 818 708 ·

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