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Learn what to focus on to create a healthier indoor climate in the children's room THE BABY HOME Help on choosing the most important furniture and tips on decorating the changing station THE RIGHT BED In this guide you can find inspiration and help to choose the right bed for yo ur child

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WWW.HOPPEKIDS.COM Visit to find product information, assembling instructions, inspiration and guides to decoration amazing children’s rooms and much, much more. FIND A RETAILER We are working with retailers in all the Nordic countries, most of Europe and other places around the world. Our capable retailers are always ready to help you find the right solution for your children’s room. Find a retailer near you on our homepage. LIFETIME WARRANTY ON PREMIUM Register your bed to obtain lifetime warranty against manufacturing faults on your PREMIUM-bed. Read more about the beds,...

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INSPIRATION 10 HONOR, PILLOWS AND PRINCESS DREAMS Dreams of princesses, princes and dragons will come to live amongst the calm colors of Fairytale Knight and Fairytale Flower. 20 THE CANOPY BED AND IDA Both the canopy bed and the cute, little IDA bed will create a safe and cozy goodnight feeling in any room. 22 RAINBOW COUNTRY AND TIME TRAVEL THEMES 4 THE BABY HOME Our best ideas and tips on what to consider when choosing the most important furniture as you prepare your home for your little newcomer. 52 STORAGE Finding the right storage for a children’s room can be quite a task. We show you...

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Every time we sell a bed, we ensure healthier children’s rooms, more forest in the world and help more children to a better life.

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ROOMS WITH HEART AND SOUL There are children’s rooms, and then there are children’s rooms with heart and soul. sustainable and healthy world; a world where children can grow up safely and securely. To us, a great children’s room is more than a room full of furniture. This ‘magalogue’ – a fusion of a magazine and a catalogue – is our way of giving you more than just furniture. We would like to inspire you to look at the children’s room as we do: As a universe of imagination and possibilities which in every way is designed to protect the most important thing of all: Our children. Other than...

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THEME: THE BABY HOME The IDA Playpen with round bars. The base can be set to three different heights. Outer measurements: W91xH71xD85 cm THE PLAYPEN - AN OASIS OF PEACE The playpen is neither a cage nor a prison for your child. From your child’s point of view, it is rather a bubble that protects your child from everyone else. The playpen is a safe haven for your child where disruptions, curious pets and siblings are kept out. It is also a safe and secure spot for your child if you need to do something that require you to turn your back to the child for a bit. toys when they are 2-3-months...

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THEME: THE BABY HOME ANTON Baby bed | CHRISTIAN dresser MEET ANTON ANTON is a robust and classic crib with a mattress size of 60x120 cm and a base that can be set to two positions. ANTON carries the Nordic Ecolabel. This means that there are strict standards regarding environment, health, quality and safety which ensures safe surroundings for your child. The design on ANTON enables you to rebuild the crib into a bed and thereby increase ANTON’s useful life remarkably. Should a baby sister or brother arrive? Then you can easily transform ANTON back to a crib!

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THEME: THE BABY HOME The Crib| CHRISTIAN dresser THE CRADLE – MORE THAN A BED The cradle is your baby’s first real sleeping place after being carried around in a belly for nine months. Therefore, it is essential that the sleeping place is a safe and secure place where your baby can adjust to being outside in the real world. future motor skill development. The cradle therefore comes as a developing and more natural extension of the time in the belly than, for instance, the cot. Baby wants to be put in the corner Newborn babies should not have too much space Why choose the cradle? around them...

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THEME: THE BABY HOME More sleep for you The time with a newborn is always tough both because you will not get as much sleep as usual but also because a new, little person, who has to be watched and cared for, has arrived. Some parents choose to let the baby sleep in their bed - which can be a solution as well - as long as you do not place the baby between you. Lying in between you creates a greater risk of injury and authorities advise against it. Your baby will need as much space in your bed as in their own and it can be a challenge to fit three people in a bed meant for two without losing...

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CHRISTIAN will have a long life because the top is easy to remove as soon as you don't need a changing station anymore. More than 5000! That is the amount of diapers, you can expect to change during your child’s first 3 years. Most changes will hopefully happen on a well-equipped changing station. We will give you some pointers on how to pick the best solution for you and your child. You have to consider a great many things when creating a changing station. Where should it be located and how much surplus space does that room have? Is it necessary to move the changing station out of the...

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THEME: THE BABY HOME a wall hanging changing station that can fold up when not in use. You can also choose a standing changing station that won’t take up too much space but still contains everything you need. If you have plenty of space, for instance in the child’s room, you can choose a dresser with a dressing top. The dressing top transforms the dresser into a practical changing station and when your child no longer need diapers, you can remove the dressing top. After that, the dresser can be used to store all sorts of things in the years to come. Changing time is bonding time Even though...

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HONOR AND PILLOWS - with Fairytale Knight hen dragons, trolls and giants besiege your castle, this universe is ideal. The King or Queen can sit comfortably on the throne in the feast hall because no one will ever break these boulder walls. Though at times the tallest tower will need to be defended from fire breathing dragons or giants who think it is time to go to sleep. Good thing the armory is full of pillows! ABOVE DELUXE Junior bed 90x200 cm with pull-out bed with two drawers | Toy chest RIGHT PREMIUM Halfhigh bed 90x200 cm with curtain | Foam chair | HANS wardrobe |MADS children’s set...

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