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Vented ridges TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Size Tensile strength Butyl adhesive band on back of aluminum flaps Pleated aluminum flaps EN AW-3105 wg PN-EN 573-3 Aluminum thickness Color thickness (thermo-lacquered polyester) Roll of flexible air vent for ridges. Easy to install, it allows for correct air passage while preventing the infiltration of water, snow or wind. Roll with central polypropylene netting core and aluminum side flaps, glued to the netting, equipped with butyl adhesive band. tral nettin Harobau srl • via dell'Adige 5 • 39040 Cortaccia (BZ) tel. 0471 818 125 • fax 0471 818 708 www.harobau.it • info@harobau.it

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