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Softsound 2 TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Base Formats Packages polyurethane-blend mineral panel, nontoxic, without solvents, formaldehyde, PVC or emollients lagging 75 cm x 10 m x 3 mm 20 on each pallet laggings=150 m2 Footstep noise damping 17 dB with tile glued on top Heat resistivity Heat conductivity Combustion class Fire rating resistant to vapor diffusion based on 463 µ/2.0 Sd to DIN 52616 standard Harobau srl • via dell'Adige 5 • 39040 Cortaccia (BZ) tel. 0471 818 125 • fax 0471 818 708 • Softsound 2 is Harobau’s soundproofing lagging that provides a positive architectural acoustic effect. Decoupling and flexible, it reduces stress and is highly resistant to water pressure. It reduces footstep sound by as much as 17 dB under tiles and laminated flooring and has been tested to DIN EN ISO 140-8 standard.

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