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Celebrate LIFE - 2

Welcome to the beautiful world of the senses. Добро пожаловать в прекрасный мир ощущений. 欢迎来到完美的感官世界。

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Celebrate LIFE - 3

The philosophy Наша философия 经营理念 The design Дизайн 设计 Quality and responsibility Качество и ответственность 质量和责任 Sanitary acrylic Санитарный акрил 卫浴级亚克力 T 202–248 | ECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS ТЕХНИЧЕСКИЕ ДАННЫЕ 技术规格 Water Lounge Freestanding bathtubs Отдельно стоящие ванны 独立式浴缸 158 Steam and showers Паровая баня и душ 蒸汽和淋浴 180 Showers Принятие душа 淋浴 Whirltubs Ванны с гидромассажем 按摩浴缸 Bath accessories Аксессуары 浴缸配件 Innovative whirl technology Современная технология гидромассажа 创新按摩浴技术 160 Innovative steam technology Инновационная паровая техника 创新的蒸汽技术 182 Shower partitions...

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Celebrate LIFE - 4

GB Made in Germany – HOESCH premium quality is well-known around the world. The history of this prestigious bath and wellness company began over 270 years ago in the town of Kreuzau, where its head office is still located today. Ever since, HOESCH has successfully kept on producing striking designs, without ever losing sight of either tradition or innovation: developing new, top-quality materials has been just as important as coming up with new and surprising ideas for products. RU Made in Germany – высокое качество HOESCH известно во всем мире. История производителя санитарных изделий...

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Celebrate LIFE - 5

Наша философия | 经营理念 | GB There is no life without water. So does it not stand perfectly to reason to design life with water extra beautifully? HOESCH contributes to this – with bathrooms that turn into an experience, that regenerate, that revive, that relax and, obviously, that cleanse. Water fascinates everyone; HOESCH is going to excite you. RU Без воды нет жизни. Почему бы не сделать внешнее оформление водных процедур особенно привлекательным? Компания HOESCH поможет в этом. Её удивительные ванны восстанавливают силы, освежают, расслабляют и – разумеется – очищают. Вода завораживает...

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Celebrate LIFE - 6

GB Trendsetting bathroom creations are being developed by the leading minds. At HOESCH the ideas of the most eminent designers and architects are converted into perfect products which keep being honoured with design awards. And since we produce them in Germany, their premium quality is also guaranteed. RU Авангардные модели ванн рождаются в выдающихся умах. Воплощая идеи величайших дизайнеров и архитекторов, компания HOESCH производит настоящие шедевры, которые не раз отмечались наградами за дизайн. Благодаря тому, что наша производственная база находится в Германии, мы гарантируем...

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Celebrate LIFE - 7

PHILIPPE STARCK ANDRÉE PUTMAN MICHAEL GRAVES NORMAN FOSTER GÜNTER HORNTRICH GB The famous French universalist with the pronounced sense of things yet to come always starts with the basics. He is represented in the most important exhibitions throughout the world. GB Andrée Putman’s designs are clear and pure, and display a great sense of geometric shapes. Their ideas inspire the soul and yet never fall short of their practical purpose. RU Андре Путман – сторонница строгих минималистских форм с ярко выраженной геометрией. Её идеи окрыляют, но в то же время она никогда не забывает...

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Celebrate LIFE - 8

DIETER SIEGER MASSIMO IOSA GHINI ADOLF BABEL RADEK KURZYP GB Combining functionality and aesthetics with plausibility is no contradiction for this renowned designer. His credo is products that immediately make sense to the user. GB Unconventional shapes and bold lines are the secrets of success of the Italian design star. He is mainly fascinated and inspired by the triad of human beings, nature and technology. GB Reduction to the characteristics of a distinct identity which gives the products their personality. ARTEFAKT always produces a clearly legible, formal design statement. RU...

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Celebrate LIFE - 9

Quality and responsibility Качество и ответственность 质量和责任 GB A quality of its own. Not only designers dream of a material such as acrylic. The reason is that it takes on any shape imaginable. It feels smooth and supple and always pleasantly warm on the skin. And since sanitary acrylic is an excellent heat insulator, the bathing pleasure lasts for a very long time. We use only cast sanitary acrylic for our high-quality products. As a result, they have great stability and incomparable colour intensity. The material is completely dyed, so it remains permanently beautiful. Another advantage...

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Celebrate LIFE - 10

Санитарный акрил | 卫浴级亚克力 | Sanitary acrylic Санитарный акрил 卫浴级亚克力 GB Balm for the skin and the eye: a glistening shine, pleasantly warm surfaces and modern shapes. Bathroom-quality acrylic gives our designers plenty of scope for creativity. Thanks to this high-tech material that is so easy to process, there is virtually no limit to what they can design. The colour goes right through the material, giving our products an astonishing intensity of colour. They feel pleasantly warm, smooth and silky to the touch. It was back in the 1970s that HOESCH became the first company in Germany to...

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Celebrate LIFE - 11

Санитарный акрил | 卫浴级亚克力 | GB The benefits of bathroom-quality acrylic: 99 Smooth and kind to the skin: products made of bathroom-quality acrylic always feel pleasantly warm and silky smooth to the touch. 99 Brilliant colours: the colour goes right through the material, which is resistant to UV light and permanently colourfast. 99 Scope for design: the creative team at HOESCH experiments with the properties of the material and keeps finding new interpretations for bathroom and wellness products. 99 Retains heat: baths made of acrylic keep the bath water hot for a really long time, because...

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Celebrate LIFE - 12

Solique Solique Solique GB Uncompromising quality. The composite material Solique not only feels pleasantly warm to the touch, it is also extremely tough and therefore very stable. This is because of its special components, dolomite, resin and hardener. There’s no need to worry about wear and tear, thanks to the highly-resistant gel coating on the surface. Products made of smooth and shiny Solique can be perfectly well combined with other products made of acrylic or ceramic. Another advantage of the sealed surface structure is that it makes the products easy to clean and highly resistant to...

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