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Yutaki Heat Pumps Hitachi Heating Engineering for tomorrow. And the tomorrow after that. Yutaki-M, Yutaki-S and Yutaki-S80 sizing guide A heat pump that uses air as its heat source will perform better as the air temperature increases. The industry standard for quoting the output and efficiency of an air to water (ATW) heat pump is 7°C external temperature and a 35°C flow temperature (see Table 1). However, to ensure optimum performance and to reduce electricity costs, it is typical to size the heat pump to meet the heating load of the property when the external temperature is -7°C with a flow temperature of 45°C (see Table 2). Adaptable Can be retrofitted alongside an existing boiler or used stand-alone Calculate the heat requirement for the property through a Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) or Energy Planning Certificate (EPC) and match the output of the heat pump (shown below) to the heat requirement. This is indicative only – contact Hitachi or an approved Hitachi distributor for an exact quotation. Renewable energy Convert 1kW into an impressive 4kW output for economical heating and domestic hot water Available from only 800mm high Money saving Water Flow Temp. 35ºc Water Flow Temp. 45ºc A screed drying function is ideal for new builds Introducing the Yutaki-M air source heat pump with 400% efficiency as standard Cheaper to install than ground-source heat pumps, Yutaki-M converts 1kW consumption into an impressive 4kW output making it economical for heating and domestic hot water. Not to mention reducing CO 2 emissions by up to 70%*. A space-saving, outside heat pump communicates with an intuitive, wireless remote control to adjust room temperatures efficiently. And in the spirit of keeping things simple, there’s even a ‘One-Touch’ holiday button to keep your home from getting chilled while you're away. Outdoor Air Temperature 7ºC Outdoor Air Temperature -7ºC “ The judges felt Hitachi provided an excellent submission, a great product and the way forward.” Hitachi’s Yutaki M Heat Pump 15% of the emission cuts planned by 2020 will be through domestic small-scale renewable energy. With incentives from the UK Government – such as the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) - (along with a VAT rate of 0% for new build and 5% in retro fit applications) - this represents a great opportunity to update an existing heating system, or incorporate as part of a new build. Suitable for both refurbishment projects and new installations, the Yutaki family of heat pumps can be connected to all common radiators, underfloor heating systems, convectors and water heaters. Yutaki heat pumps work by transforming energy from the outside air into heat, meaning every 1kW of electricity used to power the heat pump is capable of providing up to 5kW of energy in a well-insulated home – helping to reduce heating bills by up to 60% and cutting CO2 emissions by up to 70% compared to traditional boiler-led systems. Flexible solution For traditional radiators, under floor heating and domestic hot water up to 60º Yutaki-M, Yutaki-S and Yutaki-S80 air source heat pumps Our heat pumps use significantly less fossil fuels, helping you save up to 60% on running costs Heating Manufacturer of the Year The Benefits It is important that the design of the heat emitter - whether for underfloor heating or radiators - is done correctly to ensure best performance for the heat pump. These tables show the approximate property size for each Yutaki heat pump, based on a flow temperature of 45°C and an external temperature of -7°C: Year Property Built Water Flow Temp. 45ºc Modular design Hot water recovery time same as a boiler* DHW Legionella Protection Program Easy-to-use remote wireless controller with one-touch holiday button and frost protection as standard ❚ Lower fuel bills ❚ Access to Government incentives such as the Renewable Heat Incentive ❚ Reduced carbon emissions ❚ Self-contained heating and hot water solution ❚ Suitable for new build and renovation projects - can even be used with an existing boiler For help deciding which Yutaki heating solution is right for you, contact Hitachi. *compared to traditional boiler-led systems Hitachi Direct Sales United Kingdom ❚ Up to 5x more efficient than a traditional gas boiler ❚ Satisfy renewable energy planning requirements ❚ 5-year warranty. * Yutaki-S80 only For installers ❚ Simple and fast installation with no refrigeration handling required** ❚ Easy servicing and maintenance ❚ Inverter technology means heat output matches the heating load of the property ❚ MCS Approved ❚ High COPs - market-leading COP of 5.0 (2HP model) ❚ Weather-compensation control ❚ World-renowned, highly-reliable Hitachi high pressure scroll compressor ❚ Outputs from 5kW to 24kW ❚ From 600mm compact height options ❚ Integrate with other renewable technologies such as solar thermal ❚ 5-year warranty. ** Yutaki-M only

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Yutaki Heat Pumps A compact solution where a single unit is installed on the outside of the property, taking up no space inside and can be used alongside an existing heating solution. A split system with auxiliary heating as standard. A split system able to generate water up to 80ºC. ❚ Split air-to-water heat pump comprising indoor and separate outdoor unit ❚ Domestic hot water and multiple heating/cooling settings – ideal boiler replacement technology ❚ Available as Heating Only or Heating and Cooling versions ❚ Range includes 20kW and 24kW models for ultimate flexibility ❚ Suitable for...

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