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– air to water heat pumps Yutaki range

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Welcome to Hitachi Cooling & Heating, climate control solutions

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With the ever increasing awareness of climate change, Hitachi has launched a range of renewable heating solutions for homes called Yutaki. It is clear that our planet is changing and changes need to be made to the way in which we heat our homes. Hitachi’s Yutaki range of air to water heat pumps can provide that alternative. With the support of Government schemes, changes in the way we build homes and homeowners wanting a better solution to high fossil fuel prices, there is a clearly a need for something different. Something renewable. With a variety of outputs and water temperatures, the...

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Heating and DHW How does it work? Benefits Yutaki S Yutaki S Combi Yutaki S80 Yutaki M Yutaki T Controls and accessories New R32 models Hi-Kumo Pro app Regulations and incentives

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Heating and DHW Need extra help? The Yutaki range has been completely redesigned to achieve greater savings on your fuel bill, as well as easier installation and maintenance. For further information on compatible controls and accessories see page 36 Significant savings on power consumption Even in winter, Yutaki absorbs heat present in the outside air to transform it into energy useful for heating. In Cooling mode, it draws heat from the indoor air and expels it outside. That way, significant energy savings are achieved. Low carbon footprint Yutaki Applications Book Download hydraulic...

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How does it work? The Yutaki heat pump utilises energy in the outside air and transforms it into usable heat. This is performed through a refrigeration process and a vapour compression cycle, which sounds very complicated, but it’s basically how a fridge works, but in reverse. Heating The water temperature leaving the heat pump is usually lower than the temperature of a fossil fuel boiler, so radiators will need to be sized correctly or use a low temperature heat emitter such as underfloor heating. Domestic Hot Water A dedicated heat pump hot water cylinder which has a larger coil surface...

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Heating, domestic hot water (DHW) and cooling with renewable energy

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Benefits Yutaki air to water heat pumps Your needs change, Yutaki adapts The day to day needs of your customers will change from heating in winter to cooling in summer and sanitary hot water water all year round. They may want to connect solar panels and heat their swimming pools. It’s therefore important to have a system able to meet all these needs; able to connect to any style of emitter, new or existing: radiators, underfloor or fan coils. Able to supply two different zones with different flow temperatures simultaneously such as underfloor downstairs and radiators upstairs. Renewable...

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Hitachi high-efficiency Scroll Compressor The Hitachi DC Inverter Scroll compressor has been designed to increase seasonal performance and reliability while reducing energy consumption. The compressor is particularly efficient in intermediate seasons, offering high performance at low partial charges. Proven quality Hitachi heat pumps can be integrated into the smart energy grids of the future to help provide the low cost heating systems required to meet carbon reduction targets. Proven quality All heat pumps and water heaters in the European market are continuously tested by various...

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Benefits Yutaki air to water heat pumps Savings from the very first bill Conventional gas boiler Diesel boiler Electricity (radiators) Heat pump (Yutaki S 6 HP) Energy cost (£/kWh) Energy cost (£/year) Easy installation Additional energy costs compared to the heat pump installation Energy consumption (kWh/year) Estimate based on a 150 m 2 single-family property: Energy demand for heating + hot water (kWh/m 2): 129.06. Energy demand for heating + hot water (kWh/year): 19,359. Information sources: - CO 2 emission values taken from the report prepared by the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and...

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Simple installation with easy maintenance Unlike other models on the market, all Yutaki systems are designed for easy access to the components, thus allowing straightforward maintenance and ensuring cost savings. Ball valve – Filter Plus shut-off valve: Yutaki units are fitted with a ball valve containing an interchangeable cylindrical filter that is easy to inspect and remove for maintenance work. The individual valve has two important functions: to perfectly seal the ball valves and to carefully filter the fluid, with its high-reliability protecting all the components in Hitachi's Yutaki...

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Benefits Yutaki air to water heat pumps Easy, smart control Hitachi has the same controller and functions for all ranges. Designed to be user-friendly, handling all system functions: heating, cooling, hot water and swimming pool settings. The control, with an LCD display and thermostat, centralises all applications without the need for external elements. It can be used for straightforward control of operations such as daily and weekly programming, managing water production temperature, operating modes, etc. It can also be used as a zone thermostat, and even combined with Hitachi's wireless...

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Turn the system on and off and regulate the temperature, or turn on pool heating from anywhere thanks to Yutaki's Hi-Box pack and the free Hi-Kumo app. Smart defrost cycle Actual defrost time lower than estimated Optimised refrigerant cycle thanks to smart defrost control and a hot gas bypass to the outdoor unit’s heat exchanger, making defrosting virtually unnoticeable. This exclusive improvement reduces time between defrosts, improves energy efficiency, and guarantees machine power at low temperatures, avoiding the need for the backup heating element. Additional benefits Having an...

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