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Table of content Table des matieres Indice HOESCH Tradition and Innovation 4 Tradition et innovation Tradizione e innovazione Water fascination_ 6 La fascination de I'eau II fascino dell'acqua The best materials _ 10 Les meilleurs materiaux Migliori materiali Une salle de bain bien-etre pour chacun Un bagno di benessere per ognuno di noi Hoesch for whole family18 Hoesh pour toute la famille Hoesch per tutta la famiglia Pleasure for two_ 20 Plaisir sensuel pour deux Una gioia sensuale per due CELEBRATE SOLIQUE _ _ 22-35 Le bain La vasca Freestanding bathtubs _ 40 Baignoires...

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Celebrate Life 2018 - 3

Tradition et innovation Tradizione e innovazione HOESCH premium quality is well-known around the world. The history of this prestigious bath and wellness company began over 270 years ago in the town of Kreuzau, where its head office is still located today. Ever since, HOESCH has successfully kept on producing striking designs, without ever losing sight of either tradition or innovation. Here the ideas of the most eminent designers and architects are converted into perfect products which keep being honoured with design awards. Using the highest quality materials: acrylic, Solique, glass and...

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Celebrate Life 2018 - 4

water fascination Our fascination with water La fascination de l’eau Il fascino dell’acqua Our fascination with water The elixir of life, a body care resource which is even used for baptism and ritual religious cleansing – water is a central part of our lives. It fascinates us, invigorates, binds us together and heals us. Not only are our bodies mostly composed of water, but it also flows into our language and our thoughts. HOESCH products help us to celebrate this powerful element every day, and create it a contemporary context within which its wonderful effects can unfold. La fascination...

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Celebrate Life 2018 - 5

design Michael Graves Adolf Babel For many years, we have cooperated with the most famous designers, whose projects have been repeatedly rewarded and appreciated by specialists and clients. Thanks to them, the beauty of Hoesch products is available for everyone. Philippe Starck Depuis de longues années des designers de renom créent des produits Hoesch. Ces produits ont reçu de nombreuses récompenses attribuées par la profession et par le grand public. C’est grâce à ces créateurs que la beauté des produits Hoesch est accessible à tous. Durante i molti anni della nostra attività sul mercato...

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Celebrate Life 2018 - 6

Glass Verre Vetro Wood Bois Legno Sanitary acrylic Acrylique sanitaire Acrilico sanitario Glass Verre Vetro Wood Bois Legno The best materials Les meilleurs matériaux Migliori materiali

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Celebrate Life 2018 - 7

Une salle de bains bien-être pour chacun Un bagno di benessere per ognuno di noi We want to feel at home in the bathroom. We come here to relax, pamper ourselves and for pleasure – and getting that good feeling has more to do with the design of the room than its size. HOESCH offers fantastic visuals and intelligent design for all sizes and styles of bathroom. The wide selection of models and sizes will transform your bathroom into a little oasis of relaxation – whether a private residence or hotel, traditional or modern, large or small. On veut se sentir chez soi dans sa salle de bains. On...

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Celebrate Life 2018 - 9

Namur Lounge 180×80 Namur 500×300 mm Free 1000 Sola 1000×1000 Stool/Tabouret/Sgabello

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Celebrate Life 2018 - 10

for the whole family Hoesh pour toute la famille Hoesch per tutta la famiglia Scelta 1800×800 mm One&One 1200 mm Muna 1200×900 mm A bath for all generations A bathroom is for everyone: big and small, singles, couples and large families. HOESCH focuses on the individual details that ensure everyone can enjoy the bathroom and moving freely in it. Spaciousness, soft forms and user-friendliness invite us to enjoy a feeling of independence. Floorlevel showering and anti-slip floors offer additional safety. Splash about with the whole family or enjoy an atmospheric soak for two in incredibly...

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Celebrate Life 2018 - 11

Sensual pleasure for two Plaisir sensuel pour deux Santee with Tergum for two 1900×1200 mm Relaxing together gives twice the pleasure: a soothing bath is not only good for your body, but also for your relationship with your partner. Maybe you would like to relax by a candlelight, with a nice glass of wine and your favourite music? From the extensive HOESCH range, you can choose an ideal product designed for those sensual moments together. Une large gamme de produits Hoesch vous permet de choisir une solution pour un moment de bien être individuel, en couple ou en famille. Une relaxation...

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Celebrate Life 2018 - 12

CELEBRATE solique Powerful harmony Let’s fall in love with this touch… Parfaite harmonie Un coup de cœur pour cette association... Una forte armonia Innamoriamoci di questo tocco.

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Celebrate Life 2018 - 13

The LaSenia bathtub combines rounded edges with angular lines, creating a simple, yet exclusive soft-edge design that is truly delightful. It also coordinates perfectly with a large number of other Hoesch products, for a stunning look in any bathroom. The rectangular LaSenia bathtub impresses with outstanding Solique material properties: extremely slim edges and astonishingly generous interior dimensions, as well as a remarkably smooth, glossy Gelcoat surface that is easy to clean and maintain. LaSenia is sure to become a new, exclusive showpiece in any sophisticated bathroom, thanks to its...

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Celebrate Life 2018 - 14

Backrest / footrest Repose-pied Schienale / poggiapiedi Washbasin La vasque à poser Il lavabo da appoggio 500×300 mm 600×350 mm 70

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Celebrate Life 2018 - 15

Washbasin La vasque à poser Il lavabo da appoggio 500×300 mm 600×350 mm 700×400 mm namur lounge Welcome to your personal lounge area. This exclusive interpretation of the award-winning Namur bathtub unites a sweeping, elegant design with the extraordinary comfort of a lounger: a winning combination. When viewing the model from the outside, the aesthetic shape cannot fail to impress, along with the rims that fan out so delicately – a testament to the outstanding quality of the finish. Then, as you come closer and further examine the interior of the bathtub, you will notice and admire the...

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